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Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №17 (307) апрель 2020 г.

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Features of Zetavia air cargo transportation. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2020. — № 17 (307). — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/307/89691/ (дата обращения: 16.07.2024).

Cargo transportation by air is the fastest, most reliable way to move an object, a valuable shipment to any distance. Zetavia Libya aircraft have a large payload capacity, they do not risk being delayed in the flight due to the congestion of the route. The departure is practically not subject to the encroachments of fraudsters. Air cargo transportation around the world allows you to deliver goods to hard-to-reach, remote areas.

Advantages of air transportation

The advantages of air transportation include the high speed of movement of the vessel. Regardless of the weather conditions, the mass of the goods can reach 200-500 km / h, other vehicles are not able to compete. Difficult terrain, sea, desert, dangerous highway or its absence in a remote city will not become an obstacle for the aircraft.

Features of air cargo transportation:

  • Reduced delivery time - relevant for perishable, valuable goods, documents, correspondence. The distance between cities, states, continents is overcome in hours, not days.
  • Guaranteed safety of shipment — when transporting goods by air, the risk of damage, damage, and complete loss is minimal. The object is securely fixed, is not subject to shaking, strong vibrations, accidental falls.
  • Simplified customs control — the shipment is checked when loading into the liner, at the point of unloading. There is an opportunity to overcome several transit borders without unnecessary problems.
  • Universal delivery method - the feature of cargo transportation by air allows you to move goods with any characteristics. Dimensions, weight, specifics, sensitive electronics, perishable products, plants — the dimensions of the liner accommodate different objects.
  • Batch tracking - Monitoring systems allow you to monitor cargo anywhere in the world.
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines — the customer of the service can expect that the batch will be shipped to the recipient within the agreed time.
  • Insurance is a guarantee of the safety of the object, the service is necessarily offered by reputable logisticians.
  • Security.

Aircraft are the transport that is chosen when it is necessary to move a batch quickly and reliably over a long distance. The service pays off with the speed of delivery, the safety of the object.

Nuances of transportation of perishable goods.

Goods whose shelf life is limited are difficult to deliver. It is necessary to create special conditions, maintain humidity, equip the vehicle with climatic equipment, observe the speed limit. The requirements were ignored, the carrier saved - losses, the complete loss of the batch cannot be avoided.

The solution when it is necessary to deliver perishable products is aircraft. They move quickly over long distances:

  1. Oversized equipment.
  2. Livestock.
  3. Fruits, vegetables.
  4. Food products.
  5. Live plants, flowers.
  6. Medicines, vaccines, blood.
  7. Cosmetics.

The logistician always tries to schedule a direct flight for this category of goods, one overload is allowed. The carrier takes care of all organizational issues:

  • monitors the correct placement of different groups of goods - in separate compartments;
  • checks the strength of the container, if necessary, uses an additional;
  • calculates the possibility of placing boxes in stacks so as not to damage the batch;
  • provides reliable fixation of the object in the liner.

The result is delivery without delays on the way, the safety of goods with a limited shelf life, safety.

Features of air transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

An object weighing more than 80 kg is heavy. Bulky - cargo exceeding the standard dimensions of the loading hatches of the aircraft. Such shipments are moved by aircraft IL-76 that are designed for specific purposes.


  • Transportation without packaging - fixing and moving on pallets, wooden bars are installed under them to minimize pressure on the floor.
  • Delivery in containers — mandatory fixation in compartments, accidental movement, falling on the way is excluded.
  • Maximum dimensions — an object not exceeding 6.4 m in height, length.

Air transportation of oversized, heavy goods is carried out by airliners with maximum carrying capacity, equipped with a large hatch through which it is possible to organize the loading of a non-standard object. The service is the only way to quickly, without damage, send the object to the destination.

Delivery by air is a guarantee that the goods will be properly loaded, quickly moved and transferred in complete safety to the recipient. The logistician takes care of all organizational issues, prepares an accompanying package of papers, insures the shipment, and meets deadlines.

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