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Узакбай У. Ж. Popularization of bravery is sacred duty of «Eternal country» youth: The heroes of Syr nation // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — №10.1. — С. 92-94. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/144/40466/ (дата обращения: 19.06.2018).

Time is not possible to manage. Things that happened yesterday nowadays are in the historical faces. It is the moment of new country and new society interrelation. This moment has not finished yet, but we had extremely difficult steps, which we could overcome. Eternal country was the dream of our ancestors from thousands year ago. That dream was to relate with other countries in equality and to be an independent country that placed in the worldwide map. That dream was to be rich and powerful and to be a happy country with intelligent generation. We made this dream come true. We found an eternal country. The question of national idea of Kazakh people is being discussed now everywhere. We have clear ideas and purposes of making our future brighter. It is the idea of being eternal country. While being independent, our country reached its mission. We built Astana that is the heart of our country. The life of Kazakh nation is devoted to make the future of our nation fortified. The future generation is the children of eternal Kazakh nation.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\20170224_154419.jpgThe heroism and self-sacrifice, the love to their motherland of our ancestors is not only sample to young warriors, also it is the basis of the connection of different generation by high morality of the spiritual development of society.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\20170224_155053.jpgThere was a terrific war in the history of mankind, but the war left an unforgettable print, as the victory of war. Our nation made huge contribution in the furious war victory. The half of 1 million 200 thousand people were died during the war. More than 500 Kazakh people got the Hero of Soviet union. During the war time all Kazakh people went to home front labor. The nine of ten bullets were made in our country. The feat of fathers and the labor of mothers will be kept in nations memories forever. Regarding to holy independence many heroes of Syr nations were popular. One of the heroes of Kazakh nation is Zhappasbay Nurseyitov. He was born in 1923 in Kyzylorda oblast. After his father’s death in 1933, he was brought up by his mother Aysha. He was in the war. He spent all his life in the years of war. He took the Hero of Soviet Union in 1944 by his hard work during the war. He was free from his debt among his country in 1945 and worked in oblast trade union. He was awarded by present of Lenin and took the folk hero of the USSR. His generation was proud of him and printed books about his hard life, as “Heroic is in nations mind”, “He was born three times”.

According to the friend of our hero J.Kuantayev, Zhappasbay had early maturity by the death of his father. When he finished 7th grade at school, he went to work with his mother. However, the terrific war disturbed all his dreams, he went to special 39th Bashkir army division on the 21st of September in 1939. Next year he joined to North sailors group, finished Polish school and took the title senior sergeant. Then he was in 436th shooters regiment in the 155th division. There are no generation knew about Stalingrad battle and brave heroes of it in the history. Zhappasbay hero made a great feat in this battle. He fought for Budapesht, as he fought for Stalingrad. The Soviet warriors made the city clean from enemies. It was February of 1944. That year Zhappasbay was injured, and took to hospital in February 23. He was treated 17 days there, and came back to division. Firstly known to Baiuly and Altyn-zhappas tribes, Zhappasbay hero was known to whole Kazakh nation, and generation made a legend of his feat.

Zhappasbay Nurseyitov died not only once, his willing to live, to win the enemies and strong health always helped him to be alive. The sailors division No20970 was named after the Hero of Soviet Union Nurseyitov on the 16th of January, 1944. The heroism of Zhappasbay Nurseyitov was popularized by everyone.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\2016-2017жж суреттер\20161111_113855.jpgAccording to the 94th anniversary of Zhappasbay Nurseyitov all students of our college read reports on their art-research works in “Yaksart” extra-curricular groups. Generation of Zhappasbay Nurseyitov make the inauguration of hero’s name by this kind of actions.

By rooting the history of the Great Steppe to our generation we will teach all the people of Kazakhstan of national consciousness and patriotism. Every nation has its own history, culture, traditions and customs, that is different from any other nation of its determination to its fate. That is why they are called the basis of nation spirits and qualities of people.

C:\Users\User\Desktop\2016-2017жж суреттер\20161111_113545.jpgBy giving moral, aesthetic education to future generations, our secondary and higher educational institutions in the city, bring up to love the history of their country, to be proud, patriotism awakens a sense of patriotic education. In general, the example of the rich spiritual heritage and deep experience in national education, national culture, it is necessary to continue to inspire appreciation of its children. If we appreciate the hard analysis of the history of our country, then we could bring up educated, intelligent person and create a national spirit and consciousness raising.

In conclusion, to organize a variety of activities in the field of awareness of the independent Kazakh Eternal Country direction of the country since the Kazakh Khanate statehood heroism, courage, civil-talented generations of ancestors who lived in the spirit of patriotism.


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