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Саидов Х. У., Taжиев A., Исмоилов С. The historical and experience of national statehood // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №13. — С. 561-562. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/93/20577/ (дата обращения: 22.04.2018).

Independent homeland historiography before special thanks to a completely new problem for historians studying the opportunity to learn the history of the national state of the Uzbek state. This is not surprising, of course. In fact, this problem is a direct national interests, national pride, is directly related to the past and the future prosperity of the nation, national independence and research opens the way to think about it. Today, we have our own way of development. This is provided as a factor in the efficient use of the experience of the past. In particular, it is the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, said: 'chosen its path of reform and development to move forward quickly with a strong spiritual power of the national culture, Eastern philosophy and the deep springs, it is important to enjoy life. Indeed, it is the foundation of a major development in the past and we offer the power supply means.

The preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek statehood after relying on historical experience and the development of a humane and ordered to build a democratic state. Indeed, the legal basis of the creation of the state of society and the Ulema sources of the past are explained in a satisfactory manner. In general, the most important sources for the study of the history of national statehood, Yusuf Hajib “Qutadgu bilig” ('the happiness of knowledge'), Nizam al-Mulk 'Siyosatnoma and is the Code of Amir Temur works, this works the issues of state and society from the point of view of learning and scientific research plays an important role. This works submitted will serve as one of the good practices. “Qutadgu bilig” much work overnight in Turkish sources, has been established the secular and the Saints (hidden) meaning.

S. Erkinov wrote: “X-XII centuries in Central Asia will be a period of social and cultural life of the individual. In this era of knowledge, science, literature and art are the symbol of awakening to go. In fact, the turning point in the history of the feudal world emergency, which we call the Renaissance period and appeared centuries, many of the same creative force. Their case studies, history, philosophy, logic, as well as discoveries in the field of exact sciences left a deep trace in the history of ancient Central Asia” [1, c. 82]. That is one of the creative forces discovered Yusuf Haji ideas are worth noting. So, this works like a sober man comes into force. After all, the state education for the formation of the spiritual heritage of the past is a serious need to learn. For this purpose, the past enough sources.

Kayum Karimov said: 'method of governance, policy, laws and rules, as well as the official customs, hts coabintains nizomnoma — as an encyclopedia “Qutadgu bilig” occurred. Indeed, sources in this important work. Because, first of all, “Qutadgu bilig” to explain the concept of a special state. Secondly, one of the first states educator who teaches Turkish sources.

Amir Temur scientists, philosophers, architects, poets, was known to take care of master musicians. Epoch of fact, science, culture and education was very conditions of prosperity Renaissance [2, c. 88].

April 24, 1996, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris' Epoch of science, culture and education, seems a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition prosperity Amir emphasized the historical significance of today, the advice, consider the reasonableness ten times more useful to the force of arms, 'said Donna are the words of Amir Temur. These words present controversial issues of political dialogue in a language that needs to be addressed through preventive diplomacy.

Currently, the Code of Amir Temur Temur 'work is an important historical source on the history of national statehood, the structure of the ancient state of Turkistan great son of Amir Temur and the description of its management positions.

Distinguished as the head of the man who re-emerged at the beginning of the Uzbek state-depth scientific study of all stages of statehood has been steadily pushed forward the issue. According to ancient history, yet still any time, by any historical bus-create the whole history of the Uzbek state has raised the issue. This is the first time in the history of 2700 years of statehood, President of the issue on the agenda as a matter of state importance. The Uzbek statehood and put forward the idea of the creation of the integrated study of the history is important. The future of our great state, we learn to know the history of national statehood and building debt obligation.

Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan our president and his speech at the joint session of the Senate on November 12, 2010: In a word, the further improvement of the legal framework in the country and raising the legal awareness of the population to solve the task for us only problem, he said. Anas ideas that helped define the future improvement of the legal foundations of the state. Therefore pays great attention to the implementation of legal literacy.

The first days of independence, and the universally recognized legal norms in the international community and rich national historical tradition since the first step in building a new democratic state based on the Uzbek people & quot; revolutionary jumps & quot; and & quot; shock therapy & quot; rejected as destroying and damaging methods, evalyutsion the front of the stage-by-stage development path choseni.

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov described by the UNDP path step by step, step-by-step, gradual advancement of universal principles based on cultural and scientific achievements reflect the analysis of the history. As Hegel once said, moving forward would not leave a single step. Because you can not go at the same time.

As we adhered to disallow the path of development, life is a radical restructuring of the state and society to solve global functions, large-scale measures to achieve the desired goals consistent with zeal and speed is necessary.

Legal culture and legal consciousness of the person targeted a result of its higher level of education. The conditions of formation of a democratic legal state and civil society in a fair & quot; We are old to change the psychology of the people, they need a new legal form of consciousness. Such a way that each one of the human freedoms — at the same time a duty, obligation and responsibility that should be deeply felt»

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on May 20, 1997, the heads of law enforcement agencies, lawyers, scientists, speech at the meeting with the representatives of the mass media and all citizens lack sufficient legal sense, information and social activities in the country not see each member of the legal community to adopt at least some essential knowledge, as well as various social groups, taking into account the characteristics of the population by creating a differentiated mechanism of practical legal education officials the legal awareness of citizens' rights and legitimate interests rates are often lower is not enough, due to the low level of legal culture has noted that the

Legal culture of the people of ancient traditions, customs, language, religion, psychology and justice based on faith, justice and the rule of law and respect human attention, patience, patience will serve as instilling a sense of enlightenment and truth, consciousness. Therefore, the opinion of the people, the outlook is directed to the selfless work for the independence of the legal culture is a vital necessity.




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