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Environmental policy in Uzbekistan draws on the principles and priorities set out in the National Sustainable Development Strategy, which was endorsed by Government. It recognizes that future development in tourism can be sustainable only if the natural assets upon which they depend are protected. Sustainable tourism aims to meet the needs and aspirations of the host area and its people, holiday makers and operators alike in a way which respects them all and those who will follow on.

There are many different government departments and national, regional and local agencies involved directly and indirectly in the promotion and delivery of tourism policies and objectives. There are many community groups and individuals committed to the social and environmental welfare of their localities and communities who are now involved in tourism development as a growing component of economic development. Tourism is one of the biggest and dynamically developing branches of the economy, to develop this area have to create new innovative tours by learning of experience of developing country in this field. The paper consist of two parts: in the first part analyzing data of Tourism industry in Uzbekistan and its sustainability. In the second part brings innovative tour for implementation in the Samarkand region.


Tourism has been one of the most significant and consistent growth industries in the world. Among all the 'export industries tourism represents 25 % of the international trade services spending. The World Tourism Organisation (WTO) estimates that tourism is now the worlds' largest industry, having overtaken both crude and petroleum and motor vehicles to become the number one export earner. Tourism is, therefore, seen as a major contributor to global economic development, creating employment and generating wealth on an international scale [1].

Tourism is one of the biggest and dynamically developing branches of the economy in many countries. Nowadays it is obvious how great the influence of the tourism industry on the world economy is. It is sufficiently to note that the share of tourism contains about 10 % of the world gross national income and the charges to internal and international tourism make 12 % of the world gross national product. The number of international tourists in all over the world annually increases by 8 % [2].

Visitor Profile

Travel and tourism is the world's largest industry 10.7 % of the global economy and is also the world's largest generator of jobs, employing 225 million people (19m in the EU) (ITIC, 2008). Undoubtedly, tourism is a growing international industry, which makes a significant contribution to employment. the largest proportion of those surveyed (39 %) visit the country because of their interest in the architectural and historical sites of Uzbekistan. The next-largest group (24 %) visit Uzbekistan to observe its culture, way of life and customs. In 2005, 240,000 tourists from 117 countries visited Uzbekistan. The industry earned US$30 million (90.9 % of forecast). Overall, the tourism sector served 621,700 people and rendered services for 40.6 billion sums (73.1 % of forecast). In Figure 1 we can see growth of income of SME specialization from tourism services to GDP [3].

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Uzbekistan tourism attractions and destinations

Uzbekistan is a country with great potential for an expanded tourism industry. Many of its Central Asian cities were main points of trade on the Silk Road, linking Eastern and Western civilizations. Today the museums of Uzbekistan store over two million artifacts, evidence of the unique historical, cultural and spiritual life of the Central Asian peoples that have lived in the region. Uzbekistan attracts tourists with its historical, archeological, architectural and natural treasures.

What Uzbekistan particularly has to offer is something unique in Central Asia. Kazakhstan may have its wide open steppe and be the home of apples. Kyrgyzstan is still intact with its nomadic lives and huge mountains — something also true of Tajikistan. But Uzbekistan is the true heart and soul of the region with a rich agrarian, settled, culture-laden atmosphere. It’s ancient cities some up the shear romanticism of the region — from Samarkand to Bukhara…a heady scent of the Old Silk Road. It never disappoints. The image and the reality are heavily intertwined here. Muslim scholars, traditional dress, bountiful food from the steppe, the music, the architecture... it’s all here — the heart of cultural Turkic-speaking Central Asia [4].

Samarkand — the Pearl of the Orient

Tour Bus service is the idea for creating of new type of services, which is very attractive and beneficial. Discover Samarkand with City Sightseeing, discover the city from the top of an open top double-decker bus. Let City Sightseeing entertain, inform and highlight all the things to do and see in Samarkand to help tourist make the most of them stay. Nevertheless, implementation of idea demand special Tour Buses which can be done for experiment in SamAvto.

Tour Bus services are used with perspective in most of EU countries, US and Canada. Such type of tour is very enjoyable and beneficial. There are more poem and praise about the weather of Samarkand over the world. Indeed, Discovering the own city in Sightseeing every habitat want besides tourists. The city is situated at an altitude of 702 meters above sea level. The climate is mild, compared with other regions of Uzbekistan — cool. A large number of natural sources of water, which served as the appearance of the city, creating a comfortable living environment during the hot summer days.

The advantage of Tour Bus service:

-        new type of services

-        additional employees place

-        income in private sector

-        and to local budget (tax)

-        tour more enjoyable

-        add attractiveness for tour portfolio

Experience of Ireland, Dublin Tour Bus

Dublin Bus, Dublin's Official Public Transport provider, have been running sightseeing tours for over 20 years and are masters at the art of showing you a city of which we are justifiably proud. The Hop on Hop Off tour offers a fun day out for all the family. Experience all the attractions the city has to offer including Dublin Zoo, the National Gallery and the National Wax Museum Plus, Dublinia and more. The tour is perfect for families to discover the delights of Dublin. There are other bus Providers, including Dual Way. These operate tours out and around Wicklow, and along the scenic and historic coast [5].

There are different types of tickets available:

-        Student tickets cost on average between Ten and Fifteen Euro. These are valid all day.

-        If you aren't lucky enough to have a student card, then the price will be about three euro more, so it won't break the bank

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Figure 2. If you want to take a load off, why not hop on a bus and take a tour around the many historic and interesting places and buildings to see around Dublin. Sources: (Dublin TourBus, 2013)


Developing countries can leverage tourism to support local companies and entrepreneurs in developing new products and exports. The tourism sector provides a means by which local entrepreneurs can experiment with new products and test them on international markets in their home country before exporting. International tourists typically create demand for products and services which may not have already existed in the local market and also demand certain quality standards. Whilst these can be a challenge to meet in the short-term, tourism creates the market and the incentive to drive the process — leading to growth and improvement over time. In our opinion, creating new innovative tours in our region has both beneficial face, indeed, the reaching of the tour portfolio just do it more attractive for additionally tourist flow.


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