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Раджабов О. А. The role of sport and physical training in the state policy of Uzbekistan during the years of independence [Текст] // История и археология: материалы III Междунар. науч. конф. (г. Санкт-Петербург, декабрь 2015 г.). — СПб.: Свое издательство, 2015. — С. 10-12. — URL (дата обращения: 23.06.2018).


Each nation’s future life and development of the country depends on physical and moral condition of the youth. Nowadays, intergovnmental communication is developing day by day by the help of highly produced technologies and transportation. It reasons intergovnmental competitions, that can be: sport and education or intellectual activity.

On the other hand, improvement of the nation’s intellectual-physical capacity and forming special conditions for these is becoming the key of development and flourishment of the country in the XXI century. We should realize it deeply. Our president Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov paid great attention to the role and improvement of educating healthy and mature generation and made it the main part of public policy from early days of independence. The important thing is that it is involved in not only physical training sport of youth but also whole nation’s physical condition, it must be uninterrupted and integral. Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov suggests inceasing the number of sport competitions and arrangements. Such compe-titions should be held in our country continuously. [1.p. 36]

Only 24 years passed since our country has become independent and during this short period many changes have happened in the field of science, education, economy, and also sport. Independence gave these fields great chance to develop. Many sport competitions are being held continuously and it reasons healthy lifestyle of youth and foundation of many new sport resources. It can be seen our president’s such words: “Great country can be built only by healthy generation, strong nation.”

In other words, upbringing and educating of healthy and intellectually developed children or youth means great future of the country. And it plays an important role on the freedom and peace of the country and it is the key of forming community of legal citizenship.

The years of independence shows that such kind of activities are widely spread over the country and gave many successful results. We know, without health person can’t manage anything. So that in our country much attention is paid for the development of physical training and sport. By such activities not only sport increases but also they have an influence on upbringing of young generation morally healthy.

The other side of such attention to sport and physical training is that healthy and physically fit generation and at the same time they should be also well-educated and they should have their own opinion.

Because sport develops nation’s pride and gives them an encouragement and moral power. And this pride unites nation around one idea. It is important that sport’s development in our country prevents youth spending much time for nonsense. Sport makes young generation do their best in sport competitions and it becomes main part of their life. We know nothing can make the country popular as sport all over the world quickly. By the different competitions and Olympic Games our young sportsmen achieved many gold, silver and bronze medals. All the people of the world get acquainted with our country and they know the country named Uzbekistan by such competitions.

If sportsman always takes part in competitions and Olympic games and always works hard on his own and at the result of it the body and spirit will be healthy. The biggest aim of the sportsmen becomes winning in the competitions and Olympic games and being winner. Other ideas can’t interrupt him.

We can’t imagine healthy generation without sport. After independence many laws and decrees are accepted: “National program of personnel preparation.” This program includes all rules and opportunities for developing sport and physical training and the basis of upbringing and educating the youth. Only 5 months after independence, on the 14th of January,1992 a new law on “Physical training and sport was adopted” [2.c 63]. There are 28articles in this law. It is important that none of the countries had a law on sport. In 1993 decree on founding the fund of “Perspective generation” was accepted. Later, on 27th of May a law № 241 “ Developing physical training and sport in Uzbekistan” was accepted. This law is investigated by the deputies of Oliy Majlis and then a new law on” physical training and sport ”was approved on the second session of second convocation of Oliy majlis.

The president of the republic Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov realizes sport’s actuality and pays attention its spreading among all the strata of the population of the country and says:“ Nothing can make the country popular as sport over the world”. The Uzbek always wish people health sincerely when they meet and say good bye.

Nowadays the youth know the value of their health and take care of it themselves and they take part in sport from the childhood and rely upon physical training and sport for keeping their body fit.

After independence regard for improving physical training and sport become the main part of state policy. First of all its legal basis is formed. As we know, nowadays the number of convocation, order and law on physical training and sport are over than 20.

          ‒On the 21st of January, 1992 National Olympic Committee is founded and on the 27th of May Uzbekistan become formal representative of International Olympic Committee.

          On the 18th of March, 1993 Vazirlar Mahkamasi (the Cabinet) adopted decree on “ Spreading football to mass”.

          On the 4th of March, 1993 the president of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov adopted orden “ Healthy generation”.

          On the 13th of March, 1996 Vazirlar Mahkamasi accepted decree on “ The ways of developing football in Uzbekistan”.

          In 1994 President’s cup was founded on tennis.

          On September, 1998 World competition on Kurash was held in Tashkent for the first time.

          In 1999 decree was announced on “ Developing Kurash in Uzbekistan” by the president of Uzbekistan. [3.p. 18]

          On the 1st of February,1999 President’s order was accepted on “ Supporting international Kurash assosiation”

In 2000 the decree of the President of the republic of Uzbekistan on “Three staged” sport competitions.

          On the 24th of October the decree of the President of the republic of Uzbekistan on “ Founding the fund of developing children’s sport in Uzbekistan” and on the 31st of October,2002 Vazirlar Mahkamasi adopted order № 347 on “ The fund of developing children’s sport”.

          On the 25th of December,2002 the Ministry of higher and secondary special education accepted decree on “ Founding student’s sport fund ”

          In 2003 the Ministry of higher and special secondary education adopted order on “ Spreading students’ competitions to mass”.

          On the 27 th of September,2004 the president of the republic accepted and announced order on “ Founding the ministry of culture and sport”.

          On the 29th of August, 2004 the decree of the republic of Uzbekistan was adopted for fulfillment of the order № 348 PF by Vazirlar Mahkamasi on “ The measurements of improving the activity of the children’s fund”was adopted.

          On the 1 st of May, 2006 the president adopted decree on “ Developing sport activities in Uzbekistan”.

Specialists over the world acknowledged that there are some sport competitions among the pupils and students but there is any basis of physical training and sport’s development for teenagers and the youth. And they emphasizes that the basis of attracting the youth to physical training is perfect and uninterrupted. It is interesting that already many specialists from the countries over the world have an interest on this system.

The information about “ Three staged” sport competitions announced in Almata, the republic of Qarakalpagistan, in the state of the USA ‒Vetriniya Vech in the international conference.Much positive idea are spoken about these competitions.

We can see the role of such competitions’ system in the Universiade of students which is held in Namangan in 2000 and “Perspective generation” sport competitions that is held in Jizzah in 2001.

None of the countries of the world hold competitions among the students of higher and secondary special education system. So that when the president of National Olympic commit-tee took the golden medal of “Perspective generation” sport competition, said: “ It is real Olympia”.

From the academic years in 2001–2002, the first stage of these system has begun with holding the competition “ Umid nihollari” among the pupils of the schools. The final stage of competition was began in April, 2002.

We can express our conclusion by the words of the president of our republic: “ By sport the worldview of the child change. The child who was playing wondering in the streets not to know what to do, can change his future and his opinion about his parents if he learns something or take part in sport competitions”. [4.p. 370].And affection among the family members intensifies.




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