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Рубрика: Общее и прикладное языкознание

Опубликовано в Филология и лингвистика №2 (2) ноябрь 2015 г.

Дата публикации: 07.09.2015

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Тянь, Фэнцзюань. The Dynamic Evaluation Research on College English Writing Teaching / Фэнцзюань Тянь, Сяочжэн Лю. — Текст : непосредственный // Филология и лингвистика. — 2015. — № 2 (2). — С. 14-17. — URL: (дата обращения: 29.09.2022).

The Dynamic Evaluation Research on College English Writing Teaching

Tian Fengjuan, associate professor, Public Foreign Language Teaching and Research Department of Changchun University (China)

Liu Xiaozheng, master, lecturer

Foreign Language School of Changchun University (China)


Тянь Фэнцзюань, магистр, доцент;

Лю Сяочжэн, магистр, старший преподаватель

Чанчуньский университет (Китай)


Now, writing has become the way of language input in the school, as well as an indispensable part of college teaching. Butthere are some problems of deviations and process simplification for students and teachers when understanding the English writing,which have become the weak link of college English teaching and students’ learning. Therefore,this paper analyzes the cause of college English writing, and puts forward some concrete measures to improve college English writing.

Key words:English; writing teaching; writing measure.


This paper will briefly outline the concept of dynamic evaluation,and at the same time, analyze and introduce the current situation of college English writing teaching activities. At last, the paper will also give a comprehensive analysis of the construction of the dynamic evaluation system of college English writing teaching, so as to improve the level of English writing teaching overall, and further improve the students’ ability to write English. In addition, the author hopes that this paper can provide reference for the related research scholars as well as the educator.

Concept of Dynamic Evaluation

Dynamic evaluation is a kind of interactive evaluation model, which is often used in educational research activities.While this evaluation model comes from the theory of society and culture, and evaluates students’ learning situation and change based on the concept of intelligence,so as to understand their change of cognitive ability, dynamic cognition, and learning transfer. This evaluation method is often used in the whole teaching process. Based on dynamic evaluation content teaching, teachers can constantly adjust the course design and implementation methods, at the same time, students can also learn by constantly adjusting method and learning goals. In addition, the scope of dynamic evaluation is not only the course teaching, but also the students learning emotion, application of learning strategies, problems exist in teaching activities, and learning progress, so as to adjust the teaching work and learning plan. Besides that, dynamic evaluation is a teaching method with reflective characteristic, whose purpose, in fact, is to improve the students’ subjective initiative and potential, thus promoting the students participate in the socialist construction activities.

In a word, dynamic evaluation reflects the following ideas: education’s main goal is not to investigate whether there are learning problems of students, but to know the detailed reason of these problems, so as to help them to set up new learning goals, make their ability constantly go beyond the current level, thus improving the students’ comprehensive quality and ability, and better participate in the socialist construction activities better.

Present Situation of English Writing Teaching in College

The Understanding Changes of Writing ofTeachers

Because of the different understanding of college English writing, people should give the corresponding assessment methods, as well as the teaching methods. According to the current teaching situation, there are two kinds of typical teaching methods, that is, the process writing method and the finished writing method. Among them, the finished writing method is based on the final writing of students to assess whether it a success or failure. The two detail handles are as following:

First, the teachers need to teach the students some important grammar rules, rhetorical devices, writing skills and so on before their beginning to write, and give some analysis and examples. During this, the focus of the explanation should on writing skills and grammar rules. Secondly, guide students make self-practice in accordance with theinstructional paradigm. Thirdly, evaluate students’ final writing, and the key content of evaluation should also betheir structure and grammar.Although the purpose of this writing teaching method is to ask students to pay attention to writing skills and grammar, the students will still make the same problems. This is because that the teachers pay too much attention to writing in the writing teaching activities, ignore the content of their writing,which makes the students only master the writing skills in the process of teaching, while writing ability can not be effectively improved. In addition, process writing method is the result of the creative writing teaching method, which means that the teaches guide the students to revise and think their own writing, and then extract the subject matter from the subconscious, thus both the students’ writing skills and quality will make a progress. At the same time, colleges have to establish a sound evaluation and monitoring system, so as to find the problems existing in writing teaching activities, and perfect the teaching design and learning methods, finallyreach the goal of improving the students’ positivity in English writing.

