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Сысоева Н. В., Куимова М. В. Curative properties of seawater // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №10. — С. 464-465. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/90/19176/ (дата обращения: 24.05.2018).

Seawater has been used for therapeutic and preventive purposes since ancient Egypt, Hellas, and other countries of the ancient world. However, healing properties of sea water were briefly forgotten in the Middle Ages. With the rise of science, a considerable variety of medicinal properties, which seawater has on the human body, was discovered and observed.

The pharmacological properties of seawater result largely from the presence of ions in it, which carry positive and negative charges of natural electricity, diverse microelements, heavy metals, biologically active substances and others. Seawater is bacteriostatic and is extensively applied for therapeutic purposes and mineral baths [2]. However, seawater must be excluded from drinking, even in small doses, as it is not a pure substance in its biological composition and can be harmful to the body. The advantages of seawater are abundant, it:

-        normalizes thermoregulation;

-        has a quenching effect;

-        strengthens the body’s defenses;

-        improves blood circulation;

-        increases the number of red blood cells;

-        normalizes heart rate;

-        treats psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin diseases;

-        encourages deep sleep;

-        prevents hair loss;

-        reduces the dark circles and sagging bags under the eyes;

-        has a rejuvenating effect;

-        increases vitality;

-        promotes a healthy immune system [3, 4].

All these health benefits are due to the chemical composition of seawater. It contains:

-        sodium chloride (supports the normal acid-alkaline balance, rejuvenates and strengthens the skin);

-        calcium (protects against infection, improves the condition of the connective tissue, relieves us from depression, heal wounds and cuts, normalizes blood clotting ability);

-        magnesium (improves the appearance of your skin, eliminates swelling, relaxes muscles, improves metabolism, relieves nervousness and irritability, prevents the development of allergies);

-        bromine (has sedative effects and a beneficial effect on the skin in general);

-        sulfur (has beneficial effects on the skin and combats fungal diseases);

-        chlorine (is involved in the formation of blood plasma and gastric juice);

-        potassium (cleanses the cells and regulates their food);

-        copper (prevents the development of anemia);

-        iron (as well as copper prevents anemia, carries oxygen to all parts of our body);

-        iodine (returns youthfulness to skin cells, reduces increased cholesterol in blood, normalizes hormone levels and really helps our brain);

-        silicon (strengthens the structure of tissues and allows blood vessels to remain elastic for a long time);

-        zinc (inhibits the growth of tumors);

-        selenium (prevents cancer) [1, 5].

Seawater can be dangerous for patients suffering from infectious illnesses, allergies to iodine, as well as some skin and fungal diseases in particular.

Thus, seawater is composed of different minerals and has diverse health effects on the human body. It has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and absorptive properties. It reduces pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, has many beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system: improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate. Moreover, a high concentration of healthful substances helps to remove toxins from the body. Seawater cures nasal and ear infections, cleanses the skin, opens pores and nourishes the skin, making it more supple.




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