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Загребельный С. О., Афанасьева Я. Н., Осина Т. М., Прохоров В. Т., Дмитриенко Н. А. Information technology in the service of the Eurasian space // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №11. — С. 328-331. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/91/19249/ (дата обращения: 23.04.2018).

The article considers the state of the footwear industry in the regions of Southern Russia. Suggested the formation of an innovation center as a solution to the problem of revival shoe industry regions of the Southern Federal District North Caucasus Federal District and to ensure domestic demand for footwear. The advantages, which will bring the presence of innovative centers in the Southern Federal District North Caucasus Federal District and for businesses footwear industry. Provides a solution to current problems in the development of innovative manufacturing processes footwear enterprises located in the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District, formed at the expense of multifunctional and versatile equipment.

Keywords:Innovation Centre, software, process, footwear, expenses, cash flows, preferences, competitiveness, costs, demand.


In the circumstances, for footwear enterprises must deal with a competitive range of shoes based on the marketing information and studying regional features of consumer demand. Managing competitiveness shoes at shoe factories in southern and North Caucasus Federal districts due to the frequent change of assortment and the growing influence of regional socio-economic factors. Improving the competitiveness of the shoe is only possible through the development of new models on the basis of marketing information and in-depth examination of the preferences of specific groups of customers, accelerate the change of range while maintaining or improving the efficiency of the production system. Management at shoe enterprises is being built very primitively-with few exceptions, the head of the company combines the functions and the General Director, and designer and head of sales department. With small production volumes justify themselves, this system today is growing-it becomes a hindrance. In order to give the producers opened a second breath, in our view, they need to move away from price competition. And that means we need to do more varied collections, use higher quality materials, expanding markets, but this requires the use of innovative manufacturing technologies on the basis of universal and multifunctional equipment.

Particularly relevant to enhancing competitiveness for shoe companies that due to external factors (increased competition due to globalization, the global financial crisis) and internal (inefficient management) have lost their competitive position on the domestic and foreign markets. In response to negative trends in the external environment strengthens the processes of regionalization and create different network structures, one of which is the Union of the commodity and the State.

The work is aimed at solving urgent problems of development of innovative technological processes of production of footwear in enterprises situated in the regions of the SOUTHERN FEDERAL DISTRICT and the NORTH.

The effective development and operation of the cluster has an impact on the development of the regions of the SOUTHERN FEDERAL DISTRICT and the NORTH in following directions:

-          implementation of projects that increase the competitiveness of regions;

-          formation of conditions for regional development as an integrated system and realization of its competitive advantage in the domestic and foreign markets.

Each of these directions of the development of the regions is provided by a number of aspects relating to financial, tax and tariff, infrastructure and other resources to the regions.

This paper examines the possibility of a software product which allows you to calculate the cash flow from operating activities. This program is needed for a sales manager or marketer, controlling the sales process of specific models. As a result of the proposed settlement are getting a net inflow from operating activities. Reduction of sales leads to a decrease in cash flow and a call for a reduction in the sale price products to increase sales. If such an event does not increase cash flow, then there is a question about the continuing usefulness of this model.

Most often the company sells shoes through stores with payment after realization, concluding agreements with trade with an indication of the flow of funds to the account of the manufacturer.

In this case, if the shoes are in demand and implemented fully, the company receives the money in time is also required for the salaries, working assets, and other expenses for production development.

During the year the company produces 327903 pairs of shoes. When 100 % of the products the company will receive the proceeds in the amount of 392202.1 thou. rub. However, this situation is not always for the same sale autumn shoes 80 % of the total will reach production-profit decline by 43.15 % and will be only 1178 rub., the same shoe less 47.4 % of volume production will bring only losses of the enterprise. Due to a shortage of funds has to reduce production, delaying the payment of salaries to the workers, for now the managers are responsible, sometimes even criminal. When this situation occurs, you need to bring debt to cover costs and the subsequent release of products that are currently associated with certain difficulties: substantially increased interest for the credit (up to 18 %), and reduced repayment terms, etc., leading to even greater increases in production costs.

Shoe companies should focus on both the external (Enterprise consumers, competition, market conjecture, etc.), and internal factors such as sales volume, profitability, covering basic expenses, etc. However, it is impossible to anticipate every situation that may arise in the implementation of the shoe, that is some shoes at a certain stage are not in demand. In this case should be different, usually not openly flaunted the marketing side: If the shoes, even without taking into account the requirements of the market, has already taken place, it is necessary to implement. For this purpose, to respond to lower prices of competitors, it is necessary to reduce excessive stockpiles, get rid of damaged, defective shoe, eliminate residues, attract more consumers, encourage the consumption of footwear with discounts. But it is not the panacea for ills.

Need a good assortment policy to produce competitive men's, women's and children's footwear with taking into account factors that affect its consumer demand; namely:

-          compliance with the main fashion trends,

-          take into account the economic, social and climatic features of the regions of the SOUTHERN FEDERAL DISTRICT and the NORTH;

-          the use of modern innovative technological processes;

-          create the elite consumer to meet their demand for shoes made using manual.

