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Бабичева А. А. The reflection of Holidays in Poetry [Текст] // Филология и лингвистика в современном обществе: материалы III Междунар. науч. конф. (г. Москва, ноябрь 2014 г.). — М.: Буки-Веди, 2014. — С. 14-16. — URL (дата обращения: 24.06.2018).

People all over the world celebrate their holidays. Although the word «holiday» literally means «holy day»? most American holidays are not religious, but commemorative in nature and origin. Because the nation is blessed with rich ethnic heritage it is possible to trace some of the American holidays to diverse cultural sources and traditions, but all holidays have taken on a distinctively American flavor. In the United States the word «holiday» is synonymous with celebration.

Everybody knows that the United States is called the «nation of immigrants». For years it was thought that the united states was and should be a «melting pot» — in other words, people from all over the world come and adopt the American culture as their own. The country was settled, built and developed by generations of immigrants and their children. Many different cultural traditions, ethic sympathies, racial groups and religious affiliations made up the people of the USA. It’s very important for people to remember certain customs and traditions. But tastes differ. Some people think that traditions are smaller things. Other people think that traditions are big events. In the US constitution there is no provision for national holidays. Each state has its right to decide which holiday to observe. Many states have holidays of their own, but most states observe the federal («legal») public holidays, even though the President and the Congress can legally designate holidays only for federal government employees.

Having read about holidays in the US, I came to the following idea: American holidays are numerous, they are strikingly different in origin, but generally are celebrated in the same manner. Besides, a lot of poems and songs are dedicated to holidays and poetry emphasizes individuality and originality of each holiday. The poetry reflects all emotions and feelings of people. Poetry makes holidays to become a special event and bring together the closest people.

As I was greatly absorbed by the American holidays I decided to learn and translate a few poems from American English into Russian. I suppose American poetry is very beautiful and holidays are unusual too, they are worth learning.

Christmas and New Year

«Auld Lang Syne» by Robert Burns

At parties, American people sing this Scottish traditional song as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. The expression «Auld Lang Syne» means «the old days gone by». The Scottish poet wrote «Auld Lang Syne» in the 18th century, but he might have based it on an earlier poem by another Scottish poet, James Watson.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

Зачем забывать о старых знакомых

And never brought to mind?

И не вспоминать никогда?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

Зачем забывать о старых знакомых

And auld lang syne!

Хоть прошлое наше уходит всегда.

For auld lang syne, my dear,

Уйдет от нас прошлое, не оглянется,

For auld lang syne.

Но счастливы мы и добры,

We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,

Всегда будем помнить о старых знакомых,

For auld lang syne.

Оставим намек старины.


«Our Christmas Play» by Jack Prelutscky

We were nervous and excited

В нашем классе дух восторга, счастья, света и тепла,

In assembly today,

Ведь сегодня наконец-то Рождества пришла пора.

For our parents came to visit us

На Рождественскую сказку к нам родители придут.

And watch our Christmas play.

Все так просто, все так ясно, пусть все вместе сядут тут.

Our teachers helped a little,

Педагоги помогали,

But we did the most ourselves,

В остальном мы сами, сами.

The fattest kid played Santa

Толстячок играет Санту,

And the smallest kids were elves.

Ну а эльфов — малыши.

A few were Santa’s reindeer

К саням мы привяжем банты, выглядит все просто шик!

So they got to run and leap,

Чтобы сани «полетели», не хватает нам оленей,

Some of us were shepherds,

А сыграют их ребята, молодые акробаты.

And a bunch were wooly sheep,

Кто-то будет пастухом,

There was Jesus in the manger,

Овцы просто шерсти ком!

There were angels wearing wings,

Вот младенец дремлет в люльке,

There was Josef, there was Mary

Рядом вся его семья,

And the three wise Eastern kings.

Ангелы вокруг порхают, сладко пением звеня.

We wore makeup, we wore costumes,

Мы накрасились, оделись,

It was really lots of fun,

Шутки были без конца.

And our parents all applauded

Все родители смеялись,

When our Christmas play was done.

Шумный праздник удался!

Then we took our bows together,

Все мы вместе поклонились,

Everyone that is, but me —

Дружно за руки взялись.

I just stood there, green and fragrant,

Только я стоял в сторонке,

For I played….

Весь зеленый, весь в иголках,


Потому что я был….ЕЛКОЙ!


«Must Be Santa» by Dal Moor and Sal Fredricks

Who's got a beard that's long and white?

Santa's got a beard that's long and white.

Who comes around on a special night?

