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Радлинский С., Ветлугина Н. О. Applying of multimedia learning tools // Молодой ученый. — 2015. — №10.5. — С. 23-24. — URL (дата обращения: 20.01.2019).

Many teachers and educators consider a primary goal of education to be educational effectiveness. In order to increase such educational effectiveness, educators should use some effective teaching methods which are assisted by advanced technology, such as multimedia, that is suitable for any learning style. The present learners are becoming more innovative. Multimedia computer based training and learning have become mass phenomenon. Although not all resources of multimedia are fulfilled. Here we can observe the main problem which is revealed while using multimedia computer based training and learning. So the problem refers to distinguishing effective and non-effective multimedia technologies.

Multimedia technology is commonly used, so we can not single out only one its definition. Multimedia can be identified as information technology; information-carrying medium; modern mass medium and multimedia program; multimedia product, etc.

Many educators agree that multimedia include different sorts of information, such as text, graphic, animated, audio and video information, which enables usage of various ways of structuring, presenting and integrating according to the aim.

There are different multimedia learning tools designed for teaching and learning and they have been proven effective in accelerating the process of learning. Under multimedia learning tools we understand loudspeaker system, sound card, microphone, camcorder, projector, interactive whiteboard, computer, tape-recorder, CD-player, and others.

Multimedia technology enriches the content of computer based education by providing media rich study materials for learners. Moreover, it changes the way that the learners are interacting with computer systems. Experiences of the researchers in evaluating the quality of learning from hypermedia documents have been highly positive and it has been established that some of the positive attitude is due to the novelty of the medium.

In educational process multimedia learning tools can be used to work up practical skills, improve quality of education in different spheres and develop critical thinking.

Multimedia learning tools help to increase effectiveness of educational process. Firstly, multimedia learning tools let us imitate difficult real situations and experiments. Secondly, they can visualize dynamic processes and abstract information. Multimedia learning tools improve cognitive skills. Finally, they simultaneously use different sensory canals uniting information.

Multimedia technology empowers the teaching and learning process. It allows educators to include multiple media into the teaching materials and makes the study more interesting or even more motivated. It improves the quality of education as well as the interaction between teachers and the students. Moreover, it encourages and enhances learning as well as individual creativity and innovation.



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