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On the issue of introducing Scrum into the walls of the university / К. А. Андреева, И. А. Полушкина, Н. С. Печкуров [и др.]. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2020. — № 47 (337). — С. 4-6. — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/337/75433/ (дата обращения: 21.01.2022).

This article discusses the implementation of SCRUM technology into the work of the department of automated information systems of VSTU, for example, the automation of activities through the software product 1C: University PROF. This process was divided into small sprints and a rough work plan was drawn up.

Key words: SCRUM-technology, 1C: PROF University, 1C: ITIL, sprint, backlog.

SCRUM project management technology is quite new in Russia. However, the implementation of the technology in a number of Russian companies has its own difficulties, since domestic enterprises do not consider it necessary to strictly observe the basic rules of this technology, and the duties of the SCRUM master are simply transferred to the head of the department, thereby saving on wages and jobs in the company. When studying this issue, one should consider the basic principles of the SCRUM technique [4]:

  1. People come first. Human interaction is more important than processes and tools.
  2. Work is done in small teams of 5 to 9 people, because small teams are more convenient to control.
  3. Dividing the task into sprints (at each sprint, a certain product is obtained that can already be used in some way).
  4. The most important principle is self-development and self-improvement. Team members are constantly improving their competencies in one area or another.
  5. A certain amount of time is allocated for each sprint, after this period of time the result is analyzed.

For the convenience of assigning responsibilities and a visual representation of what stage the project is at, companies use special software products from Advanta, Wrike, GanttPRO, YouGile, Yandex.Tracker, Trello, etc. In the department of automated information technology management systems, these information platforms are not used, the 1C: ITIL program is used to conduct business and its use does not quite fit the SCRUM technique. Consider the difference between 1C: ITIL and Trello — table 1 shows the main features of software products.

Table 1

Features of 1C software products: ITIL and Trello




  1. Paid software product.
  2. Appointment of a person responsible for each task.
  3. The ability to divide the task into subtasks, but without interconnection.
  1. Accessibility, free version for a limited number of users.
  2. Open API.
  3. Dividing a large task into small sprints, with dedicated backlogs.
  4. Create cards for specific tasks.
  5. The relationship between cards.
  6. Creation of checklists 8with stages of work.
  7. Appointment of a person responsible for each task.

From the table 1, it can be understood that the software product used in the department of automated information management systems of information technology is not entirely adapted and is suitable for the introduction of SCRUM technology.

Let's consider one of the sprints — the formation of the report «Movement of the contingent for the specified period» for the financial planning department. To do this, you need to break the iteration into small subtasks (backlogs) and define time constraints. Table 2 shows the work schedule.

Table 2

Order number

Time limit

Sprint Backlog





Formation of requirements for the report

Financial planning department

Requirements formed



Checking the correctness of data about students, namely:

  • name,
  • contact information,
  • passport information,
  • addresses,
  • basis of training.

Dean's offices

Dean's offices identified errors and corrected



Downloading curricula for each area;

Educational and methodical management

All curricula were uploaded on time



Formation / verification of the history of orders for each individual;

Dean's offices

Order history has been checked and finilized

On the basis of this sprint, it can be concluded that the entire structure of the university is interconnected and if some department does its work incorrectly, this will lead to a shift in terms or incorrect output of information in other departments. The report, which was generated by order of the financial planning department, was completed on time, all errors that arose were resolved at the initial stages.

Table 3

The result of the report

Orber of numbers









Clerical date


Number of order

Type off order



Faculty of Civil Engineering







budgetary basis



academic leave

in connection with an appeal on military service


Faculty of Civil Engineering







budgetary basis



academic leave

in connection with an appeal on military service

Based on this report, the financial planning department will be able to compile an analytics for the allocation for a certain period.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the SCRUM technique has a number of advantages and its implementation in the departments of the organization has many advantages, for example, the division of large tasks into small ones and its limited time, due to which an approximate work plan can be drawn up. After each sprint, the result is analyzed, in case of an unsuccessful iteration, a team error correction occurs.


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SCRUM-technology, 1C: PROF University, 1C: ITIL, sprint, backlog
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