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Рубрика: Филология, лингвистика

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №45 (231) ноябрь 2018 г.

Дата публикации: 13.11.2018

Статья просмотрена: 10 раз

Библиографическое описание:

Караматдинова, А. Ж. The skill of the journalist during the interview, based on the practical experience of the author / А. Ж. Караматдинова. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2018. — № 45 (231). — С. 298-300. — URL: (дата обращения: 07.03.2021).

As a journalist, the author has experience in different genres, however he almost always used the interview as a method of gathering information except for special cases.

Even before entering the National University of Uzbekistan Faculty of Journalism, the author has published in publications such as “Popular Word”, “Youth of Uzbekistan”, “True East”. Camille wrote informational notes, covered small cultural activity.

In “Popular Word” he worked as a freelance correspondent more than a year. His curator was an experienced journalist Julia Logvina, which really helped him professionally.

In order to write a short note from the exhibition in The national gallery, the author was not content with only one press release. He had to talk with two or three artists, or sculptors, and in most cases the conversation was delayed because the author, as a rule, came across pleasant companions, and he was interesting to contact them. Therefore, his articles were very emotional, and from him constantly demanded a more «cold» style writing.

That is why the author soon left these official publications and spent three months on sabbatical. Camille wanted his work brought moral satisfaction. He considers himself creative personality, because it is in close contact with people of art. So that the fact that he began working in the weekly «Lady» is quite natural. Have Camille was comfortable for him, a sliding schedule, it was time to feel the so-called «taste of freedom». Interview as a genre Camil attracted for a long time, and he decided that from now on he would interview his beloved actors and other artists. The author can not say that he loves all the theaters of the city. For him there is only one Melpomene temple — the Mark Weil Ilkhom Theater, and he was determined to «unwind» this theater, especially as in it he had many acquaintances.

His debut interview in March 2012 is interview with one of the most charming actresses of Ilkhom, Alena Lustinoy62. Deciding what will work in the genre of portrait interview, the author I had no idea how difficult it was. It would seem — questions made up, the meeting is scheduled, it remains only to talk, print «Vordovsky document» and pass to the editor. In fact, everything turned out to be wrong. First, Camille spent a long time “catching” Alain Igorevna, first through the administration of the theater, then through social networks, then she left for touring to Russia... and when, finally, they agreed to meet after performance, she asked to postpone the meeting the next day under pretext of severe fatigue.

At first, the author did not impress the actress, she was open to him admitted that she was tired of the interview, and that his youth and inexperience were not make her trust. Of course, the first pancake is always «lumpy», and the debut the interview was a complete “failure” from a professional point of view, although the final product satisfied both the author and his heroine.

Camille made up his questions in advance, and from the very beginning he gave himself such a setting: to reveal a man in an actress, try to show it readers with a completely new perspective. And given that the author visited master classes in social psychology, then pick the right questions do not made work. He sorted them by type and chronology, — turned out still an impressive list of seventy questions The first day. It all started crumpled. The author had about half an hour to wait for Alena Igorevna, and therefore, when she came and greeted, he, tired of waiting, just nodded frowningly, and as soon as She settled at the table, immediately turned on the voice recorder and proceeded to the survey.

It is now, from the height of his present age, Camille realizes that should have asked for permission to record audio, talk for about five minutes abstract themes, but justified by the fact that this was his first “cause”, and he was very nervous.

The author’s initial opinion about Alyona Lustina turned out erroneous, as in other, and her — about the author. By the middle of the conversation they «Got used», and, having learned each other better, began to speak on abstract themes, joking, laughing. It turned out that Alena is very cheerful and a cheerful person, and the fact that at first she keeps her distance is costs of the profession. She admitted that people are irritating her, who are persistently trying to get her attention, so she is open only for a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances.

The interview lasted exactly three days because they were constantly distracted from the main topic. But the author does not consider this a mistake. Since he managed to win the location of the seemingly impregnable primo, means it's not so bad. On the fourth day, they met with her to take away photos for the cover because Camille wanted him the heroine became the covergirl of the next issue.

Day three, the author stenographed the interview and, deciding that he did his the case, carried ten sheets in small print for approval by Alain. When he met with her to discuss the material, and it happened a week later, she smiled and handed him sheets that were full of red remarks in the margin. Separate paragraphs were crossed out crosswise.