Santa comes around on a special night.

Special night, beard that's white...

Must be Santa, must be Santa,

Must be Santa, Santa Claus.

Who wears boots and a suit of red?

Santa wears boots and a suit of red.

Who wears a long cap on his head?

Santa wears a long cap on his head.

Cap on head, suit that's red,

Special night, beard that's white...

Must be Santa, Santa Claus.

Who's got a big red cherry nose?

Santa's got a big red cherry nose.

Who laughs this way, ho, ho, ho!?

Santa laughs this way, ho, ho, ho!.

Ho, ho, ho, cherry nose,

Cap on head, suit that's red,

Special night, beard that's white...

Must be Santa, must be Santa,

Must be Santa, Santa Claus.

Who very soon will come our way?

Santa very soon will come our way.

Eight little reindeer pull his sleigh.

Santa's little reindeer pull his sleigh.

Reindeer sleigh, come our way,

Ho, ho, ho, cherry nose,

Cap on head, suit that's red,

Special night, beard that's white...

Must be santa, must be santa,

Must be santa, santa claus.

Длинная и белая,

Чья же борода?

Это Санта Клауса –

Папы Рождества.

Кто приходит ночью к нам?

Ночью колдовства.

Это Санта, это Санта

Папа Рождества.


Кто приходит в красной шубе,

В длинном колпаке?

Это Санта, это Санта

Ночью колдовства,

К нам приходит, к нам приходит

Папа Рождества.


Чей же нос большой и красный?

Кто смеется «хо, Хо, Хо»?

Это Санта, это Санта

Ночью колдовства,

Он смеется так чудесно,

Папа Рождества.



Кто же ночью прилетит к нам?

Ночью колдовства.

На оленях,

Это Санта –

Папа Рождества.


Thanksgiving Day

«On the river and through the wood»

Over the river and through the woods

Через реку, через лес

To grandmother’s house we go.

К дому бабушки идем.

The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh

Лошадь знает путь-дорогу,

Through white and drifted snow.

Вместе бурю мы пройдем.

Over the river and through the woods,

Через реку, через лес,

Oh, how the wind does blow.

Завывает вьюга.

It stings the toes and bites the nose

Больно мне от ветра щеки,

Щиплет жалит руки, ноги.

As over the ground we go.

Греем мы друг друга.


Flag day

«The stars and stripes forever» by John Philip Sousa, 1897

Hurrah for the flag of free!

Восхвалим флаг свободы,

May it wave as our standard forever,

Пусть вечно колышется он на ветру.

The gem of the land and the sea

Пусть славят его все народы.

The banner of the right.

Возглавит он нашу страну.

Let’s despots remember the day

Мы будем вечно помнить день,

When our fathers with mighty endeavor

Когда отцы с могуществом старались

Proclaimed as they marched to the fray,

Провозгласить, увековечить день,

That by their might, and by their right,

Но со своими жизнями расстались.

It waves forever!

Но их могущество и правота


В тебе зашиты навсегда.



«Treat» by Jack Prelutscky

Trick or treat, trick or treat,

Дай нам что-нибудь послаще,

Give us something good to eat.

Дай конфет или пирог,

Give us candy, give us cake,

Все печенье мы утащим,

Give us something sweet to take.

Фрукты кинь-ка а наш мешок.

Give us cookies, fruit and gum,

Принеси жвачки тоже,

Hurry up and give us some.

Поспеши, не то мы все

You had better do it quick

Дружно будем корчить рожи,

Or we’ll surely play a trick.

Это страшно в темноте!


Mothers Day

«Mother» by Theodore Morse and Howard Johnson.

When I was a baby,

Когда я был крошкой,

Еще до того, как стал я ходить,

Long before I learned to walk,

В своей кроватке лежа,

Whily lying in my craddle,

Пытался говорить.

I would try my best to talk.

Не много времени прошло,

It wasnt long before i spoke,

Как я заговорил,

And all the neighbours heard.

Все слушали соседи, дыхание затая,

My folks were very proud of me

Ну что за, что за слово впервые скажу я??

Родные все гордились, толпясь вокруг меня.

For „mother‘ was the word.

Для МАМОЧКИ и только, сказал впервые я.


St.Patricks Day

„An irish Blessing»

May the road rise up to meet you,

Пусть дорога нас сведет.

May the wing be always at your back,

Ветер дует в спину.

May the rains fall soft apon your fields,

Дождик поле не зальет, пусть примнет крапиву.

And until we meet again,

Пусть господь тебя хранит

May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

И придаст нам силу


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