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Сунакбаев Ш. К. Competitive advantages of industrial branches of agro-industrial complex in the conditions of integration // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — №4. — С. 532-534. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/138/38888/ (дата обращения: 25.04.2018).

The agro-industrial complex is diversified system which enter agricultural industry, branches of economy on production of means of production for agricultural industry, processing industry and infrastructure. For assessment of level of competitiveness of agrarian and industrial complex it is necessary to consider all complex of the factors and indicators characterizing a condition of the branches entering it. Various points of view concerning determination of level of competitiveness of the agrarian and industrial complex enterprises in the conditions of integration are given in article. The analysis of a condition of the food industry — the most important branch of agrarian and industrial complex on which functioning food security of the country in the conditions of globalization depends is carried out. Factors and conditions of competitive development of this branch are revealed. For strengthening of competitive advantages of agrarian sector of RK it is necessary to develop agricultural mechanical engineering which represents an important priority segment of national economy in the conditions of integration. The analysis of a condition of this sector and the held events for increase in competitiveness of the enterprises of agricultural mechanical engineering is carried out.

The agrarian and industrial complex is a diversified system which enter agricultural industry, branches of economy on production of means of production for agricultural industry, processing industry and infrastructure. Therefore, estimating competitiveness of agrarian and industrial complex, it is necessary to consider a state and indicators of all branches entering into it.

In economic literature problems of competitiveness of agrarian and industrial complex are covered often one-sidedly, considering only agricultural industry. Nevertheless some competent researches on this problem are available.

The Kazakhstan scientists allocate the following factors defining competitive positions of the food industry:

  1. A region economical geographical location which is characterized by a number of indicators: availability to other territories of the country, and also to other countries, to raw material resources, to sales markets, transport ways.
  2. Raw material resources which are characterized, mainly, by their existence and opportunities of use. Allocate mineral and raw, land, forest, water, faunistic, etc. resources.
  3. Demographic resources, are characterized by the total number of the population, gender and age structure, dynamics of changes of population. A manpower, is characterized by existence, qualification and cost of labor.
  4. Production potential, is characterized by existence of the fixed business assets, efficiency of production capacities and floor spaces, coefficients of leaving and updating of the fixed business assets, degree of wear of fixed assets, age structure of the production equipment, a fondoa electroarmament of work.
  5. Financial resources. One of the main reasons for preservation of the crisis phenomena in production and financial spheres is shortage of current assets. Reduction of investments in production is caused by decrease in public financing of investment programs and volumes of means of the enterprises.

Competitiveness assumes: the vopervykh, formation of actually modern food industry capable to compete with system of production of food of other states; secondly, to promote development of economy of Kazakhstan and its regions.

Kazakhstan scientific professor Nurmaganbetov K. R. determines competitiveness of production of the food industry by three factors: usefulness of production, that is ability to satisfy these or those needs of the potential buyer, at the price of production and the organization of sale.

In Kazakhstan it is adopted and the Development program of mechanical engineering of RK for 2010–2014 years is implemented. The document represents the detailed plan defining development of branch for the next years within Gosprogramma of the forced modernization of economy. The complex of the powerful protectionist measures directed to achievement of certain target reference points is provided in the program. The maximum requirements satisfaction of domestic market and stimulation of production of mechanical engineering with high value added became the basic purposes of the program. The program provided development of the technologies and innovations providing opportunities for export of the Kazakhstan production. Among measures state supports are not only investment injections, but also granting the tax concessions for implementation of research and developmental developments, training.

The agricultural mechanical engineering is an important priority segment where the state directly through the structures attracts the best world technologies. The separate state institute of development — JSC Kazagrofinance working in structure of Samruk-Kazyna fund supervises production of agricultural machinery. Several tens of the enterprises already work and increase production, the largest among them — assembly production of Esil combine harvesters in the Kostanay region. Meanwhile, as report in the press service

Kazagrofinance, worked out plans of expansion of coproductions with a number of the known global manufacturers. Among contractors of Kazagrofinance — the Eurasia GmbH group which suggested to develop production of the John Deere equipment, the German companies Claas, Amazonen-Werke and Krone, the Australian Tobin Disc Drills, the American Case and some other. Now JSC Kazagrofinance together with the operating Kazagro national holding handle issues of tax and customs conditions when opening productions with these investors in Kazakhstan.

According to data of the Ministry of the industry and new technologies, 120 enterprises are involved in agricultural mechanical engineering of Kazakhstan. From them on 50 various soil-cultivating tools (cultivators, hoeing plows, plows, harrows), and also harvesters and seeders are marketed. In addition, they produce the equipment for preparation of forages, cars for protection of plants (sprayers, protravitel of seeds) and other stock of agricultural appointment, turning on also spare parts to them. About 15 enterprises are producers of end products.

In RK it is adopted and the Program for development of chemical industry in RK for 2010–2014 is implemented. Production of mineral fertilizers in the Program is defined as the priority direction of development.

In the food industry of Kazakhstan 2180 enterprises for production of food and 218 — on production of drinks are registered (2013). The share of the food industry in the total amount of industrial output makes 6.5 %. In Belarus in 2013 807 enterprises of the food industry were registered. The share of the food industry in the total amount of industrial output makes 22.4 %. In this sphere of agrarian and industrial complex the most important characteristics of competitiveness are also such factors and indicators as profitability of production, a ratio of dynamics of export and import of production of branch, a condition of fixed assets of the enterprises of branch, a form and methods of the state support of branch.

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