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Эрсой Д. The reflection of symbols in everyday life // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №17. — С. 561-566. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/121/32771/ (дата обращения: 20.04.2018).

Едва ли кто-нибудь знает о семиотике, хотя мы живем и вращаемся в среде знаков семиотики в повседневной жизни. Семиотика – это наука символов вкратце. Она зародилась с вкладом Чарльза Сандерса Пирса и Фердинанда де Соссюра в лингвистику. Как наука она связана со всем, что имеет символическое значение.

Ввиду того, что знаки обладают коннотативной функцией, они помогают нам вырабатывать смысл из знаков через многосложность жизни. Дело в том, что, благодаря технологическим разработкам она получила широкое распространение во всем мире.

Таким образом, для преодоления трудностей и здорового общения нам необходимы знаки, так как они однозначно постигнуты. Это связано с особенностями символов наиболее первостепенным является самым коротким способом передачи сообщений.

Ключевые слова: семиология, вращение в среде, знак, распространенность, использование

To start with symbols are interested in semiotics or semiology. That is, it is a study of sign process, which provide commuication in social life. Since they are meaningful, symbols are significant part of our lives. Signs work as a communication means, they refer to everything;images, sounds, gestures, behavior, place and any object. They take different forms in semiotic sense for various purposes. Those above deal with communication and designated for this purpose, their aim is to denote actions.

When we search for the origin of semiotics, we see that this term was drived from Greek word «semiotikos». First Henry Stubbles used it to denote as the branch of medical science. Also famous linguist John look used «semiotike» as a term. In the 19th century famous linguist, Charles Senders Peirce defined semiotics as the formal doctrine of signs. So by extending this science beyond human communication even he applied it to animals.

On the other hand, the father of medern linguistics Ferdinant de Saussure founded his semiotics and called it «semiology» as a social science. That is, he applied this science to social science. Without doubt Peirce and Saussure, these two linguists are just like mile stones in the of way becoming sciece of this sciece. The difference between these two linguists is that, Saussure`s semiotics is dyatic, sign and signneld whils while Peirson`s semiotics triadic. That is. sign, oject and interpretant. When we look back in history recognizing of signs and significiance date back to Ploto and Aristotle.

Briefly, this process depends on the codes, however, the community must egree on the denotating the codes which represent the value of the culture. Of course, this scientific work adds new shades of life to society. Shortly, we can say this transfering process of data is from source to receiver. Thus, we see the close overlap between semiotics and communication.

While in some countries its role limited to literary critism and audio and visual media, in some other countries signs spread every aspect of life. Such as, design, film industry, marketing, advertisement, music, computer system and so on. The fact is that, As long as you make use of this science your communication system becomes easier and you get rid of difficulties or mass. Unlike over developed countries are aware of this fact, developing countries make benefit in limited conditions/

Today in social life we are surrounded with symbols all over, inside and outside of our environment. That is, we were mingled with them at home and outside, they`re so widespread. They are very common, given that they are indispensible for continuation of our life. Because as visual objects in general they suggest clear interpretation. If you are familiar with the society you liv in, you find out their meanings without difficulty. Thus, whenever you see them you recognize and reach your aim without requiring any help from others. In addition, they are open to use for everyone as they are visual and recognizable with ease.

Furthermore, signs may be both regional or international as well. Think of gestures and mimics for local and traffic lights as international. When light is red we stop, in restroom signs for men ladies clear enough to comprehend. So, here local or international it doesn`t make difference. They all servet he same aim in order to to provide better and reliable understanding in short. This is why we always prefer and overuse them. From time to time, depending on necessity of community we see new shapes of them in use. Also, they increase in number because of new scientific and technological improvements. The fact is that, depending on the need especially developed countries employ them as much as they can.

As mentioned above societies are nested with signs in each stage of life. Even, we can say there is no place exception to it. Such as, our houses are completely furnished with technological equipments, as an example, to start and stop the washing machine required button must be chosen. The same action is available for television, computer and for other electronic devices. Life runs with modern technology and modern technology runs with symbols. Thus, technology makes our life easier and signs make utilise them easier.

