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Пальчевская Е. С., Куимова М. В. Healing effects of radon baths // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №11. — С. 699-700. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/91/20060/ (дата обращения: 22.05.2018).

Who does not like to soak in a warm bath after a hard working day? Radon bath is one of the most modern and effective procedures used for the improvement of health and the treatment of several diseases. This therapy should be administered only under the supervision of a doctor and should not last a long time. The treatment of diseases in radon baths is carried out on the basis of the saturation of the organism with radon and the products of its decay.

Radon is in the group of inert gases. It has no smell, color or taste, but may fluoresce. That is why it was initially called Niton, from the Latin “glowing”. Moreover, the fluorescence color varies depending on its state: it may be blue or yellow-orange (the latter is in the cooled state). Radon is one of the rare gases in nature. Its amount in the air and in the crust is minimal as it is formed by the decay of radium (also a rare element). Micro-doses of radon, dissolved in mineral waters intended for bathing or even inhalation, penetrate into the human body and have a beneficial recreation impact on virtually all systems from neural to blood. A small amount of radon is rather quickly eliminated from the body without causing any harm, providing only a favorable effect.

Treatment with radon has a calming and soothing effect, helps to normalize blood pressure and heart activity, and stimulates metabolic processes in the myocardium. Radon baths have a beneficial rejuvenating on the central nervous system. Radon easily penetrates into the blood and amplifies its movement, resulting in the stimulation of the immune system and the body’s ability to resist viruses and infectious diseases. Radon inhibits the growth of cells in patients who have autoimmune diseases.

Radon baths have a good healing effect for patients who have spine problems and radiculitis. The water saturated with an inert gas reduces the inflammation in the spine, eliminates the sensation of pain and restores the balance of water and salts in the body, and quickly removes harmful toxins and wastes. The treatment of spine diseases in radon baths can be combined with massage and physiotherapy.

In addition, radon baths accelerate the recovery of nerve, muscle and bone. Radon may also help with allergies and skin diseases. Radon baths have a stunning effect. They help with:

-        diseases of the cardiovascular system;

-        metabolic disorders;

-        diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

-        chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

-        diseases of the nervous system;

-        diabetes mellitus;

-        gout;

-        obesity;

-        geriatric (age-related) diseases.

As radon normalizes blood pressure, it is useful for the treatment of patients with blood pressure who cannot use other methods. For example, this method is often prescribed to elderly people suffering from joint pain and who have unstable blood pressure. Therapeutic doses of radon are an alternative to conventional biomedical treatment [1].

Before taking the radon bath, one should:

-        clean urocyst and intestinal tract;

-        eat not less than 30 minutes before;

-        not smoke either before or after the procedure;

-        lie with heart and head above the water surface;

-        lie still and don’t make unnecessary movements;

-        lie down at the optimum temperature of 36–38 degrees Celsius. The whole procedure should not exceed a quarter of an hour;

-        not dry with a towel to keep radon layer on the skin;

-        lie down for about an hour after the procedure [2].

As any medical product, radon has a number of contra indications. Treatment with radon is strictly contra indicated for:

-        pregnant women;

-        people with malignant tumors, hypothyroidism, hypestrogenism, frank leukopenia, some types of infertility;

-        people with neuroses and debilitating (skin diseases during recrudescence.

Do not use it on those who are ill with radiation sickness at any stage, and those whose professional activities are connected with the necessity to be in the zone of influence of various radiations (UHF, SHF, etc.).

Thus, radon therapy leads to the improvement of the skin, reduces inflammation, promotes metabolism and accelerates the regeneration of damaged internal tissue. Radon has a special effect on the circulatory system: working on vessels from the smallest to the largest, it improves blood circulation and increases the elasticity of the walls, thus affecting the heart muscle, causing the heart rate to normal.




1.       Erickson B. E. The Therapeutic use of Radon: A Biomedical Treatment in Europe; An “Alternative” Remedy in the United States // Dose Response. 2007. № 5(1). Pp. 48–62.

2.       Healing effects: “Gastein Thermal Waters” with natural radon. http://www.alpentherme.com/en/cure-therapy/therapies/radon-therapy (accessed May 29, 2015).

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