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Рубрика: Экономика и управление

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №1 (36) январь 2012 г.

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Мирзоев, А. И. Importance of State Regulation for Foreign Economic Activity and Regulating Meanses in This Brand / А. И. Мирзоев. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2012. — № 1 (36). — Т. 1. — С. 129-130. — URL: (дата обращения: 06.03.2021).

Globalization of economic life, increase of bilateral links between countries and dependence from each other, rapidity on global economic problems have turned the advisible regulation of foreign economic activity to the objective maintance. First of all mutual trading and economic link among countries are the main aspects. Foreign trade activity is the main factor for increasing social-economic prosperity in every society, but it can be caused to crisis too. Positive reflection of foreign trade activity on national economy is depended on perfectly regulation these links and stimulation them. In the first step there must be risen the level of export, that is much more attention to develop production fields contacted with export. To pay more attention for entreprices producing different kinded products ecologically safety for human health not damageus is main argument on this way. [ 2, pg 55-62]

In generally, state is carring much more responsibility in the direction of economical security of country and in charge to protect nation-wide interests during market economy.

Practically state experience on foreign trade regulations is exhisted in all of world countries. But its scale and methods are differed with each other due to purposes and tasks put in front of state, also state regulation on foreign trade is determined by the rules of country room in modern world-economy and internal-foreign policy of the state.

The importance of state regulation for foreign trade activity is understood as the main part of economic relations developing on institutional structures. Why it is too important, foreign relations are not organized only with the sake of economical efficiency. The main issue staying by the foreign economic relations is to obtain prosperity on scientific technologies. So scientific technologies not only settled in one country, but it is integrated to global economic system after certain time. It gives much more opportunity for country economies get in co-operation with one another for the establishment new foreign economic relations.

Foreign trade activity is based on full norm acts. Its known that, foreign trade activity is realized on the base of international juridical norms. Another factors are also reflected in foreign trade activity such as country participation on global system, government structure, labour forces, financial and natural recources are reasonable factors in foreign economic relations. [ 4, 6, 7]

Here is given main objectives of the regulation for foreign economic activities:

  1. Preparation of norms determining juridical principles of foreign trade activity and regulation of them.

  2. Determination of organ statuses for regulating foreign trade activities.

  3. To define state regulation of foreign trade activity, declaration of norm acts over building new joint companies in country.

  4. Determination of export regime, export license, definition of rules for bringing and taking out goods

  5. Realization for currency and custom regulations

  6. To take measure for the protection of interests of the state for participation in foreign trade activity

It is well known that foreign trade activity as the part of national production.

All of economic reforms passed in the country shows that, these economic reforms are main parts of foreign policy realized by country on trade activities.

The state looks up for forming foreign trade relations in macro-economical scale and solves global economic links. [ 3, 5 pg 21-67 ]

When all methods and principles are accorded to economic reforms passed in the country, high efficiency will be made over foreign trade activity. Then economic reforms must be accorded to global economic integration too. This, is helping to expand main potensials of the country for integration to global economic system. Also we have to note that, economic reforms passed in the brand of forming foreign trade activities are reflecting advantages and disadvantages of transition term on it. State sovereignty and policy in direction of foreign economic activity are considered with the advantages of following cases;

  • Country economy must be in charge of open policy.

  • First stage in foreign trade could be aiming on economic relations

  • Foreign trade activity should be organized with the principles of local resources economy, that’s there must be big amount of ready products among product exports.

In foreign economic activity regulations some of main parameters will be improved:

  • Juridically norm bases for trade policy and limitation for purpose leveling (import new technologies)

  • Participation rules while co-operation with foreign countries, financial problems, custom tarriffs and tax system gradually are improved

  • Import-export and personals participating with citizenship must be improved

  • Transfer foreign trade laws to local system in the condition of international juridical system

State regulation of foreign trade activities is differed mainly with the multiformed sources. In modern condition of free marketing, foreign trade regulations are analised on folllowings;

  • Foreign trade

  • International production unions

  • Scientific-technological co-operations and joint entrepreneurship

  • Labour forces international migrations

  • International flow of capital

  • International integration unions

  • Co-operation under the frame of international organizations.

The forms of foreign trade is depended on global economic development and situations. So exchangement one of these forms would reflect on anothers prioroty. Naturally by these causes, state regulation system and rules by this way will be exchanged too.

In the economic theory and practise foreign trade activity regulations are determined integrally below; [1, pg 121-140]

  1. Protection of economic independence

  2. Economic security quarantee

  3. Stimulation of the national economic dveleopment

4. Rational integration supports in global economy

Foreign trade activity regulations are passed by the ways named economically processes regulatutions. This processes are containing main elements of foreign economy during free marketing. These elements should be described as followings;

  • Foreign trade policy

  • Financial-credit policy

  • Currency policy

  • Export policy

  • Policy for payment balance

  • Direction of currency reserves

  • Foreign credits and state debts

  • Institutional regulations of foreign trade.

Described last element for foreign trade activity is mainly acted while suitable governing mechanism from the state side.


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