The fact is that we were occpied with sings all over in every aspect of life, not at home only but also in the street, at school, at the market, on the road, in visual media, in film industry and so on. In brief, they not only open new doors to us but olsa they show how to reach information needed. It goes without saying that wordly affairs in this moders age is in progress rapidly in this way. Thus, time is money,nobody wants to waste time. In fect, such manner is the requirements of contemporary life style.

It was agreed that human culture is based on totally symbols, and using them is unique to human species. Think of flags of nations, the language they speak, the lessons at schools, our jest, mimics and religious rituals are all based on symbols. All nations use symbols unique to themselves and they also use international sings. But it must be kept in mind that they all serve the same aim, that is communication.

Sings are so much effective on people as a result they feel themselves obligatory to obey them. As a stick to the point fashion, especially youngsters keep up with it very closely. Think of clothes they wear, hair style, colours in fashion, and so on. These are all interested in symbols and dominant effect of symbolism over people. As you will recognize easily the whole society is under the effect them presently.

On the other hand, education takes advantage of symbols completely. The letters of alphabet are nothing than signs. Each letter stands for one sound. In addition lessons at school also is given through signs; chemistry, mathmatics, biology, geography as such. As you see we all make use of signs to realize our aims. Or else, failure will be obligatory result for us. Furthermore, this way is so easy to use as well as plausible. As a consequence the modern tendency necessitates employing contemprory devices with signs.

When we hang about in the Street we come face to face with various symbols. They may be in different shapes or different colour, no matter, they are all full of meanings to give. A film poster, an advertisement, a landscape, a city plan as to, are put there for an aim. They speak speechless to get across the massage. Maybe the easiest and the most effective way was chosen by doing so.

Today`s improved countries strenghten their power with images. Because they explored the most effective magic power of the world. They don`t make war in the battle but they use film, press chanels, videos, photographic designs and all visual devices instead. The competition between nations and people goes on at home, in the Street. Even without enforcing but addressing their mind they creat an image in the brain and through it they realize their aims. Thus, with this soft power they spend less but gain much safely, without risking themselves.

As the modern commercial devises, signs are must-be have tool. Especially in the marketing economy. By way of advertising people have the chance to buy even without going to the market because of advertisement, which showed with images earlier. Mass media (television, newspaper, internet, fax as such) make contribution to our choice because they use signs as a widespread device. So people make plausible choice with the endowment of them but this easiness comes again from signs for commercial.

As globilasing world the whole world became unique, just like a village. Any news, any product or any event is heard in the shortest time possible through mass media devices. People watch it on television, read in internet or hear on the radio. These communication devices are completely relay on signs combining technologies of sound and image. With the help of those symbols so they provide their tasks properly with an active technique.

As above mentioned every day we live nested with signs. Such as the cases at school are completely rely on the base of sign system. Teacher evaluate students» success with marks, after you finish your school you get a diploma, you were awarded gratitude with document, these are all interested in symbols. That is worth thinking the significance of signs. We see that they are vitally important for the continuation of daily life.

Today information is carried over symbols. Now big companies and organisations have logos, special to themselves. Even they spend excessive amount of money for them. Those logos represent their firm and also they substitude for many words. This silent advertisement, like silent speaker speaks for them for each looker. Even, some of them are so famous that the whole world knows them. For Mercedes the star, for computer firm the bitten apple confim my idea, I think.

Other than these, like other branch of sports each team has their own logo that represent them. These logos are referred to these teams, they serve almost as their meaningful parts. People carry these logos on their t-shirts, on any objects like pencils, keychains, flippers. Thus, they build up emotional interest with those signs with them. So by this way they express their love, support, strong tie towards their teams. The situation of this kind increases sense of belonging in individuals as well. So they connect life tightly and find plausible reason, especially psychogical reason to live by loving them.

Most of us have religious tendencies. A great number of people over the world believe in God and believing necessitiate worship. Worship is performed in different shapes but changes according to religions. Of course, every religion has its own worship style to pray. For prayers each of these behaviors have symbolic meaning. That is, religious rituals are full of signs from beginnig to end. If we give an example in islam, muslims raise their hands to the edge of their ears and touch. This means I left the worldly affairs behind me. And stands (kıyam) like an soldier who is ready to do whatever is said by God, opening hands means I want from you, I beg you.

