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Analysis of income-consumption relationship in Bulgaria and Russia

К вопросу развития въездного туризма в Россию из стран региона Восточной Азии

Russian foreign trade with EU in times of sanctions

Dialogue of cultures at the card table. Study of social and cultural history of playing cards in Asia, Europe and Russia

Recycling as a method to increase energy efficiency: problems and solutions

Assessing the role of gross expenditures on R&D in Russia’s economy

Sari from the Viewpoint of British and Russian Travellers in Qajar Period

The dual margin of Russia's export growth from the perspective of multiproduct level

Comparative Analysis on Outward Foreign Direct Investment Performance of Russia and China

Russia's participation in the construction of hydropower plants in Tajikistan

Foreign Policy of Russia in Front of West Governments and United States in Caspian Sea

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