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Жубаткан А. Г. The Benefits of Using Communicative Technology in Primary Classes // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — №10.1. — С. 38-39. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/144/40473/ (дата обращения: 22.05.2018).

In his speech, President N. Nazarbaev addressed that in the future time knowledge will make the country among developed nations. That’s why educational teaching technology is a major issue. Different teaching technologies are evaluated by active teachers during their work experience at schools.

Nowadays the demands of a developing society are to educate the youth to become innovators, intellectually curious, and to get work done. The above-mentioned sentence should be implemented during the lesson with adequate informational communicative technology as it is very useful.

In this era the successful teacher should be professionally skilled in innovative and creative work and should be able to use innovative technology. The explanation of this subject to the younger generations is very beneficial with a new informational communicative technological basis.

Information technology means a very useful way in education. The aim in primary teaching practice to use informational technology equipment is to gain interest from the pupils.

The 21st century is the century of information, making the adequacy of informational communicative technology very useful. It is not sufficient to teach pupils one field of knowledge. Teachers should focus that their pupils will learn independently and in an investigative way.

The interest of pupils depends on the degree of quality, good communication in education, and the benefits reaped from adequate teaching. The famous teacher Ushinski is quoted to have said, “A successful teacher is the one who upgrades their own knowledge; if the teacher stops learning and seeks knowledge then it means they will become a diminishing teacher. That is why teachers should prepare their own lessons and use informational communicative technologies.

  1. Informational technologies need to improve all the levels of education.

 The lesson process should be interesting during the class.

 The teaching quality should increase.

 The quality of knowledge should increase.

 The deep relationship among the subjects.

 Making it easier to see information and increase the quantity.

  1. To develop pupils to survive in the informational society according to the needs of the century.

 To develop communicative skills.

 To seek knowledge by themselves and teach to make decisions.

 To teach on computer graphics, to use multimedia technology, to show short films, and to show music related to the subject.

 To connect different subjects.

Nowadays traditional teaching methodology doesn't match with the requirements of knowledge. School experience shows that it cannot be implemented. That's why if we want to serve teaching needs we need to upgrade the system of methodology. There are aims that need to be brought to reality and this can be achieved by bringing in new information and communicative technologies that assist in developing direct teaching. The mentoring process focuses on all levels that are profitable and of high quality.

The main signs of scientific technological progress in the Republic of Kazakhstan has brought the new generation to the level of an information society. One needs to look at the experiences and psychology of the learners to carefully focus on the content.

Innovation teaching equipment includes: audio and visual equipment, computers, interactive whiteboard, internet, multimedia equipment, e-books, and teaching methodology aids, etc. These teaching processes are used in the learning technology.

So you have to focus on finishing learning through informational aids and communicational relation equipment users through reading materials. Secondly, observational attention: if they don't understand it the first time then they could see it or listen to it another time. This information allows them to improve and students learn when they acquire knowledge through actions and increase. In our society's rules, informational communicational technology users becomes one of the main field of obligations.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan Education Statute No 8 in the educational system, the main obligation in the educational system is to include new technology on teaching, informational signs communicational Our main obligation in knowledge is to emphasise in this jurisdiction. That's why nowadays developing knowledge gives educational the issue of the developmental period of knowledge is made. At school we have to use teaching organisational sample. The application of new technology is intended to grasp the attention of the learners. So the teacher will choose the new technology and should look towards the children according to their differences. For small children different technology is used in contrast to older learners. By using AKT the learner can show people's new ideas and thoughts in a more helpful and useful manner and it is good for discussing new materials. People and teachers apply new informational support easily, and can make new forms and if they use interactive media then interest will increase.

When people do their assignments through equipment they get 20%, while 10% is through listening, and 40-50% is through reading, so people increase their chances to learn as in a test or drawing work, making their knowledge 70-80%. People can keep the level of information 90%. Retention of information depends on the educational aids used. These should be applied in every lesson, such as television, e-books, presentation. On computers different pictures can be used, graphics, and different pictures, including the backboard, better than the teacher writing on the whiteboard, it is better to use multimedia on the computer.

Information lessons need to be related with different subjects. Nowadays future employees need to be related to world standards, so new education is needed. They are thinking about the world standard, so they need new education through the future filled with information technology. The president N. Nazarbaev mentioned that this is future specialists needed information technology to relate to world standards. In the lesson through the multimedia models adequacy of competence waiting for a result from the new generation polite. As he mentioned teaching education is very useful.

Nowadays at the lesson different aids are applied. One of the most important among them is informational technology

Dextrous people

First they read the content with interest; afterwards they create a list of questions. Their questions and full, and they become a winner in their competition. People ask questions in order. The latest give the short answers. So the MC will chose who will answer and the dextrous people


They will try to understand and there should only be pictures or symbols. Afterwards people will show their own concept. For some students they would give a pen and a paper. So the teacher compares what they write with their words. If it matches then those students win. So you have to find the figure.

Understand me

The speaker will divide the class into 3 groups The speaker will also give the class the material they have to research. So they will be exchanging information among themselves. They only have 3 minutes and no more. The speaker will give the result as to which group gets the correct answer and that group will win.

Find the figure

The teacher will give the students portraits of the famous people. Students will be divided into groups of 5 and 6 students. They need to identify the surname, and what events relate to his name, including his poems.

Relay race

Even their thinking skills and psychological difference need to continually develop their thinking skills though e-books and observation as it’s very useful. It helps the people to understand the scientific meaning and to accept it. The main equipment to the teachers. It helps people to understand AKT


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