In today»s world we lead an active life, we move from one place to other quite often. Whilst we don»t know the way but we can find our way with ease by way of traffic signs. The signs direct us to tha place where we want to go.But you must know how to read these symbols, or else they don»t work. In connection with this you face with various signs on the way: from speed limit to pedestrian warning. So they make our way safe and infornative.

Moreover, signs are vital to interaction and thoughts. On the base of politics, political parties are also make use of signs more than known. As we know each party has their own logo which represent them. In addition to this, they effect their voters thorough symbols. Because they facilitate their communication and give opportunity to introduce their ideas. With the same tool they struggle against rival parties. Also with signs they cartoonish rivals` weak points in the media. In addition with flags, banners and so on they use social media as possible as they can.

Computers are vital of our age. They are so widespread that without exaggeration there are two or more in each flat. In digital world computers are based on a binary logic two numberical symbols 1–0. They are very smart and contain everything from statistics to design, from entertainment to live connection with friends they include every phase of life. We can say it is a magic world. Their speed and ability to solve problems make them indispensable. It can be said it keeps the first grade among prefferable technological devices. The fact is that they also designed on the base of signs before putting in service. Thus, without decoding its signs to use them is almost out of question. In short, It is the most skillfull device of today and completely depends on signs.

Another profession group who takes advantage of signs are engineers and architects especially. Because their jobs completely rely on signs. They use signs so skillfully that even they give the smallest details in their plans. These plans are very similar to real ones, like completed shape of their work. It must be kep in mind that this is succided by means of symbols. So they make the most effectual contribution to their work. Or else, they would fail to perform their jobs. Thus, we remind the function of symbols again.

The significance of advertisement can`t be ignored in today»s commercial life. Each firm or producer feel obliged to give advertisement to media especially to mass media; televisions, newspapers and so on. They carry out this to sell their products on a large scale by effecting customers they take advantage of symbols. Today advertisement became as important as the quality of product. Again signs get in the work and handle for the producer firm to convince customer.

Like computer, one of the most handy apparatus for developed country people is smart phones. As a small compter everybody have them everywhere. Even its out of imagination to think a person without it. Especially youngsters play games, search on internet or make connection with their friends. As small computer this appliance also relays on signs system from top to toe. Without signs this device means nothing, unuseable. Signs make it possible for people to utilise. For practical use we see that they made benefit from symbols as much as they could.

Another mass media appliance is newspaper, which is printed every day. It keeps a crucial place in our live. Since people rush outside to read their papers as soon as they get out of their beds. So as to to be aware of worldly affairs they rush. So they read and learn what happened in the country or in the world from this important source of news. Like above mentioned for various appliances, newspapers also work with symbols. So by symbols it becomes effectual, speedy, prosperous and widespread communication tool. As we look at it again we see that from the letter to pictures they print they utilized from symbols. In short it completely depends on signs. We think that without symbols it»s nothing, it doesn»t perform its duty. Thus, symbols make their job noticeable and influenciable in the eyes of readers. So they owe their existance and achievements to signs.

As for film industry it is also popular all over the world.The real number of film companies is unknown. So they make numerous films every year. Because of being so popular they make films in variety of topics. Since they bear an important place in people`s lives, even people look forward to seeing new products. Because people are closely interested in new products. Without exception they all contain messages to give the audience. This kind of product has also close relationship with signs. So they give their messages over symbols thus, they want to effect the audience dramatically. This is why they prefere symbols. Rather, it make possible to say a lot with one word only. Being influencial is another avantage of cinema. Since they explored giving this kind of message type thus they started to exploit from it more than ever. The fact is that each film is loaded to give message to people and this is done by way of symbols.

