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Опубликовано в Биоэкономика и экобиополитика №1 (1) декабрь 2015 г.

Дата публикации: 15.01.2016

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Храмов Р., Ермаков А., Фахранурова Л., Гапеев А., Манохин А., Санталова И. “Useful Sun” Strategy for Photobiomodulation in Medicine and Agro-Biotechnology // Биоэкономика и экобиополитика. — 2015. — №1. — URL https://moluch.ru/th/7/archive/20/664/ (дата обращения: 27.05.2018).


This project focuses on the development of nanoparticle containing light-converting materials (LCM) and the further of experimental validation our priority approach - strategies “useful sun” (Khramov et al., 2010; Gapeev et al., 2012). Such LCM absorb shortwave (including UV) components of solar radiation and convert it into orange-red (OR) and infrared (IR) light. In our studies , it was found that the strategy of “useful sun” in comparison with the strategy of “safe sun” (to block UV only) provides the following benefits for the man and animals: a) increases physical performance of athletes at bench tests by 9%, b) speed up the rate of 40-100% of the regenerative processes of tissues and organs of human and animal without conceding a laser and LED technology photobiomodulation, c) increases by 50% the physical performance of animals (swimming test),in particular, with the improvement of morphological and functional characteristics of the myocardium, g) improves recovery retinal of rabbit after  laser burn, d ) protects the blood cells (in vivo and in vitro) from the damaging effect of genotoxic factors of physical and chemical nature.

Основные термины (генерируются автоматически): useful sun, physical performance, priority approach, experimental validation, light-converting materials, genotoxic factors, regenerative processes, bench tests, damaging effect, solar radiation, following benefits, technology photobiomodulation, safe sun, functional characteristics, blood cells, chemical nature, LCM, increases, UV, nanoparticle.


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