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Рубрика: Экономика и управление

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №6 (110) март-2 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 20.03.2016

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Махмудова, Г. Р. Methods of innovation projects done in Light industry enterprises / Г. Р. Махмудова. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — № 6 (110). — С. 504-506. — URL: (дата обращения: 19.04.2021).

In market economy condition, it is important to support real sector enterprises of economy. That is to say, modernization of production process, improving mutual relations, establishing long term and strong relations with potential partners and stimulating the increase of demand for locally produced goods and services play a crucial role.

It is vitally essential to further develop textile sectors of light industry. Consequently, these textile sectors process cotton fiber, make yarn and raw fabric, then make cloth, knitted cloth, knitwear and textile products. What’s more, they export major part of their ready-made products. In particular, it is significant to develop modern textile complex, which will produce ready-made products that are exportable and highly competitive in textile industry. In addition, production capacity mainly concentrates on the production of spinning, weaving and garment production where there is a good opportunity to attract investment.

The following three methods are considered important in the development of light industry: first, ready-made products should be produced, which will meet world standard qualities; secondly, to attract foreign investment and technology joint ventures should be established; finally, the share of small business should be increased in that sphere. Since quality of the products manufactured by small businesses is much higher than that of big enterprises, and they are easily adaptable to new situations, it is believed important in market economy condition. In case of bankruptcy, crises are enormous for big enterprises: there will be loss for area’s economy, it will lead to the increase in the amount of unemployment. However, the crises for small businesses counts for minor amount.

The president, in his speech, mentioned, «I believe that today it is time to legalize family business as a new organizational and legal form of small business to expand entrepreneurship. Organizing and running this form of business in the country entirely suit the existing economic house holding conditions and national traditions». [1]

Based on the concept of democratic improvement deepening and developing civil society the law regarding family business was passed and put into practice.

Through passing this law, we have achieved the following:

 Organization of several small business enterprises;

 Employment of thousands of people via creating new job opportunities;

 Increase in the family budget;

Under the guidance of the President, social and economic reforms being accomplished in all sectors of the national economy began to give its expected results. In particular, equipping production with modern technics and technology, modernizing enterprises lead to increasing the size of competitive products that meet international standards.Of course, such a significant change in the light industry is still responsible for effective outcomes. [2]

Strengthening the cooperationalrelations between large industrial enterprises and out-workers is very important in solving unemployment problems. Hence, the specifics of the labor employment and the regional location will be taken into account.

One of the factors providing stable progress of family budget income and providing job opportunities is outwork and developing its types in our republic.

It generally helps with solving above-mentioned problems through establishing cooperation relations between outwork and light industrial enterprises.

Furthermore, nowadays evaluating outworker’s work experience and legal establishing social security of outworkers have been provided in our republic.

The cooperation relationship between large enterprises and outworker is established as in the following: large industrial enterprises supply outworkers with necessary raw materials and outworkers produce goods that require a lot of manual work by spending time effectively in home conditions. Consequently, this will help increase work efficiency and job opportunity for large enterprises.

Doing outwork job will benefit people several advantages:

Outworker will work based on labor contract with employment history book which will later help the bearer to calculate work experience.

Outworkers who work based on labor contract is considered economically employed personnel.

Outworker can work anywhere as well as from home where he lives.

There is no need for outworkers to think about the problems regarding obtaining the tools needed in production process, providing with raw materials and how to realize the goods and services produced by themselves because they work based on work contract. These problems are usually dealt with the enterprises they have contracted with.

The country of employment and income of the family budget is another factor in ensuring sustainable growth in jobs and the development of its forms. With the major's industrial enterprises, including textile factories based establishment is also of great help to solve the above problems and help with the work. In addition, today the home of seniority, pension rights and social insurance benefits. Cooperative relations between large enterprises with the home set on the basis of the following: large industrial enterprises, workers and raw materials suppliers. Workers and efficient use of the time, the family and for the benefit of the contract on the basis of low labor required to produce some of the goods at home. As a result, this is an opportunity to improve the efficiency of large enterprises. Home-based activities provide a number of advantages:

1) operates on the basis of the book with a person engaged in home-based work, pensions and social insurance allowances, shall be added to the working experience of working time;

2) Contract workers employed population working class;

3) engaged in home-based accommodation in the category of residential premises is not required;

4) Contract for work to be used for the production of the purchase of equipment, raw materials, and to provide the necessary materials and manufactured products, it is possible to solve the problems about how we should sell. Because the company is responsible for providing them.

Different products manufactured by out-workers include consumer goods and technological products. Organizing goods and services based on outwork, it would appropriate to work in such fields, which provide efficiency in industry as textile, silk farming, processing, furniture industry, electrical assembly and services.

Nowadays it is strategically important to develop technologic, innovative areas and provision with information in light industry because these measures will lead to the growth of production efficiency of the enterprises and meet the demand for competitiveness. It is considered important to design innovation projects and apply them correctly into practice in that sphere. Effective completion of these innovation projects depends on several factors:

 to deeply, thoroughly and scientifically analyze information about the enterprise;

 to organize events which will serve to accomplish innovative purposes;

 to correctly establish the process which will accomplish innovation activity.

Henceforth, it can be said that it is such an enveloping process that includes accomplishing certain purposes, tangible resource period of their fulfillment, person who carries it out scientific and technologic innovation project in the sphere.

In order to apply the innovation project into practice, it must be scientifically grounded and financially supported. Besides, so as to stand an innovation project, it must meet several demands:

 innovation projects should be worked out thoroughly, which in return must provide high productivity.

 the development and implementation of innovation projects require large investment, which will in turn limit opportunities of accomplishing them in a short period of time. [3]

To achieve higher results, the innovation project is very complicated and must fully justify its efficiency. It is important to give thorough attention to a number of sections while forming an innovation project.The projects should depictplans of the enterprise and they should be able to determine necessary potential steps. Innovation projects should include everything regarding advanced technologies and new types of products and services.

While implementing modern technologies into the practice of enterprises of light industry, innovation projects should be able to covercertain different directions.

Firstly, consuming characteristics should be improved, quality and price should behighly competitive, safety, ergonomic and hygiene regulations should be compatible with requirements. Using nanotechnology,it is essential to produce completely new materials and compounds and then manufacture new textile products which will create favorable conditions for human activity.

Secondly, to increase the efficiency of production: by effective usage of human resources, by decreasing the price for raw material with using local raw materials. It is vital to correctly organize marketing research and carry out market segmentation process, analyze demand and supply. In development of financial management of enterprises it is significant to establish and apply new system of management. It is worth developing business ideas and business plans which are especially fully suitable for textile enterprise activities. It is necessary to draw up a project, which will restructure industry, carry out and implement innovative programs.

Eventually, attention should be paid to creating material standardization and certification of products and their safety features and the methods of assessment and norms of characteristicsof usage. Moreover, another essential factor is to create regulatory technical documents,which include international standards, patents and trademarks, taking into account national and international regulations that provideharmonization standards.

Overall, nowadays Uzbekistan’s light industry is developing on a large scale. As for the country's natural resources: cotton, silk, wool, raw materials are sufficient enough. Most importantly, to develop this sector, regulatory and legal base has been created by the government. One of the main goals ahead is to prepare highly qualified employees and to create system, which will involve retraining them regularly in light industry sphere. In order to further develop light industry, we should successfully use a new type of business, which is a “family entrepreneurship”. In addition, worthwhile results should be achieved through outworkers’ labor. Utilizing all the opportunities above mentioned, we can achieve better results in solving unemployment issues through developing light industry.


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