Therefore, only joint efforts of regional and municipal authorities and business leaders would provoke a situation when due to technical and economic parameters of activity of the enterprises located in these regions, really will be the basis for significant improvement in the social situation of the inhabitants of those regions, which, for the most part, they are a one-company town. To confirm these findings in table 1 shows the effect of incoming cash flow when tracking implementation on the example of only certain types of shoes for each month.

The results confirmed high efficiency of application software developed by the authors to monitor the financial status of enterprises to ensure their stability and high TEC by ensuring demand for competitive in domestic markets with volatile demand.

Most often the company sells shoes through stores with payment after realization, concluding agreements with trade with an indication of the flow of funds to the account of the manufacturer.

WTO documents governing quality, coded the principles on which relations, as far as the normative technical base, it defines the maximum allowable value. The consolidation, which is in economic agreements by States parties is a matter of Customs Union Treaty. The contract typically require modernization, associated with new or discovered circumstances. In economic policy, there are various workarounds. By the way, the USSR has accumulated great experience in bypass, actively enjoyed them, acquiring modern quality products in Western Europe, and in North America. Today the effective economic policies should aim at the improvement of all instruments in quality management. The road map for the great powers to single-activates all the factors responsible for the high-quality result. These factors developed in the RUNTIME STORAGE CONTROL is so specifically and comprehensively to argue: this card is effective as a guide for management for the foreseeable future. It takes into account all manifestations of highly-qualified professional activity. Formally, the duties imposed on the Customs Union, complicating the transition to European standards of quality control. In fact, thanks to the same WTO rules, adapted to the historical, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of such disparate States, real enough to gently break the established legal and institutional barriers. The ISO 9000 series of standards in all of its versions-it is simply a set of common requirements for building enterprise management system, without which it is impossible to guarantee the declared product quality. But they reflect only one thing-cannot ensure that there will be the quality of the product. To this we add: standards stipulate what to do. How do you do that, you must define the objective and subjective possibilities of the enterprise. The specificity and clarity of the instructions, the accuracy and consistency of action for their implementation are the basis of quality production. In situations where performance is difficult is known: do no harm, to stop the process at the time of removal of the cause of impossibility to act according to the instructions. Politically join WTO and Customs Union really hard. In the statutes of the WTO are required to participate in other similar instruments. Nevertheless, marked by contradiction not antagonistic. Envisaged time-to participate fully in the WTO bound volume; the legal framework may take technical and administrative, to remove the political burden with problems; There is a practice of de Yuri and de facto; impose a temporary moratorium; Edit source option contract taking into account the specific circumstances. Importantly, the Customs Union has proved its usefulness in practice. Now the Caterpillar can turn into a butterfly. People, building relationships, is free to do anything that provided a natural development, based on the specific circumstances and the time of activity.

A range of problem-specific products, their individual series determine the ratio between «old» and «new» goods, goods of single and serial production, «normal» goods. When the range of problems of prices, quality, warranty, service, whether the producer of play a leadership role in the creation of entirely new kinds of food or forced to follow other manufacturers.

A range of enterprise development is preceded by the product concept. It is designed to build the optimal product structure, product proposals, on the basis of the accepted, on the one hand, consumer requirements of certain groups (segments), and on the other, the need to ensure the most efficient use of enterprise commodity, technological, financial and other resources in order to produce low-cost products.

The product concept is expressed in the form of a system of indicators of possible optimal development product range this kind of goods. These indicators include: diversity of species and varieties of goods (incl. typology of consumers); the level and frequency range; level and the ratio of prices for products of this type, etc.

System of formation of assortment includes the following highlights:

-          identification of current and future customer needs, an analysis of how to use the shoe and features of consumer behavior in the relevant market;

-          evaluation of existing analogues of competitors;

-          critical appraisal of enterprise products in the same product, but from the perspective of the buyer;

-          the decision of which products should be added to the range, and which are excluded from it because of the change in the level of competitiveness; whether to diversify the products at the expense of other areas of production beyond its current profile;

-          consideration of proposals on the establishment of a new shoe models, improvement of existing;

-          development of specifications of new or improved models in accordance with the requirements of customers;

-          explore the possibilities for the production of new or improved models, including prices, production costs and profitability;

-          testing (testing) shoes with potential consumers in order to ascertain their suitability for key indicators;

-          development of specific recommendations for the production units the enterprise on quality, style, price, naming, packaging, service, etc., in accordance with the results of tests proving the acceptability of product characteristics or triggering the need for change;

-          evaluation and review of the whole range.

Of particular importance in this situation is that the role of the position of the range. The products can be classified in the following groups:

(A). the main group of products (which bring the main profit and are in the stage of growth);

B. -supporting group of goods (goods that stabilize sales and are in the stage of maturity);

In the. -strategic group of goods (goods that are designed to ensure the company's future profits);

G. -tactical group of goods (goods to boost sales of the main product group and in the process of growth and maturity);

D. is being developed by group of goods (goods that are not already present on the market, but in ready to enter the market);

(E). -goods going to market (that do not bring profits and should be removed from production, output from the market).

After that, it is necessary to determine the proportion of each group in the total volume of goods. For sustainable enterprise in the assortment: Group of products a and b must not be less than 70 %.

Thus, it enables to assess the existing product range of the company, with the received profit, to assess the validity of planning range, its overall balance.




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