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Максудова О. Н. Having English classes with the means of ICT // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — №13. — С. 574-576. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/147/41286/ (дата обращения: 24.05.2018).

The article is devoted to the newest methods of teaching with the means of ICT. The author deals with the modern techniques, which can be implemented in the classes for better results in teaching foreign language.

Key words: ICT, education, computers, internet, understudies, modern method

Данная статья посвящена новейшим методам обучения с использованием ИКТ, т. е. информационно-коммуникационных технологий. Автор рассматривает современные методы, которые могут быть использованы на занятиях для достижения наибольших результатов в обучении иностранному языку.

Ключевые слова: ИКТ, образование, компьютеры, интернет, дублеры, современный метод

There are different ways of teaching nowadays. Most of people in the world think that new effective innovations are very important in our life, in our study, but part of them anticipate that it`s not so useful for our learning and it`s does not make for teachers valuable. The Internet is a powerful source of information, which affects our way of life, way of thinking and gives us different approaches for educating young generation. However it’s a part of instruction that is recently starting to be created. Because in 21-century we have so much opportunity about developing our knowledge. That’s why we should use these modern technologies like internet and computers. In my article I will try to explain my opinion about this theme and I will discover all sights of this. As we know if we use internet and computers we can find plenty of information very quickly and we can save our time. This is very beneficial for our wasting time. For example, imagine if you need some task about finding facts about historical museums. You should go to the museum and only after this find any information, but if you choose the internet, you can find it so fast. That`s why as for me it is the best way using internet and computers.

But don`t forget all thing has two sides: good and bad ones. Come up with teachers in classroom give tasks only by internet and computers.

It will give some uncomfortable for students. Because not every student has a chance using internet and computer. It is known for all of us that it depend some money and cost. That`s why students cannot do their homework. Besides it when you use internet there are a lot of information that we need not.

I mean several advertisement and all of them divert us a bit of course. Now I want to give more information and different opinions. All the teachers in the current study think that the use of the Internet has observable effects on their students. Teachers say that using the Internet in the classroom is a change from what the students are used to doing. This change in turn causes students to pay more attention and make more of an effort (e.g. to speak English), because they want something different from traditional teaching. The Internet has positive effects in that it either increases the students' motivation, or makes learning more fun and interesting. Similarly, in his study of high school students.

Young concludes that the Internet could improve students' motivation to learn English. English instructor finds that the utilization of an online stage for educating has the constructive outcome that understudies need to assume greater liability for their reviews. They must be more dynamic and keep refreshed on the stage (e.g. for directions, due dates, assignments), rather than continually accepting assignments/guidelines in class from the instructor. Another instructor additionally underscore the advantages that the utilization of the Internet in instructing have on understudy obligation. Some portion of the instructors in the present review express that the Internet is something that the understudies know about. They likewise say that the Internet is by all accounts less of a snag to the understudies contrasted with utilizing (course) books. While a book of a few hundred pages may feel to some degree scaring, the Internet comes normal to them. One says that the Internet offers to understudies and is present day, while a language structure book may appear to be antiquated. This thinking is in line with the outcomes from a past review. In another review, it was found that understudies think it is more agreeable to peruse messages on the Web than printed ones. A few educators keeps up that there is in actuality no distinction between the Internet and that's only the tip of the iceberg customary sources in this regard.

As a general rule, the initial few hits do not speak to the best. However, they call attention to that understudies can most likely cover more data when they utilize the Internet as a source than when they utilize books since it is a faster framework, gave that they figure out how to locate the best. As per instructor, leeway of the Internet is that it rushes to utilize, yet understudies need to figure out how to be basic to online data. Instructor says another favorable position, in particular that the utilization of the Internet may expand understudies' information circle. «They get things that they maybe would not get something else. Instructor conceives that the Internet can be utilized to make learning stuff more open to the understudies as moving pictures encourages memory. Hence an instructor can appear, for example, cuts from You Tube to highlight certain focuses. She too finds that the utilization of the Internet in the classroom can advance understudy movement. «That they really can locate the correct answers themselves makes it all the more intriguing in the event that you contrast with the educator giving out: «this is the content to peruse and the correct answer is here».

The way that understudies are dynamic themselves in hunting down the right answer expands their learning. Every one of the educators in this review trust that the utilization of the Internet additionally has consequences for themselves, be that as it may, in various ways. The majority of the educators say time elements. Educator in the east says that it requires greater investment to arrange lessons utilizing the Internet. However, they feel that it is constantly justified, despite all the trouble for both herself and her understudies. «On the off chance that I know we will accomplish something that they like, it gives me more vitality».

Educators in the west believes that it most likely requires greater investment to arrange courses utilizing the Internet, yet it is definitely not as tedious to arrange these courses as courses with an extremely strict course arrange for (which fundamentally have the same substance a seemingly endless amount of time). In outline interviews, educators were made a request to portray the distinctions in their classroom since they started to utilize the Internet. An English instructor from a rural school reports: Understudies are exceedingly, exceptionally, profoundly locked in. They genuinely cherish writing. It has turned out to be more than words on a page, some portion of an entirety. Discussions in classroom are about writing. I give «guided inquiries» certainly, yet they give the criticism, what works for them. Pupils have turned into the educator to the instructor.

They understand thing from with a better point of view than the educator; this permits for pupils to see things recently absolutely.

So now I present for you some teacher`s opinion from different corners of the world:

  1. Another science instructor reports the distinction in adding PCs with expansive screens to his classroom is the energy of innovation: «They can talk about thoughts, while before they were excessively person». A history instructor at a little provincial school reports «It has made a period of readiness to work. Understudies are more energized, more on edge to do ventures. They are more precise and it is a significantly more improved instructive experience». He revealed the estimation of the Internet as an asset for the 65 understudies in his school, which has a little, dated library as an asset and no day by day metropolitan daily paper accessible. A history instructor reports: Secondary school kids cultivate better, speedier correspondence and sharing of data. Composed stuff implies preparing data superior to simply orally, better and at a larger amount. This gives understudies more certainty about their work. Snappier and less demanding assets mean better learning execution. The drawback is the moral issue, it is less demanding to copy. Our school won't acknowledge a last item without steps, no last drafts alone. Understudies must show confirmation of work. One other thing, our school requires more oral introductions to clarify and ensure the understudies convey their own work. Taking in is substantially more free from the educator.
  2. A history instructor noted, «We make use of a similar measure of gathering work, however the readers have expanded investigative abilities in the wisdom of their quests. Great data and awful data is the same. It is the thing that and how they seek that has changed». An educator of religion at a restricted school includes, «The distinction is more dynamic taking in». An instructor in continuation school additionally accentuates the enhanced state of mind the pupils have toward research since the presentation of the Internet into his classroom.

He includes that the students are more dynamic and love the quick reactions they get with the Internet.

  1. Just a single educator met detailed no noteworthy distinction in the classroom since he began utilizing the Internet in spite of the fact that he started utilizing it simply this semester. He said, «Preparing is constrained, we require more on the most proficient method to utilize the instruments. I don't have an impression of what is more cheaper, what I need them to deliver, or how I would assess what I need them to do. This is our first semester and we're explain whether it's justified regardless of the time. We don't know how we can find the result yet».

At the end of my article, I want to say if you teach by computer and Internet or you prefer teaching with old methods it does not matter. It is the most important that you should do it conscientiously. Because educating is your duty. If you never forget about this you will be a great tutor.


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