Some aspects of the organization of the process of improvement of qualification | Статья в сборнике международной научной конференции

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Рубрика: 9. Педагогика высшей профессиональной школы

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VII международная научная конференция «Педагогическое мастерство» (Москва, ноябрь 2015)

Дата публикации: 03.11.2015

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Ахмеджанов, М. М. Some aspects of the organization of the process of improvement of qualification / М. М. Ахмеджанов, Н. З. Адизова. — Текст : непосредственный // Педагогическое мастерство : материалы VII Междунар. науч. конф. (г. Москва, ноябрь 2015 г.). — Москва : Буки-Веди, 2015. — С. 215-216. — URL: (дата обращения: 19.01.2022).


В статье рассматриваются некоторые вопросы правильной организации процесса повышения квалификации учителей.


In the condition of making democratic changings deeper in the country, developing principles of civil society President of the country cited that: “... to bring up the people who knows his rights, attend independantly to the situation around him, people who makes compatible his own benefits with country and society at the time became the main issue for us in the last years.”

The Law “About education” and “The national training program” put the duty of reforming all parts of continuous education with attention. First of all teachers accomplished this issue. That’s why organizing correctly the improvement of qualification of pedagogues and executive officers is main question in the internal management of education.

That’s why organizing improvement of pedagogues’ qualification correctly should be made according to the plan. Planning can be done correctly in two ways. Term plan — is aimed at five years, the second one is part of the plan of planning improvement pedagogues’ qualification for a year and main indicators of the work of education.

In the plan for a year improvement of pedagogue staff’s qualification the procedure of attending to the various courses is concluded and will be affirmed by the director. Various forms of improving qualification should be added in the work plan. The plan should be made by defining pedagogues’ educational-methodical and educational-material need of help.

Organizing and ruling of improving qualification (according to the significans) can be devided in two:

  1. Qualification in the part of the educational institution.
  2. Out of the educational institution.

Improving skills of teachers’ and staff is relative to the independent system that has its own consent. This system contains of institution of improving qualification, various courses in the faculty, national educational organs which have various events, scientific methodic work that carried out at school, mass media and cultural foundations and working independantly on their own. Each of these types contains the implementation of various events. Focusing them to the general aims, work of different links mutual coordination is much more complicated job.

The implementation of various forms of training to ensure compliance with the directions of these forms is also very important in certain areas.

Should achieve teachers’ activeness through their personality and features of their job, taking into account their demand and interest, making improvement of qualification of the teachers’ correctly.

Main fields of improvement the qualification of the teachers:

        idealogical-political;

        scientific-theoretical;

        to learn issues of pedagogy and psychology;

        to learn main questions of teaching methodology;

        to learn science news;

        to have skills of using pedagogical and informational technology.

The route is set, the same route on all forms of teacher education to improve their skills, talent and experience should be directed.

Organizing independant study for teachers, creating conditions for them are also important. We shouldn’t forget that independant study should be constructed according to the general aim and direction.

Together with organizing independant study in the staff namely at the working place, should widely use the chance of process of education. Using sensitive types of improving qualification at the working place is important one. Pedagogical team very capable of solving scientific and educational tasks.

The educational institution is the source of knowledge. That’s why everybody there should have thirst for knowledge and aspiration for the news. Special researches can help to identify sensitive types of improvement of qualification.

Organizing improvement of qualification in society and some aspects of independant study and opportunities are different.

Types of improving qualification in the society:

        observing and analysing lessons;

        system of methodogical work;

        to learn advanced practices, to generalize and to spread;

        to learn science news, to discuss about new literatures;

        board of education;

        boards of production;

        to help to the young teachers, the teacher-student system and etc. The effect of these forms to the personality and profession of the teacher is very large.

As we know, science and technology development and social progress requires one-way, the rapid development of science and technology achievements in the production of subjection to the social functions of the building. Social, economic and political relations of the accelerated development of science and technology, and human activity increases, creates conditions to the improvement its artistic skills. These changes the nature of man and the influence of human labor, increasing automation and improvment, the difficulty of human labor requires to improve the knowledge, skills and wisdom, it increases the role of education.

Man's spiritual wealth, knowledge, talent and skills, wit and intellect, is not only a kind of inner turmoil, the width of the level of interest, but it also motivates to operate.

For this reason, a person's mental, moral, social and cultural wealth of the production factor is determining fertility. Part of work plan of the teaching training team for teachers is to improve their skills. Planning the implementation of all aspects of teacher training, increases the efficiency of its business.

Plan shows the real way to achieve the purpose. At the same time it orients teacher training according to the purpose, certain direct regulation and continuity. On the basis of the work plan for the establishment of various forms of training to improve job skills to work independently with a direct-linked target. To establish the work on the basis of plan, it orients working independantly with educational job, makes close various forms of training.

The objective of the work of teachers and leaders of institutes, content, rich direction should be clear for organizing the training.

Improvement of planning and control of needs requires to include specific features of the each team, needs, the objectives and aims. If the plan characterizes the team's interest, desire, time, budget, it will be easier to implement and will be true.