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Исмоилов М. И., Фарходжонова Н. Ф. The Philosophy Analysis Of The Evolution Of Ecological Paradigm [Текст] // Новые идеи в философии: материалы II Междунар. науч. конф. (г. Казань, май 2016 г.). — Казань: Бук, 2016. — С. 1-7. — URL https://moluch.ru/conf/philos/archive/175/10364/ (дата обращения: 20.05.2018).

The Philosophy Analysis Of The Evolution Of Ecological Paradigm

Ismoilov Maxamadixon Isroilxonovich, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor;

Farhodjonova Nodira Farkhodzhonovna, Assistant

Namangan Engineering pedagogical institute (Uzbekistan)

Article discusses the evolution of the ecological paradigm ontological gnoseologic, methodological and sociological aspects of values based on the principle of systematic analysis.

Key words: ecological integrity paradigm, spirituality, ecology, environmental categories, the economic paradigm, spiritual and moral values, and environmental consciousness.

Философский анализ эволюции экологической парадигмы

Исмоилов Махамадихон Исроилхонович, доктор философских наук, профессор;

Фарходжонова Нодира Фарходжоновна, ассистент

Наманганский инженерно-педагогический институт (Узбекистан)

В статье на основе системного подхода проанализированы гносеологические, онтологические, методологические, социологические и аксиологические аспекты генезиса экологической парадигмы.

Ключевые слова: экологическая парадигма, парадигма целостности, духовная экология, категории экологии, экономическая парадигма, моральные ценности, экологическое сознание.

At this stage, surrounded by the global problems of humanity are serious about solving it has to be done — one of the most urgent issues of our times. Fossil fuels in most countries of the current economic paradigm occupies a leading position, the lack of attention to the evolution of the formation of the ecological paradigms, it is necessary to pay attention to the serious legal wield.

One of the basic processes in nature because of the philosophical methodology aesthetic categories of beauty, as well as methodological principles of integrity and a dialectical case — integrity paradigm based on the interpretation of the agenda.

It is developing the harmonious development of man in all segments of the education and training related to the particular priorities of the paradigms of integrity to understand the world into a vital necessity. At the same time, the spiritual condition of man, but in the process of formation of ecological paradigm — a lot of spiritual ecology.

Sunset spiritual ecology of the species — the human relationship with nature — a certain level of moral norms, attitudes, and in close coordination with the spiritual condition of the people of a specific system of knowledge.

That is the spiritual environment — natural, social, technical sciences in the last reported case listed the achievements of the integrated issuance associated with the formation of a paradigm ecologic way, to create new knowledge.

Now, ecology main categories: Environment, Natural does hit, the environment, ecology, etc. As well as methodological trends, including integrity, mutual connection and communication, as well as into observed the occurrence of changes in the ecological paradigm evolution. In order to solve the environmental problems associated with the evolution of the paradigm — the only people in connection with the activities of tools, equipment or technology is not enough to improve the society in which human nature and harmony, purpose, such as the basis of new knowledge, establish relations the current demand. In other words, not only scientific activity but the process of the development of the material, especially in the development of the productive forces and production relations, the basis of ecology can solve the problems of the ecological paradigm.

Based on the above formation of the ecological paradigm — cannot imagine those environmental without spirituality. In turn, in connection with the activities of the people of the ecological spirituality and ecological consciousness, ethical, cultural, and aesthetic activities, as well as the results of environmental psychology depend on how directly facing the stage. Until recently the ecological paradigm, the formation of the former Soviet regime, inappropriate actions that interfere with citizens' property. As a result, the environmental problems of its existence the level of matrimony to wait a district far behind. «Today, the princess — that the president, the children in the spiritual world, For us the issue of raising the spirits of national and universal values remains the highest» [1].

Therefore, all things humanity, environmental, national and universal values not only reflect the mind — all the activities associated with social relationships will be able to reach the desired goal through reflection.

So the thought processes of the proceedings, including the structure of society, individuality, individual, person, entity level, the implementation of reforms in priority to the environmental paradigm evolution. This is a human consciousness developed on the basis of the principle of the integrity of the work of methodological sense, the peculiar status. Ecologic paradigm of evolution in addition to the above, to ensure the integrity of a constant dialectic between faith and knowledge of those who can not imagine.

Today, ideas about solving the problem in the form of specific issues. They ecosystem activity are in a crunch — static and dynamic instability and stability, purpose, and non-protected while. Therefore, the ecosystem of self-management, self-organization of the processes associated with a new impulse to the ecological paradigm evolution peculiar position. Ecologic paradigm of human activity associated with the subject and the subject, and the focus on a subject-object relationship in accordance with the purpose of the study of all aspects of it.

Ecologic operating activities of ecosystem evolution paradigm universal methods (experimental and theoretical level), as well as special methods (ecosystem research used) between integrative process also drew attention to the priority that should be used. Ecologic paradigm manufacturing processes associated with the technical and technological conditions associated with the update, and specific environmental criteria for more emphasis to foster stable, the pressing challenge of our lives. In addition, the ecological paradigm evolution nature (atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere) and the live tab real environment (plants, animals and microorganisms) will also depend on the extent to coordinate the relationship between.

The environmental problems associated with the formation of a paradigm: that environmental degradation — a very high level of scientific and technical knowledge about their activities related to further deepening.

