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Матчанов, М. Р. The role of “Kamolat” social youth movement in youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan / М. Р. Матчанов, Ш. К. Рузметов, О. А. Раджабов, Ж. К. Кодиров. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — № 16 (150). — С. 383-385. — URL: (дата обращения: 30.09.2022).

Supporting youth plays key role in the stable development of a country, raising the place of country in the world rate and getting success in effective projects.

From the first days of independence, there were made youth policy strategy in order to make them well-educated, good-mannered, upbringing them morally rich. The president himself initiated to put the program into practice simultaneously with other programs regarding to develop other branches of society.

“Now 64 % of Uzbek population is young people, 17 million and 80 thousands of people are under 30 years old. They know their history, background of the nation, their obligatory and can make decision by concentrating on the requirements of globalized life. These youth are the prestigious future of Uzbekistan” [1. P.7]. The aim of the policy is to progress the program at the same time of developing other perspective projects, and to make great possibilities to youth in order to show their creative talent and ability. Moreover policy targets giving a chance to use their capability to flourish our motherland, that’s why it encourages them socially, financial and legally.

There have been adopted 22 laws, 16 President’s orders and 10 decrees, 41 decrees by the Cabinet of Ministers, 32 official documents based on youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan till now. [3.p.3]

There are some articles in the constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan devoting to the rights, rules and obligations of Uzbek youth, besides it there was made the law on “youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan” in 20th of November, 1991. [2.p.13–20]. It was made to create better life for young people in order to bring them up well-mannered, spiritually rich. The policy helped to get these targets.

This law consists of 21 articles. It covers the decree 621-I adopted in 1st May, 1998, 621-II decree adopted in 30th April, 2004, decree 714-II made in 3rd December, 2004. There were made some changes and adaptation of the decrees.

One can find out the policy program in several associations’ activities. The articles 17 and 19 are about organizing several organizations, funds which engage with youth policy program and help to put into practice of the law. 11th article of the “youth policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan” is about making government committee, deputes responsible for the deeds of the program.

Government committee should give a report about its activities to the Oliy Majlis (Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan) and President once a year. The Cabinet of Ministers made a law about establishing government committee in 4th December, 1992. But the committee does not working any more.

With the initiative of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Kamolot” (maturity) social youth movement was established in 17th of April, 1996. [4.p.113] It started working as a nongovernmental charity organization. The organization aimed to learn young people’s demands, making projects to help youth and give information to government about these all. But “Kamolot” could not manage the tasks.

In 24th of January, 2004, the first President of Uzbekistan I. Karimov pointed out that “upbringing physically strong children with spiritual knowledge should be our national obligation, and I want to emphasize that it is one of the most important parts of our government policy” As he continued his speech, he mentioned that “our perspective future, tomorrow, prestigious life, Uzbekistan’s honour in the world at the century of XXI depend on the youth, we bring up and how we educate them. If you ask my opinion about the organization’s activity, I want to establish new fund with the name “Kamolot”, but its task won’t be ideological any more. It engages with the social youth activities. Now we must think over the program policy of the fund, and how it challenges youth, with what kind of ideas and targets. The main aim of the movement is to collect youth in one place, call them to healthy life style, help to make a career in society, protect their rights. The fund should learn the ideas, targets and future plans of the youth; protect them loyally, in brief the movement should be a bridge between the government and youth in order to connect them and acquire authority with the ideas of the juniors’ layer. ”

The first President Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov announced the order about organizing nongovernmental, non-trading fund “Kamolat” social youth movement” in the youth congress held in Tashkent in April 25, 2001. He confirmed the program and manifesto of it. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted the decree on “supporting to establish “Kamolat” social youth movement” in May 30, 2001. “Kamolat” social youth movement fund” was established for supporting financially to do the activities of the movement. For covering expenses of movement activities 5 % tax was collected from small trade companies. According to the 35th appendix of decree PQ-1887 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on “macro economical index prognosis of the year 2013 in the Republic of Uzbekistan and parameters of governmental budgets”, the tax increased to 8 %.

During this time, “Kamolat” social youth movement organized several branches and primary committees in all regions of the Republic. About 7 millions of youth whose ages between 14–28, are registered as a member of the fund. Besides it, committee established new branch for the children between the age 7–14. It has been working under the name “Kamalak” (Rainbow). It must be admitted that main committee and regional branches made a lot of projects in short period. For instance “youth social labour center” is stated up a few regions. The movement staff created several projects in order to help finding solutions, educate them open-mindedly, organized several competitions. The competition “Vatan kelajagi sening qo’lingda ” (country’s future depend on you) is held for giving political, economical, social information about the country. “Siz qonunni bilasizmi?” (do you know the law?) contest is held among youth for checking their knowledge on constitution and law system. The society “Vatanparvar” (patriot) organizes the sport contests like “Shunqorlar” (braves), “yosh chegarachi”(young front-guardian), “Kamolot chess board”, “Kamolot-tur” bicycle race, “Bunyodkor” (creator) students’ labour movement, “Yosh tadbirkor yurtga madadkor” (young businessman is sponsor of a country). According to the 41st section of the law code which adopted in February 6, 2014 “we are for healthy life” auction, “we are the children of marvelous country” concert and other projects having been organized by the fund.

As a conclusion, it should be emphasized that “Kamolot” continues protecting young people’s rights, helps putting the program of youth policy into practice, upbringing youth with the ideology of patriotism, spirituality.


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