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Theme’s relevance: Nowadays schools must develop the country’s intelligent and creativity potential. Kazakhstan’s education must be equality in every scientifically-methodological region with other countries. And because of this aim the president of Kazakhstan decided to create a law. It happened on 24th May in 1996. The title of this law is «To support and develop the special places for gifted children». The authority embraced a command №1125, №3002 to do this command 16.09.16. Thence the country did some operations is this direction. Places where study pupils, they work with the endemically center «Daryn». The teachers in school, they have only one crux aim. It’s to work with gifted children, to develop and find their talent, to help them, to develop their capability. Every individual needs a society’s support.

In scientifically inquisition was proved that the young pupil’s individuality develops in their childhood. Individuality – is streak of person to do something very well. So when the teachers detected their talent, it means it will be the individuality of his life. Usually the gifted children, they think faster, the can learn more information in a short time, they can keep it in their mind longer than a simple child. Capability – is own psychological identity of the child. It’s not a single education and simple education. It’s knowingly and perseverance of the child to apperceive. It hasn’t found a method that would find the capability of the child. The child’s capability is connected with particularity when the child is born. Talent – is to do the best things with creativity. The gifted children are very important for the society.

The president of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbaev talked about the education in the missive to people «Kazakhstan-2050» strategy . It’s called «New political direction». He said that the best factor to develop the economic and social process of the country is the knowledge of young people. It wholly depends on young people. The Kazakhstan’s constitution has a law «About education» where written that «we must develop the capability, talent, individuality of every child against of their intellect».

The developing of Kazakhstan’s intellectual potential wholly depends on gifted children. And the school is the main one. Mainly the school’s psychological labor doesn’t observe the child’s identity. The job of psychological labor is to observe them, to develop them.

The idea of gifted children

The types of gifted children

Nowadays the aim of the society is to develop the situation of the economic, to make a huge connection between the countries and of course to develop the gifted children.

Dexterity is the thing that needs every different action. Dexterity- is the easiest and the most efficient to apperceive capability. It observes on every human’s mind, creativity, learning, talent, relationship and psychomotor. Characteristic of gifted people is: attention, precision, stability, seldom tired of any work, high level intellect.

The gifted children learn the school program very fast. When they are 5-6 years old, they know more than pupils are doubly older. Sometimes the gifted children don’t want to go to school. For example: G.Byron, W.Scott, C.Darwin. In their free time they wrote the novels, drew the pictures, and caught the butterflies. How I said we can see the capability of the gifted children in their childhood. For example: Albrecht Dürer drew a portrait of himself when he was 3 years old, Mozart wrote 4 sonatas when he was 7 years old. When capability comes up to a high level we call it the talent. People can be talented in every region. It can be music, literature, science, technic and so on.

The excellent gifted people can have the same time on their capability on high level. In this time their mind is getting better, they do their best. The border of their talent can be endless. And after this we can call them a genius.

The genius’s sign, it’s when their actions are connected with society’s wish. The genius discovers the amazing things that no one could do. For example: in literature’s history is W.Shakespeare, W.Goethe, A.S.Puschkin, L.N.Tolstoy; In natural history is G.Galilei, C.Darwin, I.P.Pavlov, A.Einstien; In music is W.Mozart, L.Beethoven, I.Tchaikovsky and so on. And Al-Farabi, S.Walikhanov, A.Kunanbaev, A.Baitursynov we can call them the genius in every region because they were walking encyclopedia. Sometimes the capability can be observe when they’re adult. These people who were ineffectual in the youth, when they are getting older some of them became a famous artist, some of them writes a big novel.

When the society does a big step, its big step for the entire nation. If we put the all knowledge that carrying along the society in one of the trip scale, and if we put the gifted people who can reach up it in another cup, the gifted people will win. It means that one of the conditions to educate- is to develop the gifted people since childhood.

The gifted divides into 4 groups:

– the gifted people’s thoughts

– the gifted people’s spiritual condition

– the gifted people’s sportsmanship.

Also the gifted children always need a psychological support and they always need a help.

«Talented» is close connected with the word «capability». «The capability» has two meaning in Russian language. D.Ushakov explained it. The first one is the natural thing. And the second is «nothing is impossible». The first meaning explained on a vocabulary. (For example: «gifted pupil», «gifted young person». In this situation it used like a term. These two words are too close connected, and we can’t divide them). The meaning of the word «capability» in the encyclopedia of the philosophy it means like the stated action that achieved with the best result.

Capability’s quality is the action that did very well in any case.

We use the special capability, when we want the best action, when we want the best result. For example, how the musician can listen the music, hearing of it, rhythmus; how the artist can draw the pictures. The general capability is the thing that need to do any action. For example: in nicety needs everyone. Even the artist, writer, doctor. Organized, deep of the mind, perfectly memory, incredible imagination. The most important one of them is human’s analytic-artificial capability.

The capability isn’t enough to get the best result. To get a successful result we need «aptitude».

As the other capabilities, the aptitude is the special capability.

