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Отарбай Ж. Е. Innovation is a new initiative of the growth of economic modernization // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — №10.1. — С. 70-74. — URL (дата обращения: 18.06.2018).

Innovation is the key to new growth. Of the twenty-first century, the growth of new ways of climbing the hills of innovative new tasks of strengthening the economy, science and education, strategic steps by the government evolutionary systems. They are the development of the regions, to improve the quality of public services, the development of e-government, legal system modernization, to achieve an increase in the quality of human capital and other strategic breakthrough achievements. Are being set all of these areas is very important. This time clearly define the future of the strategic innovation programs. Non-oil sectors of the economy, support of investors and innovators in these fields. Small and medium-sized businesses, large industrial complexes are placed in a line of innovative methods and mechanisms of all projects.

Before the leaders of the region in the implementation of such growth more complex and valuable objectives, assumptions and availability of alternatives is imperative. Urgent nature of the tasks carried out by the optimization of the system to work, skills, knowledge and abilities. Regional innovative scientific research projects at the state level in the direction of the business closely related to the development of innovative new economy with a very sharp today vital issue. What to do the actual production of each region, what are the advantages of regional infrastructure and labor should be determined by the level of resources that is. The President's new strategic program for the country's political, economic, education, science, and social context, a historical document of great importance that direction. President interested in issues, most importantly, a new century of innovation in the new economy of the country drift. Economy will not develop by itself, it is the quality of the level of development of human capital and social activity. Therefore, the value of human capital, trying to support innovation economy today has become a pressing issue in many countries.

Innovation is a new initiative of the growth of economic modernization. Innovative ideas vital industrial sector in the implementation of programs, the role of science and education sectors. With the creation of innovative new science and education contribute to the modernization of the economy, can affect the development of innovative thinking professionals. The achievements of science in the modern world, the organization and management of advanced technologies and new methods of production and the introduction of a bold agenda in the first place. Only to the development of innovative new technologies and the purchase of imported equipment, the same equipment productivity, improve quality, manage the system to forward the preparation of qualified specialists as needed. At the present stage of the forearm, but the era of knowledge. Teens around the country in the light of knowledge, the future is bright. Quality education in the country, experts acknowledge that there is still time to training that meets the needs of a new generation. Effective use of innovative system could offer many new ideas and solutions can only promote the economy of qualified personnel. Of course, the main goal is the implementation of the program of forced industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan. It is the modern scientific and technological needs new initiatives and innovative development of the economy of the country through the implementation of the new criteria were identified. Strategy and tactics of scientific and technological progress, as demand for their urgent need for innovative consideration of all the scientific, technical, technological trends, one system, the issues of the day. Innovative new strategic areas of the economy, the participants in this process, high rates of implementation only when access to the following terms and conditions. They are: a new education system in accordance with the world market, advanced technology, investments in regional manufacturing and services, protection of property rights legislation, specific targets for expansion of the range of innovative new trends in the use of effective competition, as the innovative new systems of financial, material, labor and natural resources features consider the results of the use and efficiency, etc. Intelectologia science concept, strategist managers "smart economy" carried out in the future will be able to predict the economic challenges and achievements.

