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Закиров, И. И. Improvement Technology Education in the Educational Schools / И. И. Закиров, У. О. Тохиров. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2012. — № 11 (46). — С. 415-416. — URL: (дата обращения: 27.02.2021).

According to the National program in preparing State educational standards of State Secondary Schools is going on the process of radical improvement as maintenance, as technologic features in providing State secondary education. During the Independence years there was a huge work an improvement of education. State standards were worked out teaching programs for State secondary schools were developed, developing and educational role in teaching process was reinforced.

New generation of books appeared based on these programs.

Some methods of teaching were revised to obtain qualified education. The present – day rash growing information technology requires from modern school to revive the accent from reproductive teaching to developing individual pupils. The most function system of modern teaching is creative possessing of amount of knowledge.

That’s why approaches to students were changed.

In modern lesson there are a lot of opportunities to pupils to take in acknowledgments’, considering their individual features. In this process every student enables proudly communicate with their partners, to participate in practical applications their knowledge.

He can get the possibility to realize where and how and what aim they can use their knowledge in every day life for. The usual tradition methods of teaching of above-mentioned condition is impossible, one of requiments to a chive all those purposes is introduction of modern pedagogical technologies in teaching process, in connection to this innovation method of teaching is growing day by day.

Analyzing the new methods of teaching, it is clear the main difference of modern approaching to organization pedagogical process, is involving pupils activity.

Providing the questions menthioned in the text the task of the improvement pedagogical skills, are marked by priority direction of in state politicians of our country. In the connection according to the order 289 from December 2010 by the Minister of Public Education System in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 28 secondary schools were organized experimental institutions in innovation of new pedagogical technologies in educational process.

In adaptation period occurred the formation of institutions as an experimental platforms. In this period were portioned management function who and is responsible for in that experiment: the principle, his supervises, teachers, school-masters pupils and parents a special preparation in forming specialists participating in experiments are also considered acting seminars are organized constantly on education teacher to discussing programs, their procedure and results adaptation period of the experiment includes methodology supplements. Within the programs the are important didactical, educational and other materials, texts of written work, (training and cheking) questionnaires etc.

In 2011-2012 school years the second - an active stage started realization of experimental platforms. A new technology, tracing the intermediate (current) result, adjustment of exercised, cheking cuts. As is well-known innovation education based on interactive teaching methods, which is allowed involving into process and comprehensions of the new material and each pupil forms his individual point of view and his attitude to information he gets.

Now pupil is not only a reseive of the knowledge and skills, but he is a resurcher, who thinks by himself imagine, surching of information - additional literature, Internet resources. The new approach to formation of youth demands, searching, working own new complexes of teaching methods, other approach creats methodical and didactic materials, as well as mastering their own textbook from another pain of view. It is possible to correct methods and technologies considering given intermediate experts. This is the main point of experimental platform in the current stage. The final stage undertaking establishing the results of experiments analyzing correcting the gipothesis, the models of new technology according to the results, designing and describing the procedure and the result of experiment.

After finishing the final stage introduction stage begins spreading a new method, directed organization of the experience on realization by other teacher.

The goal of such experiments is to use introduce new methods, which opens the whole potential and it individual of the pupil.

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