The aptitude-is the human’s genetical and experience adapted in a real life.

The aptitude’s basic function-is to maximally adapt to life, to environment. It’s to solve the unexpected problems.

In exploring the aptitude, it divides into 2 groups. It’s the common and the special capability. The general capability is mode of the action.

The special capability of the person-is the thing that we can see in his action. We have heard more about it (mathematical, technical, musical, etc.) It consists of the following components: biophysicists, anatomic-physiological, high sensitive sensory, percipient blocks; possibility to develop the intellect; remark the long dominant and their condescendence emotion – voluntarily formation, a new method, imagination, fantasy and to work up the highest level.

Charles Spearmen took the G-factor (General factor) as the common origin. And the S-factor (Special factor) fill up it. The aptitude- is the power of robustness. The idea of Spearman was that G-factor the power of the intelligent. The physiologist said that the Spearman’s theorem identical to the D.B.Bogoyavlenskaya’s theorem. The researcher Munichen produced the aptitude that has a lot of factors. It’s:

The factors that reacts of the developing of the aptitude:

The characterization of the individual

The characterization of the society

Motivation of the progress

To stimulate the initiative

Waiting for the success/be afraid of lose the success

Knowledge of parents

Be ready for the intricacy


Observe on locus

The environment

The love for the education

Be ready for criticism

To surmount the depression

Be ready for a big role in the high aptitude

I am the conception(generally and academic)

Lucky and fail experiment

Microclimate in the family

Microclimate in the class and on the lesson

and own individuality of the aptitude

Factors of the aptitude

A gauge of the progress

Intellect (verbal, mathematical, technical and etc.)



Science of the technic and the nature

Society’s erudition


Musical-artistically skills

Music and art

Psychomotor skills

Function of the leading in society

Athletic actions

The model of the Munichen divided the gifted people into these types: those wo has the highest robustness, creativity, those who can learn the information very fast, those who has the love to knowledge, those who is the self-confident, those who has solely thoughts, those who can observe about themselves, and those who has a positivity academicals conception.

Gifted child’s individual identities

The dominant comprehension of the gifted child detects on the motivation, against on the new situation. It’s finding the incredible discovery from the simple thing. Also it observes on the child’s reaction. How he reacts on a new information. It depends on his preference. What flowers he likes, what songs, figurine he likes. The abiding ingenious capabilities can the foundation of the special capability.

The activity of the teacher can help to the gifted child to open the world. It helps to understand the impossible things. The teacher is the only one who forming the child’s outlook on life and prototype of the perception. And to archive it, the child should have the love to the knowledge. He should want to find the new information.

When the child turns 3-5 years old, we can observe his talent from his question that he’s asking.

When the child turns 5-6 years old, we can observe his capability from his components of the creativity.

When the child turns 8-12 years old, we can observe his aptitude from his decision to solve the problem.

The individuality of the aptitude constitutes on his elements. The gifted child turns away from the simple, standard decision. He makes his own, the right, the discriminating decision. They make the right decision so that this decision could have the robustness end. They choose the optimal one. They presume the end.

The all difficult psychological element is the integral formation of the aptitude.

In the creativity psychology J.P. Guilford, the estimate considers as the special factor. He did a lot of phenomes and diagnostics with J.Piaget. Honestly, every psychological tool considers as measurer. And via of it, people can be connected with the environment.

I think, we should say it again about creativity developing. It’s the main formation of the general psychological and individual identities:

a) The dominant role of the motivation

b) Finding the new information,

c) solve the problems, make the decisions

d) Presume the end

The aspiration of the step always will be the main of the ability.

The ways to create the relationship between the gifted children.

First of all, let’s find the reasons why the teachers don’t observe the talent of the gifted child. It could be deficiently knowledge of the teacher, deficiently practice, deficiently skill. When the teacher works with the gifted person, he should reckon in his preference, his skills, and his talent.

The gifted children are characterizes in any parameter.

The Russian psychologist showed two aspects of the ability people. They are: the motivationally and the instrumentalist. The first aspect characterizes people to the method, and the second one characterizes to the truth. And the American psychologists showed three aspects of the ability people. The psychological developing, the headway of the knowing, and the physical condition.

By the way, we have the etiquette of the aspects that could observe the child’s aptitude. We use these rules:

  1. We have limit.
  2. Observe the child’s character when he is developing.
  3. Take advices from the adepts.
  4. Prosecute the training.
  5. Give the exercises that appropriate it.
  6. Develop not only the psychological side, but develop too the humanity side.

To observe the talent of the child, it’s very hard as see atom. It needs responsibility. Also the teacher should have the strong mind to work with the gifted person.

Also we have the papery type to observe the capability of the gifted person. It’s tests, blanks. It’s the easiest, but the result won’t be an accurate result.

I think, we must pay attention to gifted children. We must develop them. Every child has the talent. We just should observe deeper. The country needs to build the special places for them. Because we don’t have so much. Because they are the future of the country.


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