Thus, ecologic paradigm evolution — the level of scientific and technical progress white above the level of environmental change research about the ways to achieve it. At the same time, science and technology development humanity, they are associated with the development of the moral spiritual value boats have become a necessity to look at the issues.

Ecologic paradigm — a new strategy based on the relationship between man and nature looking at modern civilization economic paradigm with spiritual assessments of yachts and moral dignity and common forms can be recorded.

Today, the formation of a comprehensive to raise the scientific and cultural body with highly intuitive abilities, developing people with high moral spiritual quality reflecting growing. This means that all levels of education, educational parties tend to focus on the right to education.

Concluding that the ecological paradigm evolution of all social strata in a hierarchical manner, the structural principles, moral, spiritual activities, it will be possible to achieve by establishing. That is associated with the value of the donor community morality the right conclusions related to the evolution of the ecological paradigm to solve the enigma molar positive. President Karimov said the following conclusions: that is, «education, education, education and education can not be separated — this oriental look, oriental philosophy of life» [2], or the evolution of the ideas of ecological paradigm priority.

So people origin, regardless of the status of the world to overcome global environmental crisis to strengthen the moral emphasis old the level of priority. Substances, such as biological and geological nature walking morality-spiritual yachts from all sections of the society of the people of the world must be carrying out extra. Environmental consciousness consists of three elements are closely linked to one another. They are:

  1. environmental knowledge;
  2. environmental assessment;
  3. environmental behavior.A link between lecture at a scientific synthesis of b science, as well as integrative ecological paradigm of evolution is probably an important role.

In addition to the ecological paradigm of the above evolution of environmental perception and other forms of social consciousness and moral consciousness, aesthetic consciousness, political consciousness, legal consciousness dialectical relationship with the theoretical and practical attention is also desirable. For the environmentally conscious — watch driven forms of social consciousness, but they are — the environmental effect of the dialectical way the mind stand.

Environmental paradigm Theoretical and methodological basis of evolution and the events taking place in the world — a philosophical point of approach. The philosophical approach to the world and its events paradigm based on the interpretation up to the level necessary.

The essence of the current period set by paradigm, based on the level of the ecological paradigm — it really level the vital need. The origin of the environmental crisis — a few arrows on the appellant. Movement arrows particular value yachts and benchmark their work. The current period is desirable.

One of the evolution of the ecological paradigm problematic in arid and technical development of the system of boats value of the degree of progress a very high level with the sand dunes. Environmental paradigm evolution — ontological sense, although many specific issues are more questions than answers.

Modern science subordinated to the amount of parameters of the quality parameters of the ecological paradigm form of development in a certain sense, more difficult. In order to solve the problem of the ecological paradigm — the environmental sense of the social transition to market relations. Consumer food market — depending on the size of the product b alkyl, depending on what the quality of its environmental assessment skills necessary to formation [3].

Environmental paradigm evolution of environmental and economic norms with each other in order to be somehow there. Environmental paradigm for solving the problems of evolution ecotexnology time. Ecotexnology the most valuable of the cheapest ways to search is currently. At the same time, especially in the low energy costs — more ways to search the current demand. This practice is very important in establishing the ecological paradigm evolution. To find a wide selection of environmental consciousness in the minds of the people — environment is one of the main factors in the transition to a market economy.

Environmental paradigm evolution — local, regional and global activities of each other is very important. In turn, the unique biosphere as a whole system, the optimal small systems, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and focus on coordination principle, depends on the extent to which activities formulated.

In summary — a relative sense, in our opinion, the ecological paradigm related to the evolution of the philosophical sense, consider it appropriate to pay attention to the following aspects.

− To solve the problem, clear jar — integrative and synthesis of scientific knowledge in the rule to achieve;

− The subjectivity of the activities of the human and the biosphere and the necessity of the terms of each other in a dialectical sense, in terms of objectivity;

− At this stage, the priority of the status of the new environmental thinking and policy;

− Opportunities are endless — and between the limited capacity of the biosphere to eliminate;

− Environmental perception and environmental assets of the importance of achieving relative independence;

− The process of optimizing the biosphere — natural, artificial and social norms dialectic respect to one another in order to actually pay attention;

− A new ecological thinking and attitudes directly related to the basis of good ideas;

− Knowledge of the biosphere and human beliefs between the principle of the need to ensure the integrity of a lecture;

− Modern social development in the priority of the logical paradigms to accelerate scientific research;

− Human nature — to ensure the rule of the paradigms of the integral relationship between the technical community up;

− Production methods ecology a new level;

− Each other in economic and environmental paradigm filled in and agreed to the current attention;

− The formation of the ecological paradigm — environmental priority of the forecast;

− Ecological Paradigm local levels, as well as the development of local, zonal, regional, and global scale to accelerate the integration of the existing principle of rule of law.

As well as the links between the two sides, concluded that the environmental paradigm evolution prevailing ideas of environmentally sustainable society can progress very important step.


  1. Каримов И. А. Она юртимиз бахту иқболи ва буюк келажаги йўлида хизмат қилиш-энг олий саодатдир. — Т.,Ўзбекистон, 2015.
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Ключевые слова

экология, духовность, Парадигма экологической целостности, Экологические категории, Экономическая парадигма, Духовные и моральные ценности, И экологическое сознание., ecological integrity paradigm, spirituality, ecology, environmental categories, the economic paradigm, spiritual and moral values, and environmental consciousness.


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