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Проблемы совершенствования инновационного образования и технологии его реализации

Some problems of innovative-investment strategy of the development of regions of Uzbekistan

Different approaches to teaching substantivized adjectives to b2 level learners

Innovative technologies for education and learning

Specific features of public-private partnership as a technology of GR-management in the Russian innovation sphere

The use of innovative methods in education

Small businesses in the national economic structure

The essence of enterprise’s sales potential of an innovation and it dependence on a market demand

Crowdfunding as a new approach to improving innovative startups activity

Some aspects of motivation in the innovation activities of businesses

Open data in civil engineering

To questions of methods of support of innovative activity

«Innovation» and «Innovation process»: theoretical aspect

The development of digital economy in Central Asia

Analysis and thinking of final examination results of «Ancient Chinese» course

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