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Хужаназарова Г. Г. The strategic role of ICT and programmer genius // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №3. — С. 934-936. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/107/25587/ (дата обращения: 18.03.2018).


Information technology in the learning process in the current process of informatization is manifested in all spheres of human activity. So the use of modern information technology is a prerequisite for the development of more effective approaches to teaching and improving teaching methodology. A special role in this process is played by ICT. Since their use contributes to the motivation of student learning, saving training time and interactivity and visibility contributes to a better presentation, understanding and mastering educational historical material. Familiarizing students to ICT is an important direction in solving the problem of information in a modern school and improve training. Along with this, the development and application of ICT in the modern school is becoming one of the most important ways to improve the effectiveness of education.

Moreover, the strategic role of ICT, and consequently the technical means of providing, as a factor of social and economic development of modern society at the moment, and admittedly not in doubt. As part of the study highlighted the problem of three main approaches to the understanding of the basic concepts of the topic. The first approach, the process, it is most often found in the literature. Many researchers are studying ICT in the technological way, and the basic concepts of the topic (information technology, information, computer, education, and educational technology) is considered on the basis of the technical component of IT, that is at the heart of IT in their opinion, are software and hardware. The second approach, sociological, interpretation in the framework of this approach is based on synonym denial of the basic concepts of a subject and the machinery underlying.

Naturally, you can apply methods of activation that will hold the attention. That is the use of ready-made computer programs requires teachers to have much time to develop lessons. It is widely applicable in the process of teaching history, control of the program. Programs of this type consist of a set of tasks that students gradually fed to the solution of the problem of educational lessons and help repeat and summarize the material studied topics. Evaluation of the work done by the students is the teacher, or by an automatic verification of the results, or on the basis of their own representations of the teacher about the completeness, accuracy and literacy answers. Thus use of IT in education through the use of created or borrowed teacher programs. It should also be said that the listed examples of the application of IT in the learning process are only examples, and the variability of their use is more extensive in mind the rapid development of the technologies themselves.

Therefore, the hallmark of the modern stage of development of the educational system is a qualitative modernization of all its components. Intensive innovative renewal of education is impossible without widespread use of new information technologies. Informatization of education is one of the priorities of social development and is organically linked with the process of modernization of education.

Programmer — one of the most sought-after and highly paid professions. Not even the most advanced professional can find employment in accordance with their level of knowledge, and then gradually learn and gain experience.

In his mind the numbers, algorithms and original ideas add up to a useful, simple and affordable programs that make life easier for millions of PC users.

A good start of a career can be joining the group of programmers in the development of any project. Large projects often attract the attention of Western companies that «buy up» programmers. The problem of «brain drain» in the profession — one of the most acute. However, today programmers work enough — they needed as domestic companies, software developers, and any company where there is a computer network and the need to adapt and customize the software to the needs of the organization.

I'd invented the BIOS...

The demand for programmers in the labor market is high, but the competition is appropriate. Find an interesting and well-paid job you succeed only if you know the trick «perfectly well». One of the most difficult programming is considered to be the development of system software — services that manage the components of a computer system (processor, communication and peripheral devices, as well as those which are intended to ensure the functioning and efficiency of the entire system (loaders, operating systems, device drivers, etc.. d.). These professionals today are not too in demand, as almost all the products of this kind are made abroad. Therefore, there is a chance to find a high-paying job in Western companies.

Creators and «coders» Another scope of work for programmers — design and creation of software (software), offers certain services to users (word processors, accounting programs, games, software for video surveillance systems, databases, and others.).

The requirements for such programmers depend on the needs of the employer from a basic knowledge of the most popular programming languages ​​(Delphi, Java, C ++, etc.) And the ability to troubleshoot any office up these rare skills, as the development of Lotus Notes, knowledge WinSock, WinInet, ATL, STL etc.

Demand today and experts, adapting already existing programs (mainly "1C: Accounting», "1C: Warehouse» and so on. D.) To the peculiarities of a particular company.

Web-programmers-Internet every year developing more actively, and not have their web-site for the organization is simply not serious. Accordingly, the steadily growing demand for professionals who are able to create a website and provide its technical support. Traditional requirements for Web programmers: knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, and so on. D. Often, programmers have to deal with, and web-design.

In this work, there is one drawback — after some time web-duty staffing specialist reduced to update the content, troubleshooting, and writing simple scripts. If you are a creative person and love to work on their own, it is best to discuss the conditions of work and responsibilities in advance.

Another option — to find a place in the company, professionally engaged in the development of web-sites on request.

Where to prepare programmers

Among the self-taught programmers a lot. Many IT-specialists on education of mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on. N. But today in high schools can choose a specialty directly related to programming, «Computers, complexes, systems and networks», «Automated Information Processing and Management», " Computer Aided Design "«, Software of computers and automated systems. " By the way, the specialty is taught mainly in public universities.

Experienced programmers are advised not to seek the easy way out and try to go to one of the most prestigious universities. This ensures a high quality of education.

If you are going to learn from the programmer, be prepared for severe requirements in mathematics — both at admission and throughout the study. So do not take the time to «queen of sciences», especially that the competition for these specialties traditionally high.

Place of practice is better to choose their own, and one where you can actually discover their talents and to show all its possibilities. Otherwise you risk to spend a few months as the PC system administrator or assistant.

The first step could be a career position of programmer trainee. Large IT-companies often publish such vacancy. It is necessary to have a good theoretical training, it is desirable to know the high-level languages ​​(C ++, VB, VFP, C #, VB. Net.). The salary of a trainee — about $ 1000. A staff programmer at the company's mid-level (non-IT) receives up to $ 1500–1800, a little more — in the organization of massive software development. Lead programmer salary — $ 2500–3000. The next stage — the head of IT-department. The necessary knowledge is added to the mandatory work experience, foreign language skills and other management personnel. And salary can reach $ 4000. A good programmer can become the head of a large software project, and then the level of income reaches $ 5,000 or higher.

Many programmers prefer not to work in the company, and have freelancers (t. E., «Free artists») and to perform one-off orders without leaving home. Freelancer receives remuneration directly depends on the complexity of the project. During a typical mission, the fulfillment of which takes two or three days, you can get $ 300–500. The upper limit of the payment can be any ($ 3000 and above). Plus, this way of working is that you can simultaneously perform multiple tasks of different employers while earning so much more.




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