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Сариев, С. М. «Ko'ro'g'li» epoch in 1885 year Istanbul lithographic exemplify / С. М. Сариев, С Матякубова, А. К. Маткаримов. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — № 24.2 (158.2). — С. 62-64. — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/158/44749/ (дата обращения: 04.03.2021).

The famous story of “Ko'ro'g'li» title. It is important to note that, «Ko'ro'g'li» epoch, published in 1927 in the Arabic alphabet in Baku tipolitografik exemplify «Ko'ro'g'li» epoch, published in Istanbul, information about the lithographic exemplify of the protocol. Baku edition reported that «Ko'ro'g'li» poems published by Urujular Azerbaijan, which is published copies of copy Istanbul transcripts, re-editions.

Azerbaijan publication some misunderstanding poems translated into Azerbaijan in the net. This is one of the cop Khan Köroğlu and his eyes rips off. Ko'ro'g'li the King rode out of the mountain, and the mountain. Surrounded him on every side oppressed, refugees are gathered. Köroğlu around fifty brave young men (evidence) to collect and «lete» place of thick forests in the mountains of Spain. (LeteChamlibelMountains is another must have the same name). In exchange for the safety of the caravan Ko'ro'g'li their duty to ensure their environment. «Ko'ro'g'li years old, literate and well known in Chile» (1.10).

Baku publication «Ko'ro'g'li» Destan Hotel offers a number of publications about the data. These poems published in Istanbul Abu Al Zia printing work at the beginning of the «students» is the headline foreword. It says, «Ko'ro'g'li» considered the oldest and most popular stories. He also printed a hundred times before, and «Ottoman» countries [1.10]. «Ko'ro'g'li» which is a very large number of copies printed copies.We are one of the original (the original) copies obtained also caused many problems. In order to overcome these problems Istanbul lithographic printed. In most cases, is known manuscript copies of short prose texts of oral availability. Poetic texts more volume than the oral options. Printed versions of the epic stories shortened. Moved the preservation of the manuscripts epoch points each. Even verbal play some forgotten epic topics are stored. Printed versions of the epoch points has been simplified. In most cases, the epic poem points to the pile. However, the core is stored in the main subject. For example, «the story Ko'ro'g'li Sultan», the birth of a poem köroğlu like to marry and have a horse in each of the oral version of the poem is a poem, and organizing events shortened 1915 print edition). 1304 BC year's edition of the events at the hotel köroğlu father's eyes rips off. Go'ro'g'li’s birth is not the beginning of the story lithographic. Köroğlu the story of ten-year-old when the events begin. Lithographed, printed in Ottoman Turkish language, the traditional way: " Ровиёни ахбор ва ноқилони осор ва муҳаддисони рўзгор шўйла ривоят эдарларки, замони собиқда Бўли шаҳринда бир дарабеги (derebeyi) вор эди, Бўли қазосина ҳукм эдар эди...”.

In my view, the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan № 3229 and № 2198 inventory numbers — «Bo'lubek and Do'lubek», and Azerbaijan «Ko'ro'g'li» epoch «Bo'libek» in connection with the plot of the poem, and the impact of these events in Istanbul lithographic.

Hotel lithographic events is as follows: the ruler of the city (name not given) values ​​breed horses, groom horses were kept. Every year, the house of the prince at the fans breeds cutting horses.

One day Bo'libey to ostles, commanding him to breed horses. He sent a good ostles to get horses. The ostler take the weak horse, and told that no other horse jumped the nek. Beck was so angry and ripped his eye off and took him to his horse and got him off.

The ostler cried so much and back home. In his land his ten-year-old son, as a brave son could uproot the roots of a tree. Despite his eyes ripped off the house led him to his own land. His son brought his father's arms and the father kissed his son's eyes.

Hotel belonging to a copy of the Epic is based on the following shows the accumulation of small print:

  1. Köroğlu with his father in the first story. Köroğlu’s father was the ostler of Bo'libey and Bo'lubey rip off his eyes the elected by fans to bring his horse and ride away.
  2. To be able to read at Saratoga (horse fed cultivation). A copy of this horse, kept the same alias. In this regard, the son of Joseph, novel bard Rakhmatilla synchronization option.
  3. Chamlibel construction of the castle. Bo'libey avenge saw evidence of Chamlibel air that sportsmen and build the castle.
  4. Avaz. In love with a girl. The girl's father is köroğlu Avaz reported and Ko'ro'g'li Avaz. Ko'ro'g'li lead to the correct password, married, with the condition to take her daughter to come back and return to their homeland.
  5. Safety of Qirat. Ko'ro'g'li submit a hostage in exchange for the king of Canaan, and then go to the back of the horse to be rescued. These events harmony with other versions of the events in the kidnapping of Qirat epic.
  6. Bozirgonboshi. Bozirgon (giant merchant) meeting. At the same time, Bozirgonboshi very generous, he even asked Köroğlu increased fees, and they became friends. So on his way again. Significantly, the Transcaucasia, and the events of the meeting with the Turkish versions of Koroglu Bozirgon perfect plot which was formed as a separate epic. This shows different versions of the saga of Central Asia as a «Ko'ro'g'li» epoch, in particular, Khorezm «Ko'ro'g'li» You can see the legends.
  7. Meeting Ko’ro’g’li with his son. Significantly, the story of Istanbul lithographed Köroğlu had a son. Köroğlu married, returned to leave the girl again promised to take her son and his name was Hassan. Hasan's mother gave whip and bozubandni (bozuband girth) which was heritage from Köroğlu. Hasan took the horse which was given birth from Köroğlu’s horse and riding horse to Chamlibel and met with Ko'ro'g'li. This story is one of the field plots are described in the epic of the world. In particular, the Korean People's Epic «Jumong» Jumong's son, he found through cut part of the dagger. It is familiar these plot is described every tradition of each nation on the basis of their own traditions, customs and values ​​of the people.
  8. Hasan’s marriage. Hassan is going to bring Benglikhon, having heard about her beauty. With the help of Köroğlu he defeated Black prince and took Benglikhon to Chamlibel and married, lived happily.

In Istanbul epoch exemplify ended with «All ended died Ko'ro'g'li».

In this, we should say that the Azerbaijani and Turkish versions of the manuscripts and printed copies are very similar to each other. Ancient Turkish options published and informed by I.Kunosh and by M.Radlov. In XIX century I.Kunosh himself published a story Ko'ro'g'li in lithographic method. This epic lithographed main episodes, including Köroğlu’s father blindness, Köroğlu’s to have Qirat and boy servants, Avaz’s adventures, adventures in the land of Canaan, and finally the last epic Köroğlu’s son Hasan and Benglikhon matrimonial wedding was described there.

I.Kunosh lithographed content was similar to Istanbul lithographed published in 1304 BC, 1885 AD. However, our lithographed chamber, Köroğlu’s marriage and the daughter of destiny, temporarily losing, and the return of Chamlibel Bozirgonboshi events (English version «Bozirgon» epic events), Köroğlu’s son Hasankhon whip and bozuband find events I.Kunosh print edition omitted or not these topics can be further developed and added.

Turkish versions of oral options was recorded from Turkish songs. It is devoted for ten hours singing. It was recorded by Hasan Debren who lives in Gaziantep in the south east of Turkey, founded in 1951 by V.Eberxard. This option is not full, and that it has not been published yet.

The Turkish version of the most complete oral version was recorded by Bekhchet Makhir in 1958, who lived in the eastern province of Anotoliya Erzurum. He is active in the field of trade, the modern version of the spoken dialects belonging to 600 machines printed page.


  1. In 1927, the Baku newspaper. 10 p.

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