Her verdict was: a lot of repetition, questionnaire questions should be excluded from the layout, some information is not for printing. Admittedly, in her criticism she was demanding, strict, but fair And given that she worked as a television journalist at the «Markaz TV, her advice was priceless. The author meekly redid the material taking into account all the comments, and sent him «at the stage» to his patroness, famous journalist and poet Alina Dadaeva. Of course, a lot was cut directly by the editors, however, the interview was made in the first days of March, for a full turn, with cover! Joy of the author was no limit. He bought a dozen copies and, to celebrate, carried everything to Ilkhom. Alena Igorevna was flattered that her the photo was on the cover, said she really liked his questions, that the conversation with him was the most lively.

Sometime later, the author came across a fresh web interview with Alena, printed it and brought it to her. They by then were on friendly terms and Camille could drop by to her in dressing room «on the light». This interview was not pleasant to Kamil, but Alena Igorevna was shocked. First, the journalist did not bother bring her the article for approval, and distorted the information before unrecognizability. Second, the questions were not sorted, and strangely, What could such a non-professional interview be on such a respected site. It became clear to the author why Alena is wary of to reporters.

Then, in June, Camille set about trying to interview Danat. Davronova 63, the one who founded the “Poetic Watercolor” on radio station «ClassicFM». He was a fan of this broadcast, which opened for him new pages of foreign and national poetry, therefore, it was relatively easy to get a meeting — the author spoke with Danata Olegovna on Facebook.

This time Camille made clear questions, but despite this, he and Danata Olegovna managed to talk about everything. Auto RU it was flattering that he inspires people's confidence, can “uncover” them, not making no effort to it. But here it was not without excesses.

The interview took place in a cafe, and when Kamil sat down at the “decoding” voice recording, then clutched at his head: because of the hum of the visitors there were no heard nothing. Just how he managed to write one and a half pages, and waiting for the evening, he, being in a half-conscious state, caught Danata Olegovna in Facebook chat and described the situation.

“Calm,” this amazing woman told him. — Send I have the remaining questions, I will answer them in writing. " So, an interview with Kamil literary and leading «Poetic watercolor» can be called «Interview via the Internet», if it were not for one “but” — almost the whole layout belonged to the heroine, and he Joke offered to write it in co-authors, but she, of course, refused.

To the credit of the author, these two “blunders” were enough for him with interest. is he learned from my mistakes, and does not hide it. It's been almost three years, but he still feels a big difference between Camille and then Camille present.

The realization has come that it is necessary to think carefully not only questions, but also the time and place of the meeting, and other equally important factors. Be sure to ask permission to use voice recorder, taking pictures, if necessary.

Now that his practice has more than twenty interviews, he can say that approached the ideal. Working for a while assistant art director of the theater «Ilkhom» literary part, he organized conferences, prepared press releases, interviewed all acting actors by phone, collecting dossiers.

By the way, the telephone interview was very easy for him and took about three hours, but given that he interviewed over thirty people, it is possible call operational work.

In his conversations, Camille used both blitz polls and questionnaires questions, but now he understands that they can not be shorthand. They serve only to complement the picture, no more.

Suddenly for himself Camille drew such a conclusion: once he conducted an interview — an investigation. Since the heroes of his materials were mainly artists of the Ilkhom Theater, he invariably asked a question concerning the death of Mark Yakovlevich, artistic director theater. And now, having summarized various opinions, I understood what I had before Through my eyes a very clear picture of what happened in September 2007. Camil's latest works were published no longer in the genre. «interview». Now, having found his “comfort zone,” he uses interviews as a method of gathering information, and writing essays and essays. Without false modesty he says that he achieved mastery in conducting a creative interview, since with all the actors of the Ilkhom theater with whom he happened to to have a conversation, he talked on an equal footing.

Each journalist has his own approach to the preparation of the interview. Camille records up to twenty questions, realizing that along the way The conversation may raise some more questions. But journalist Alina Dadaeva prefers impromptu. She never prepares for an interview, starting it spontaneously and coming up with new questions on the go. This, by view of Camille, aerobatics.

For the author, the main goal is to reveal his character as a person. is he trying to be unique because writing about an actor is easy. But dig a person in it, while maintaining the status of an actor — this is his favorite role, and he does not get tired to improve in it.


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