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Дмитриенко Н. А., Добрянский М. В. Технология трассопоиска и электронной маркировки подземных инженерных коммуникаций // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №12. — С. 174-175. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/92/19757/ (дата обращения: 25.05.2018).

Quite often accidents of a cable happen underground and it is very difficult to define a break place because of a deep water of a bedding of a cable, and bad «audibility» of the place of accident, in additives it is possible to hook on various infrastructure elements of the city (a water supply system, the sewerage, etc.).

Drawings are inexact and often happen outdated or are made with big errors. (Couplings, turns, changes of depth) difficult precisely to determine concrete points of an engineering network by them on the district. External identification marks are short-lived, are damaged by vandals. Ordinary GPS navigators possess low accuracy in the conditions of dense city building, data are brought manually and stored is separate, not systemically.

Modern technologies developed the electronic marking consisting of sounding of a surface the special device generating signals for the purpose of determination of location of the marker put in soil near an engineering network at its construction / when carrying out rescue and recovery operations.


Fig. 1. Marker example


The marker of Scotchmark is the resounding oscillatory contour placed in a protection plastic cover. The signal from the device causes in a marker of fluctuation of a certain frequency by means of which it is identified from a surface.

The marker doesn't demand batteries. Marker service life — not less than 30 years.

Distinctive feature of technology of intellectual marking is that with its help not only objects of underground communications are designated, but also their absolute identification is made.


Fig. 2. Markeroiskatel


And the markeroiskatel not only finds the reflected marker signal (at a depth up to 9 meters), but also reads out information which is written down by the user at his bookmark from memory of a marker: communication type, tension class, name of object (coupling, crossing place, branch, etc.), owner, depth, angle of rotation … + unique serial number of a marker.

In total for record well 6 lines consisting of 2 fields:

-        A tag (the name of parameter) — 8 alphanumeric symbols.

-        Value of the parameter (description) — 14 alphanumeric symbols

The modern trassopoiskovy equipment 3M Dynatel is constructed on the basis of a multiantenna design (all 6 antennas are installed in the latest devices). At the expense of it high precision of measurements of the device, and also possibility of work in the mode of the Directed peak allowing the operator to determine by visual designations on the device display (signal level of dB + the directing shooters), from what party is reached and how far from communication it is at the moment.). All well to 4 modes of search: the directed peak, the directed zero, special peak and induction peak, and also the visualization mode on the display of the route of metal communication.


Fig. 4. Trassoiskatel Dynatel


Trassoiskateli Dynatel have the following functionality::

1.      Definition of the route of a cable/pipe

2.      Definition of a depth of a cable/pipe or an inductive probe of the type started in a pipe for carrying out diagnostics and trace

3.      Detection, reading and programming of electronic markers

4.      Measurement of alarm current in a cable or a pipe

5.      Identification of a cable or cable couples

6.      Function of search of damages (by means of the A-frame)

7.      A full set of accessories (a frame of search of damages, solenoids of various standard sizes, all necessary types of cables, different types of the recharging devices)

This trassopoiskovy equipment possesses one of the widest sets of active frequencies (577 Hz, 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 133 kHz + 1 kHz and 82 kHz for the latest Dynatel™ 2500 series) + 4 frequencies which are adjusted by the user from 0 to 999 Hz and the widest set of frequencies for search in the passive mode (50 / 100 Hz + the 5th and 9th harmonicas, frequency of cable TV of 31,5 kHz, radio frequencies of 15–30 kHz).

Основные термины (генерируются автоматически): GPS.


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