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Есенова, Р. К. The bringing up student`s creation is the main demand of our epoch / Р. К. Есенова, С. Б. Куанова, А. Б. Кожахмет. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2014. — № 1.2 (60.2). — С. 51-52. — URL: (дата обращения: 24.06.2024).

«In the program of developing the educative system of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2015» reported that taking own place of our educative system in the world`s system is con ected with the national educational degree and direction of development, so this program obliges us to bring up the creative person who can use his knowledge in changeable conditions, improve himself and be responsible to make own decisions [1].

Nowadays in high institutes the teaching duty of students and results expected of them are directed at formation their personality and creative development.

The content of education given to the students, bringing up and developing the feelings taken into account, to major burden is directed to their creative thinking and toiling. So the main objects of feeling the creation are «impression», «researching» and«improvising». It is the action of man discovering the social historical meaning news, also it is visible in an attempt of man purposing to achieve the aims, in supplying, power and searching, in his fantasy, feelings and brains. Really the creation is aspiration for self-perception and researching. If man wants to find the true way in life he has to think right, learn to make consistent, qualitative, argue and main decisions. The development of human creative skills, improving and non-terminating them help to enrich internal power, to communicate with neutral environment and self-knowing. So, in practice, the modernization in society with developing day to day international competitions, the increasing of area and speed of changes, can become the main factor of educative system and country development. Not in vain said the great teacher of our nation A. Baitursunov: «Knowledge is a ladder of qualification improvement, but qualification is practice to realize that knowledge» [2].

Last times hard developing of sphere of pedagogic makes educative system so complicated, modernization of the ways of teaching, appearances of new scientific methods and creations, concentration of various specialties, all of these demand students to learn to improve creative activities in the degree of scientific methodic.    

If future students are responsible to these demands they need to research modern methods of teaching, modulate the cognitive practice problems of creative fiction activities at the universities.

There are much ideas about issues of creativity, that`s why the term «creativity» is often used in the spheres of sociology, philosophy, literature, psychology and pedagogics. But the problem of the content of creative work practice is investigated in psychology of creation, history of scientific creation and pedagogics.

Creative work is a difficult systematic process including such components as creative distinction, creative expression and creative product. These components play a great role in being formed of creative work.

Creative work nucleus having creative skills, creative preparing, creative direction of person and diligence play a main role in creative work structure.

At any case of work the creation achieves the aim with expression.

The creative production is the product which is described of distinctive, different, standard and stereotypical indexes of person forming them himself in creative period. The man makes creative progress with these indicators: description, drawing such as stereotypical origin, standard difference. The individual difference has a great effect on a creative production of student and his communication with neutral area.

«The creation is the high branch discovering process having irresistible social historical meaning »,- determined in Great Encyclopedia Dictionary [3].

L.S.Vygotskyi called «creation» as discovery making action [4].

But Y.N. Ponomarev researching creation problems compared it with meaning «developing». Because such news particularly in point of intellectual view develops children`s good technique skills.

Investigation is the true way to a creation. The duty of every teacher is the making effect to developing of student`s creative personality, producing of his «Ego», after that transforming this «Ego» to a personal creation of him.

Every educational department of our country must prepare students:

-  who can learn themselves every time in this changeable age, realize their skills in practice using profitable ways, finding out their own places in life.  

- thinking of the point of criticism, searching of the ways of main problems decision using of modern technologies.

- creatively thinking, responsible to offer new ideas

- literally using of IT

- responsible to work in every sphere, every case and researching the ways of the decision of problems.

One of the actions which transfer the students` degrees of education to degrees of creation is a creative task. You should give these creative tasks looking forward of their own skills in favorite subjects. It is useful to give them easy tasks and periodically change them. You should offer different tasks in one lesson and make them responsible to choose. One of the effective way is systematize the tasks looking forward of their knowledge and skills.

Nowadays there are a lot of demands, look at the main of these:

-       to set the aim and try to achieve them;

-       often make a conclusion;

-       to find out additional materials, searching;

-       to analyze and  manage to evaluate themselves.

The main purpose of working with gifted and clever students is putting into shape realizing their creative working skills. But achieving the aims is brought about teaching hard the educational programs and developing students` cognitive activity   

We should do them if we want to develop students` creative skills:

- to provide for formation and developing of person;

- to supply with modern technologies;

- to form an area with a constant psychological conditions;

- to establish students` own creation;

- to organize the learning and practicing;

- to establish the students` own point of view in analyzing and evaluating, to realize particular thinking skills in practice;

- to organize students` actions in improvising themselves;

 - to organize projecting actions directed to learning educational programs [4];

 - to appoint their own view on actual problems, to make them being directed at decision of problems with organizing discussions;

- to adopt them to argue their own demands and decisions in point of science.

Nowadays our society ought to bring up literate citizen well skilled in direct developed society.

Students in High Educational Departments have to be organized their own personality, often enriched their internal world, increased zeal in learning, intellectual willpowers at changes in all spheres of social life, reasonable actions and researching, cognitive thinking activities and realizing creative actions.     

Every lesson of teacher ought to be corresponded with conditions of modern educational system. Therefore students need to be prepared for introduce their spirit organizing useful actions of them, don`t confine only of learning new materials in all spheres of education.

At the time of modern technical progress, in each spheres of education, realizing of these duties in the process of teaching are possible if students organize profit ways of optional learning, the ways of teaching and search the objects. Because the special organizing of optional works of students is the main condition of the perfection of education process.

Every teacher in his pedagogical practice is to make student, as the subject, interested in teaching process, organize the condition of improving himself, must improve his thinking and understanding. Thus, the improving of creative skills of student must be main principal of teacher. The major problems are: increasing of students` world outlook and revealing of individual skills, organizing the chance of full improvement, practicing of working due to his creative skills, showing the true way of researching, giving the possibility to enjoy his own done work. Now, one of the major conditions of modern society is bringing up the creative person.

Actually, the student is a participant of educational process as he works together with the teacher. It is related with optional learning of students, with activities at the lesson and responsibility to lesson results. Also on of the actual problems is accommodation of creative skills of students from first till last courses to lesson process. Correctly, the main factors making a great effect to students` activities are optional learning and researches. That`s why, the organizing the structure of creative activities of students, the origin of scientific works, is the actual problem of modern age.            


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