As it is known theatre is very old art, its date goes back to 534 B. C. Although theatre is old, it didn`t lose anything from its popularity. Even today the race between cinema and theatre is in progress. Like cinema it founded on te base of entertaining people but while doing it to give out messages. Theatres work as an educational tool on the other hand. While they are entertaining spectators, they force them to think in the back ground. Thus, they get across messages in this manner. Unlike cinema you are face to face with performers. This speciality make it different fron cinema. Maybe the event is imaginary but performers are real. So the messages are announced directly from their mouths to the audience. So they give their messages orally and visually. That is, two senses of audience were addressed. Also theatre is completely depend on symbols, the event, the actress and so on. Actors substitude themselves for real ones. Communication among them is instant. Thus, this raises the tone of getting messages. In addition to, this taking part of two senses with signs make contribution to the level of message.

Taking pictures for someone is hobby but for others a job. While getting around or in an important place we see something significant we take foto immediately. We perform it with a camera or a smart phone easily. What was intended is to freeze the moment we want. Afterwards, we store them for future somewhere so as to remember as a souvenir or for other purposes. We carry out this for our ralatives or close friends to show as a hobby as well. These photos are substitutes of real conditins in other words, they are signs. What a great contribution sings make is clear, I think. In a way they witness past as a sign. like its peers they are at work everywhere as we see.

Today mobile seller or paddler are at work. They travel to sell their produts with catalogs in their bags fom door to door. In stead of sitting in their shops and waiting for he customers they go to them. Showing their pistures they introduce the goods. They don`t carry real objects but just show their pictures. In a way, they take advantage of the blessings of signs. So they solve plenty of troubles. As it is here happened they provide easy, speedy and trustworthy work.I short like in other fields of life thet vitality goes ahead.

Inasmuch as it was shown with various examples sings are widespread in every aspect of life. So much so that, we are face to face with them as I mentioned earlier, in the street, at home, at work, at school and so on. They serve just like a bridge in contact. Or else how it would be possible to teach chemistry (O, N, Ca,) or biology (X, Y, XX, XY), (DNA, RNA.) Symbols are beneficial realities of modern life.

As a reminder, symbols may be national or international, like flags or traffic signs. They are speechless language that belong to only human being. Although they are simple to comprehend, you need background information to find out their codes all the same. In order to make full use of them you must be familiar with them earlier. The fact is that for a person who doesn»t have information beforehand they make no use of them. That is why they sound meaningless and useless for some people. However, with a little effort this problem can be overcame. Related to this point cultural based symbols are easy to find out but for international symbols necessitate to make effort to comprehend. Accordingly, everybody knows his national flag but it takes time to read by heart the flags of other nations. Also traffic signs are international so you don»t face with difficulty when you go abroad.

As it was seen, besides other uses symbols play an active role to overcome language barriers. Since it is a kind of silent language themselves. They imply that information is not contained just in books but there are other ways too. Thus, by means of them we become aware of this fact. As a different source so we don»t completely dependent on writing press only we see it. Also they stand for countless objects, this is why there are broad varieties of them. They signify many objects such as, activities, situations, manners, places, and so on.

Cosequently, in modern, developed societies symbols are everywhere in every dimension of life. They are as both in audio and visual forms from design to science, from vidio conferencing to computer based chat system. With due time new shades of communication to every aspect of our lives is added. There is no need to say that forming of them community must agree on as denoting meanings of codifications. Besides, these uses represent the value of culture in local sense. Such as, their causine, local musical intrument or dance, sports and so on.

Either primitive or developed countries are based on symbolic systems.With one difference latter employ them widespreadly than former countries. Symbols have connections almost with everything in societies. Such as: their religions, their flags, their languages, political parties, their kinships, their literatüre and of course school subjects given at schools are all have close connections with them.

So by measn of signs people produce meanings, classify information, express themselves in the precence of others. In short, they regulate society in peace. That is, they play indispensable role to shape the community. For interaction and thought they are necessary elements to nations. Also on the base of developments in technology semiotic science also renew itself to answer the question of age. But this change happen in positive ways over the time. So we comprehend that this science is like a living organ in this regard.

The need to communication force new doors to open so symbols take this role at most. Therefore, its wide spectrum of connection allows us to appeal to broad audience. Furthermore, they provide multiple comprehension, healthy information and speed in connection. By using modern technology we also improve universal understanding in signs. Also they give the change of finishing a lot of work in a little time.


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