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Problems of teaching and features of learning English

Psychological aspects of managerial decision making

Socio-philosophical motives in the poem «Don’t Leave the Room» by J. Brodsky

Differentiated learning during English classes

Socio-psychological features of management decision-making

Гендерная проблема в творчестве профессора Абдул Али оглу Ализаде

The moral importance of national values in family education

Psychological foundations of managerial decision-making

Adoption of management decisions as the main function of the modern manager

Differentiated learning in modern school

The nutritional rationale behind some of the food-related nonliteral terms in the English language

Psychological analysis of levels of administration of management decisions

Organize the work of a psychologist working with children with intellectual disabilities

The role of the family in the formation of the personality of assistant school students

Role of massmedia in providing information and psychological security of human

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