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Рубрика: Экономика

Опубликовано в Юный учёный №5 (14) декабрь 2017 г.

Дата публикации: 27.10.2017

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Ганоцкий, Д. В. The impact of school bullying on entrepreneurship development / Д. В. Ганоцкий, Е. В. Нечёса. — Текст : непосредственный // Юный ученый. — 2017. — № 5 (14). — С. 45-46. — URL: (дата обращения: 23.10.2021).


In every country entrepreneurs play the important role in the development of economy as they create work places, implement innovations. For example, in Japanese economy, which is one of the most developed world economies, small and middle businesses constitute 99.7 % including the small ones with the staff less than 20 employees (87 %). 66.2 % of all employed population work in this sector.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires many efforts as well as necessary individual characteristics, skills and abilities.

In our opinion, key characteristics of the successful entrepreneur include the following ones (Table 1).


Table 1

Intellectual characteristics, personality,

skills and abilities of a successful entrepreneur







logical thinking


professional skills and abilities

critical thinking

communicative skills


having an eye for details

organizational skills



High-flying is a key feature which helps a businessperson set goals and tackle any challenges on their way. Persistence and purposefulness allow the entrepreneur to do the best to achieve success and to be ready to make some sacrifice for it.

Leadership and organizational skills give an opportunity to an entrepreneur to make employees rally around him/her.

Creativity helps to find an uncommon way out, to manufacture rare products or render a unique service.

Logical thinking, prediction skills are necessary for creating an efficient business plan.

However, some qualities can impede entrepreneur’s success: emotional instability, laziness, passiveness, exuberant anxiety, impatience, rashness.

Surprisingly, most of entrepreneur’s qualities are developed during school years. However, some school experiences can impede their formation. One of them is school bullying which unfortunately has become a common phenomenon. So, is there any connection between school bullying and entrepreneurship development?

School bullying is a systematic harassment of various nature: physical, emotional, verbal. According to a recent survey carried out in Russia this problem is unfamiliar to only 19 % out of 10 thousand respondents. More than a half of parents say about aggressive and abuse behavior that is common at their children’s schools. Two-thirds of the respondents are sure that that any child can become a victim of bullying. More than 50 % of parents confessed to being a victim of bullying during their school days. 42 % of respondent still feel the impact of the school days conflicts. The majority of the respondents (80 %) are sure that school bullying has a negative long-term impact on the child [2].

So, what are the main characteristics of the main parties to bullying? The key ones, in our view, are presented in Table 2.


Table 2



lack of character

lack of confidence

dependence on others’ opinion

low self-esteem




wish to become a leader

high / too high self-esteem



superiority feeling


On the one hand, victim of bullying starts to develop low self-esteem, indecisiveness, dependence on classmates’ opinion; anxiety is increasing; the circle of friends is getting smaller, which can’t but impact negatively on further life, including a future career.

On the other hand, such bully’s qualities as arrogance, superiority feeling contradict the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. At the same time, bully’s leadership, aggression can either impede or facilitate their business depending on the situation and the degree of these characteristics. For example, high self-esteem helps to achieve a goal but ego-enhancing distortion can ruin it.

However, in our view, being a victim of school bullying does not mean that in the future a person cannot become a successful entrepreneur. The victim ought to tackle this challenge.

Firstly, a victim should turn to their friends or family for help without any fear of being punished.

Secondly, a victim should not show their reaction to being under bullying. There is a great chance that a bully can lose interest, get tired and they finish bullying by themselves.

Thirdly, a victim can try to find out the reason for being harassed and talk to a bully.

Fourthly, in some situation it can be reasonable to repulse bullying verbally.

These tips can help to stop bullying, increase self-esteem, return self-confidence and achieve business success in future.

In conclusion, bullying especially during the formation of personal qualities causes an emotional trauma and has a negative impact on developing business qualities, which has a damaging effect on entrepreneurship development in the country. At the same time, if a victim finds some energy and force to overcome harassment, it can set a basis for developing the qualities necessary for becoming a successful entrepreneur.





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