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Бекчанова Н. А., Матьякубов Н. Р. The role of Mahalla Institution in strengthening the spiritual-behavior honors of the youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №12. — С. 674-676. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/116/31036/ (дата обращения: 22.05.2018).

In the article, self-governing Institute — improving the organizational foundations of Mahalla, expand the scope of its functions, to ensure close interaction with the bodies of state authority and administration issues which are put forward by the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimovin “ Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and civil society development in our country”.

Key words:mahalla, civil society institutions, society, the state based on law, youth, spirituality, honor, religion tolerance, custom

Today, on the basis of the principle “From the powerful state — to civil society” are being carried out large scale reforms on human rights and his liberty, provision of legal interests, build a democratic-legal state, enhance the civil society.

To strengthen the role and importance of the non-state and community organizations, self-government system including the role and importance of Mahalla extremely is considered to be a part of organizing of the civil society.

In the current stage of social development, the importance and role of Mahalla which is a unique proper method of self government belonging to our nation are increasing and being very power year by year.

In mahallas,formed since the former times the political,economical and educational issues to amplify the peace, to srenthen the good relationships and harmony among people and the community thoughts belonging to youth education are the main terms. This means it is a kind of thinking style of the life-style of our people, the heritage by our ancestors, original national honor.

It is one of the important issues to carry out step by step a part of the tasks into community organizations including rare civils` self government body Mahalla in the process of democratization of the state government in Uzbekistan. In the Article 2 of the European Charter,it is said “Local self-governmentshould be reflected in the law of the country and as much possible in it`s constitution”. That position is strengthenedin the Article 105 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Strenthening the position of this norm in our constitution reflects the durable legal basis of self-governing bodies in our republic. [1–359p] About 10 thousand self-governing bodies are accomplishing effectively more than thirty tasks embarraced before in the special rights of local government bodies, including,local economic development in places, to strengthen the spiritual and moral values in our society, upbringing of young generation, formation and development of their spirituality, increase employment, environmental protectionandbeautification of the territories.

Today, significant work on provision of spiritual-economic stability and upbringing our youth in the respect to our national traditions and honors in our country are being carried out under the President Islam Karimov`s leadership in accordance with the law “Local self-governing bodies «dated April 22 in 2013of The Republic of Uzbekistan,the powers of these bodies were broaden more.

Today they are assumed with more than thirty tasks. the impact of citizens' assemblies are growing in promoting the professional skills of the younger generation,enhancing their spirituality, supporting their entrepreneurial aspirations and employment.In this case, the partnership of «Family and Mahalla andEducation institution» is very important. The saying “Маhalla is — also a father and a mother” embodies the kind of truth which is proper for our mentality. Indeed, the role and the impact of Mahalla is incomparable in enhancing the spiritual life of the community. Including, it is one of the highest responsibilities of Mahalla to upbring the young generation, the establishment of effective work to prevent violations among them.

One of the most important and urgent priorities of education is ideological education and this develops philosophical, political, legal, aesthetic, moral, artistic, and professional viewpoints of the young generation, because of the ideological education processes in mahallas are directed to enrich the worldview of the young generation with creative ideasand enhance the qualities that are necessary for the development of the society and its prosperity. That is why, Mahalla is an initial basis of ideological education, it accomplishes the task of foundation for growing.For that,the extremist forces begin poisoning the minds of young peopleand promoting the subversive ideashere in Mahalla. Mahalla is the center of education, where in order to comply with the followings:

‒ Making and implement the measures directed to the provision of religious and spiritual atmsphere in Mahalla;

‒ Promote the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan widely about “Juvenile prevention of youth and off control, “On the fight against human trafficking”;

‒ To carry out activities based on universal and national values, the constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan legislation in formation of the religious tolerance, respect for other religions, brotherhood, a sense of brotherhood;

‒ To carry out a wide range of practical activitiesin order to prevent — secular and religious confrontation occurrence in the society among the population of Mahalla;

‒ Assistance to the people to find their places in the society who have completed their sentences for crimes because of participating in the activities of extremist organizations and next, working with the young teenagers fell under the influence of non-approval religious ideas;

‒ Making the measures and apply to the life in order to prevent the problems occurence, such as the vices which may affect to the spiritual-moral environment of Mahalla — different crimes, to kill oneself (suicide), prostitution, addiction to drugs. [2-p-25]

The initial term of implementation of the activities which are carried out among teenagers is assessed according to the ideological education in Mahalla and families. Because, if the atmosphere is not so good in mahalla, increases the risk of appearing corrupted conductive and underprivileged citizens inthat place. Lately, to improve the ideological and educational opportunities for families is reflected that it is one of the main tasks in the spiritual-educational policy.

Mahalla educator is responsible for protecting the youth from dangerous groups, deviant teenage youth, underage and people under the influence of religious extremism, preservation of the effects of crime, re-education measures. In addition, this includes:

‒ Use a variety of social and pedagogical activities;

‒ Spiritual and educational support for young people;

‒ Protection the youth from the parents` indifference and negative influence of being in contact with suspicious teenagers.

Preserve the youth from social perilous conducts based distructive ideas, attract them into social useful activity are the main tasks of the ideological prophylaxis. Especially, form a good conduct in group style is very important. To identify the weak group to stand against the destructive ideas, the youth who are psychologically and socially remained, the youth aspiring to show themselves,the children who grew up in a non-normal family are objects of the affairs directed to the aim.

Special ideological works with the teenagers may be described as a special ideological prophylaxis. These include the following initial tasks of the ideological prophylaxis:

‒ Identify the teenager-youth who are free of strong spirit, not covered by targeted training, the teenage-youth tend to offenses;

‒ Studying the youth`s ages and individual characteristics, elimination of the atmosphere which leads them to tend to the destructive ideas;

The ideological development of preventive measures aimed at solving the problems and to carry out sufficient work in cooperation with «Mahalla, family and educational institution» among teenage youth are one of the today’s actual tasks.

The ideological prophylaxiscarrying out among the teenage-youth comprises the following generally:

‒ To create conditions for the development of youth’s ideological immunity;

‒ To show the harmful effects of the destructive ideas, explanation and — reliance on the ideological concepts of prophylaxis;

‒ Explanation of appearing reasons of the destructive ideas;

‒ Give attention to youth’s exchange period of ages;

‒ Advantages of the healthy religion viewpoint instead of religious fanatics;

‒ Educate the young people for making decision, critical thinking, feelings against the influence of the negative environment.

‒ According to the above mentioned ideas, it can be included:

‒ Recommend to held lectures about that youth`s attending to the Friday worships leaving their classes in mahallas don’t suit to Sharia rules;

‒ More strengthening the measures of ideological prophylaxis activities in mahallas. For this, is important to promote the role of father in a family. After all, indifference in men is more than the women`s and this influence negatively on youth’s ideological education;

‒ Seriously approaching the issues on employment of the low-income families (unemployed parents);

‒ Each CAM (citizens' assemblies of mahalla) and ARC (assemblies of rural citizens) in places it is very important to organize the musical and national handicrafting circles, art and painting circles, Mahalla libraries and sport clubs which serve as the main factors in educating the mature generaton.

It can be said,this year's electionspresented practically the growing role of civils` self governing bodies in solving the concernes belonging to spititual-conductive, socio-economic and more deepening the reforms of a wide range in updating and modernization of the country

To sum up,Mahalla plays an important role in educating the mature generation –up bring a great spiritual-educated person


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