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Насимов М. О., Енсепов А. А., Паридинова Б. Ж. Political Consulting: Main Problems // Молодой ученый. — 2013. — №11.1. — С. 25-26. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/58/8274/ (дата обращения: 23.05.2018).

Counseling, or as we like to call it in today's society Consulting occupies a special position in the social, political, and cultural and social structure. Every day a person is associated with overcoming a variety of organizational, psychological, moral, and other difficulties. Therefore, the life of modern humanity depends on many factors and is not at all simple.

The word "advice" from the English language and means counseling, pay counseling. At the end of the twentieth century, the concept came into use modern Kazakhstan, but it is also used as advice. On the issue of consulting author has devoted some research in kazakh language [1].

Dictionary of Russian S.I. Ozhegova a definition was given: "1. Meeting of experts case or subject. 2. Advice given by a specialist" [2].

By definition, the European Federation of Consultants for Economics and Management (FEACO): «Providing independent advice and assistance to management, including the identification and assessment of problems and/or opportunities, recommendations of appropriate measures and assistance in their implementation" [3].

The Russian authors V.M. Popov and others define: "Consulting - a term used in current practice to refer to activities aimed at identifying and developing proposals and programs to streamline and optimize the operation of the business, with the executive staff and managers in decision -making literate. ... is a kind of intellectual activity , whose main objective is to analyze, justify the prospects of development and use of scientific and technological , organizational and economic innovations specific to the industry and the client's problems" [4].

In the administrative understanding clarifies: "It is important to management consulting in the new economy represented a form of" when (1) consultant shares his experience with the client, rather than trying to keep it for himself, and (2) the customer as possible directly and actively involved in solving the problem, and (3) both parties have spared no effort in order to learn from solving this problem valuable experience" [5].

In addition, the author fully agrees with Peter Block: "You do counseling every time you try to change or improve the situation, but not directly managed the ... Most full-time workers, in essence, are consultants, even if they themselves are not officially consultants called" [5, P. 16.].

Therefore consulting provides opinions, advice and thinking problems together. Certain types of consulting services include: consultation on biotechnology; consultation on management, medical consultation, environmental consulting, counseling skills; consultation privileges, human resources consulting, information consulting, information technology consultation, the executive consulting, political consulting, public consultation, consultation, and so the test etc.

Political Consulting as a global phenomenon and the institute of contemporary politics are interested in contemporary political science. "Political consultants - it's not just institute brings together experts in the field of political communication, but also a talented and effective management of political campaigns" [6].

The American scientist D. Nimmo thought political consulting with professional services in the field of election campaigns [7]. According to scientists, A.P. Sitnikov and E.G. Morozova political consulting - a "Professional activities on the intellectual and organizational support political campaigns through the creation and implementation of high technologies" [8]. In the understanding of the famous Russian explorer of political management G.V. Pushkareva, political consulting is - "professional assistance to practicing politicians in confronting certain political objectives" [9] .

We can distinguish between two forms of political consulting: advising individuals, policy makers, individuals and groups, advising decision makers, organizations and businesses that operate in the political sphere. Political consulting thus takes over the function of double mediation. On the one hand, the political consulting intermediary between politics, business and the public. On the other hand, the political consulting builds bridges between science and political practice.

Political Consulting suggests a particularly high textual and analytical competence, as well as relevant academic qualifications. Political consultations intensive mediator between science and political practice. Strategic and operational concepts formulated on the basis of empirical and scientific analysis of the political field. Political consulting is thus based on knowledge of the state strategy, design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of policy programs.

On this occasion the German Association of Political Consultants identify such instruments of political consulting: fundraising, image management, governance, political, IT-consulting, lobbying, monitoring, strategic consulting, strategic research, knowledge transfer [10].

The functions of political consulting can be defined as follows: a study of the political situation (by category of its manifestations: from the image of the individual research subject political situation before elective studies History Society) , forecasting the political situation (by category of its manifestations) , implementation of the marketing aspects (positioning in the political situation, the development of strategic plans and program , image formation , etc.) , the creation and transformation of the structures that are the subjects of the political situation or affecting it; evaluation of projects and activities designed to in some way influence the current political situation, implementation of the strategic and tactical plans, the impact on the political situation, rapid response to changes in the political situation(strategic and tactical) [11].

Unfortunately, the scope of this article does not allow to characterize all the issues and problems of theoretical and conceptual foundations of consulting in modern political science. In our opinion referred to the wording of the problem is determined descriptive term "consulting" as an object of science.


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