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Хошимов Н. Н., Насыров К. Е., Раимова Г. М. Actions of Preparation Gossitan on Gabaergic System at Chronic Alcoholic Intoxication // Биоэкономика и экобиополитика. — 2015. — №1.


Research was studied of the braking effect of ethanol on GABAergic system against blockers of the GABA-benzodiazepin receptor complex. At the ethanol influence which is shown both in excitement, and in braking of functional activity of the central nervous system its interaction with the main brake system of a brain – GABAergic system.

Research was studied of the braking effect of ethanol on GABAergic system against blockers of the GABA -benzodiazepin receptor complex.

Research of the braking effect of ethanol on GABAergic system in the sinaptosomof a brain of rats at chronic alcoholic intoxication showed that the level of fluorescence of a complex of CTC-sinaptosom is lower in comparison with control.

Besides, it is shown that in these mechanisms, also in processes of formation of alcoholic dependence takes part ethanol and the GABAergic system.

In the following experiments action of a preparation of a gossitan on GABAergic system in the sinaptosom, the control rats allocated from a brain is investigated.

At research of action of a preparation of a gossitan on sinaptosoma, the model rats allocated from a brain with chronic alcoholic intoxication it is revealed that gоssitan slightly reduces fluorescence, according to the level of cytocindery calcium in comparison with control. At that time a preincubation of a gossitan in concentration (10 microns) with synoptic membranes against a picroctoxin didn't lead to change of fluorescence and level of cytocindery calcium of the CTC -glutamate of a complex in comparison with control.

The received results show that the preparation gossitan doesn't compete with sites of binding of GABA and a glutamate receptor. Perhaps, their action is caused by interaction with ionic channels of NMDA receptors.

In researches the competition between a preparation gossitany and nifedipine for a site of regulation of digidropiridin-sensitive calcic channels that gives the chance to assume about application of a gossitan in regulation of digidropiridin-sensitive calcic channels, the main subtypes neuronal of the receptors involved in the mechanisms which are the cornerstone of alcoholic abstinence syndrome AAS (including convulsive attacks) and effectively to stop them was shown.

Основные термины (генерируются автоматически): chronic alcoholic intoxication, digidropiridin-sensitive calcic channels, GABA-benzodiazepin receptor complex, alcoholic abstinence syndrome, slightly reduces fluorescence, cytocindery calcium, following experiments action, ethanol, ethanol influence, GABAergic, alcoholic dependence, glutamate receptor, NMDA receptors, functional activity, main brake, brain – GABAergic, model rats, control rats, ionic channels, gossitan.


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