Changes of the Way of Writing Assessment

Through the constantly digging of writing teaching model, the author finally discusses some effectively correcting method which can improve students’ writing proficiency, the recent English writing correcting method will be introduced one by one as following:

First, about rewriting or rewriting a composition. Teachers point out the existing problems in the works of English writing teaching through approvingand examining students’ works, and make students rewrite at the same time, so as to effectively change the correcting way of traditional English works, so that students can clearly recognize the problems in their English writing.Secondly, about the correction method of minimum margin.This correction method refers to pointing out mistakes in the students’ English writing, so that students can be in error correction, which is not only conducive to the students to be aware of their own writing, but also be helpful to raise students’ language ability and self-correcting ability.Thirdly, analysis on review wording. With the development of individual students, teachers need to strictly control the writing comments wording to students, otherwise it will hit the students’ writing enthusiasm and confidence. Therefore, teachers should evaluate more highlights in their English writing, in order to improve the students’ writing interest.Fourthly, the same teacher should have unified writing teaching standard.If the teachers have different evaluation methods to students’ English writing works, students will have no idea how to adjust the way of English writing, thus seriously affect students’ English writing ability.Fifthly, correct English writing works with each other.This method can not only be conducive to enhance the feelings between the students, also enrich the students’ writing style. Besides that, it can alsomake students recognize their shortcomings each other in English works, and learn the advantages of others, finally improve their English writing level.

Construction of the Dynamic Evaluation System of College English Writing Teaching

Construction Principle

Combine evaluation and writing teaching

The theory of dynamic evaluation points out that the English evaluation and teaching activities can’t be separated. Only in this way, can the improvement of students’ comprehensive ability be realized. Therefore, teachers need to assess evaluation with writing teaching, and correctly guide students better to achieve all-round development. In this process, English teachers should give different teaching designs and evaluation methods for students’ different writing skills, so that all the students’ writing ability will be further improved.

Interactive teaching design of the evolutionary and serialization

There are two dynamic evaluation modelsaccording to the current point of view, namely intrusive methods of dynamic evaluation and interactive methods of dynamic evaluation.The two dynamic evaluation models are involved in English teaching activities by different methods. Among them, the former dynamic evaluation model should get start in accordance with the prepared suggests steps, while the later dynamic evaluation model is a open communication method between the teachers and students. Therefore, the future English writing teaching activities should combine intrusive with interactive dynamic assessment method, so that teachers can find outthe students’ learning problems and provide effective intervention support in time.

Improve Interactive Mode

Under normal circumstances, there are some students who have some learning disabilities during the interactive mode of learning English. In order to avoid this problem, the teachers need to intervene and guide this teaching process. At the same time, when designing the construction of the dynamic evaluation system of college English writing teaching, people should explore some interactive methods, and constantly improve the interactive mode, so as to effectively control the emergence of learning disabilities.

EvaluationModel and Design of Intervention Activities

After learning the above construction principles, in order to make the evaluation activities run through college students’ writing process, teachers need to use current science and technology network application, as well as the process writing method. Besides that, the teachers should also design different teaching mode according to students’ characteristics, so as to reach the teaching goals, and further improve their English writing ability.

The Formulation of the Dynamic Evaluation Criteria

In order to make the dynamic evaluation model better be used in the teaching of College English writing, it is needed to provide the corresponding auxiliary means, so as to improve the students’ writing level in writing teaching. The paper will develop a comprehensive dynamic evaluation standard for analysis and introduction as following.

First, the teachers need to continuously refine the composition correcting standard, and evaluate from the ideological content, language expression, and overall structure of the English writing works. Secondly, review and score the students’ manuscript, understand the their change in writing ability, thus correctly guide students to carry out the English writing and improve their English writing ability according to the found problems. Finally, give points separately from the plus and minus two aspects of the students, such as cut points appropriately with improper grammar and wrong words in writing, and mark clearly both positive and negative score in the middle of the article, so as to make the students clearly know their own loss and gain.

Teachers need pay more attention to these advanced theories of writing throughout the whole learning process. Besides that, teachers should not only consider the writing skills as well as the process of writing in their daily writing, but also urge students to increase their corresponding experience after school, thus strengthen the students’ creativity. In addition, the teachers should properly improve the evaluation method of composition, the discourse structure, and provide different materials according to different levels of students.


In summary, the application of dynamic evaluation in College English writing teaching can effectively innovate the traditional English writing mode, and teachers can also adjust teaching design according to the students’ writing situation. At the same time, students can also continue to update their learning objectives, so as to improve their level of English writing. Therefore, it is very important for the students to improve their English writing ability. In this paper, the author gives a simple overview of the concept of dynamic evaluation, and makes a statement and analysis of the current situation of the college English writing teaching. In addition, this paper also explains how to construct the dynamic evaluation system of College English writing teaching, so as to comprehensively improve the level of students English.




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