2012 President's Address and scientific articles to increase the need for advanced integrated education centers, youth patriotic, moral, loyalty, instill such qualities as the modernization of the national science and innovation capacity building referred to as the main tasks. «Lifelong learning» Every citizen should be kredosina, education should be carried out in a systematic information system ", pointed out in his address. The capacity of the regions of Kazakhstan President said many times that capacity. Development of the regions, it is important direction. The specific features of each region's natural, economic opportunities, taking into account the internal and external demand for goods should be carried out all the work on this matter. Among the countries in the world competitive, innovative economy developed, qualified, educated professionals, the state should be the country with the leaders of the new management thinker. This is the goal set by the President. Al-Farabi, the son of "educational knowledge is dangerous". The educational system of patriotism, humanity and inter-ethnic harmony, tolerance, spiritual development, should be more than values such as loyalty to the law. If we are to look for a young experts, human values, teaching think work righteousness. We teach all nations to learn to become a nation, the revival of the nation's economic modernization is much more difficult. A strong government to form an independent country came to the knowledge of the type of prospects for the hard work of able-bodied people get rid of the welfare mentality, self, providing new jobs, the state must contribute to reach upward. In 2012 the success of the country, and the world, happy years. This is another country in the global capital off ahead of the competition, won the right to host EXPO-2017, defined development strategy until 2050. Of course, to predict the long-term strategy, what is happening in the world of phenomena in the country's internal and external examination of the conditions of production of the new economy driven by the nature of what social growth, new innovative impact on the economy, science and education systems, effective foreign experience only use directions, that is, the ability to analyze all of this, that the way of the future achievements determined only after reflecting on what needs to be, it is a very complicated process. The President has often spoken about the economic pragmatism. Recently the President of Kazakhstan noted that the head of the corporation to manage. This pragmatism means that prudent economic management of the country, including the most exceptional budget more effectively build corporate success and effective implementation of budgetary funds, misuse of budget planning and execution of the budget to improve the quality of inter-budgetary relations, transparency in the use of budget funds to increase the responsibility of the administrators ensuring the strengthening of the social sphere should be in control of every penny. EXPO-2017 in Astana did not want the easy way. Among the more than 150 large state left us free. Kazakhstan chose the problem of a new economy based on new energy. This victory. This innovative system of economic governance of the exhibition is very large. This is the great faith of the world in Kazakhstan, it is a sign of what has become increasingly popular in the world, it valued the countries of the world. EXPO-2017 in more than 150 countries, the purpose of today's best technology and innovative technologies. This is a great news that our encourages us to move forward. We also initiated, they can show their achievements: solar modules, wind power plants construction, harnessing the power of mountain streams, groundwater, energy use, etc. "Innovation" by the majority of scientists consider the notion of different definitions. For example, É.Radjers innovation as follows: "The idea is a new one person embodies innovation". Miles "Innovation is the new change. We are waiting for the decisions of the implementation of the tasks the system, "he said. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan-2050" – a new policy established state "is a very important document. This strategy leads to look to the future of the discipline, aspiration carefully teach. The full support of the new strategic direction today Statesmen This book itself is its viability. The education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan to create a qualitative change in the current stage of development of deep fracture. Nursultan Nazarbayev "Kazakhstan-2050" Strategy established a new policy of the state "address to the nation:" In the course of the modernization of the education system in the process of learning modern techniques and technologies, the creation of an independent system of qualification approval is required, "he said. This is one of the priority areas in the field of Kazakhstani education system to a new, dynamic, creative and active in the development and retraining of teachers capable of. Innovative teaching general and special features of the activities of Russian researchers A.A. NF Arlamov VISHNYAKOVA, VI Zagvzansky MV Klarin, NV Kuzmina, SD Polyakov, M. Potashnik, M. Friedman, NR Yusufbekova, etc. in the works. Innovative planning and innovation process management issues of foreign scientists R. Adam E. Rogers, A. King, B. Schneider, JI. Anderson, L. Brigham, X. Barnet, etc. studied scientific works. Innovation is not only the introduction of any news or news that in the current process to improve the efficiency of the education system. Innovative action at any level of the education process and a set of measures to ensure the innovation process itself. Reconstruction of the education system of pedagogical innovation, development, modification, or certain aspects of its properties change and aspects of the (new legislative aktterdi structures, integration of concepts and relationships, etc.) development. The purpose of the innovation process, organization, structure, tasks, technology and human resources. The main functions of the innovative actions include changes in the components of the educational process: objectives, educational content, learning methods, techniques, technologies, control systems, etc. In addition, the researchers Innovation opinion, that should not be seen as a spontaneous search, since changes in the category of innovation aimed at the target. Innovation can be said as the content of the following works: a certain novelty, scientific and theoretical knowledge base (VM Polonsky); new and effective educational technologies (VP Bespalko Serikov VV); technological readiness to implement effective and innovative teaching experience as a description of the project (NL Guzik). The continuity of the educational system with educational programs and various levels and standards of the state education system, the organization of different legal forms, types and kinds of educational institutions implementing paragraphs, as well as a set of controls system of education. The education system plays a leading role in the development of the social and economic role as well as it shall be further defined. And the education establishment and development of the basic problem of philosophy in general terms of spirit, realistic in terms of the ratio of the consciousness of the matter investigated is called the theory of knowledge doctrine. Unlike other scientific theories, the root of the theory of knowledge – education formation and form relations with the positions of based on objective. The purpose of the present education system competitive specialists. His heart to teach middle school teacher. A variety of classes at the same time art teacher searching his person be able to find a way to the heart. The ability to become a teacher, respect, reverence, pressure is the duty of every teacher be kept clean. In his profession, his subject, student, teacher of new formation man. Floating society who loves the school and pedagogical knowledge of all the tools constantly striving for self-improvement and spiritual well-developed, mature creative entity formed by the axes of the success of a teacher competence. New formation develops. Requirements for the teacher in the context of the market: competitiveness, high quality education, professionalism, teaching work skills. At present, a new system of independent education in the country has developed into the world educational space direction. This is due to significant changes in the educational process. Because the educational paradigm has changed, and changed the content of education, new approach, new relationships emerge. According to the requirements of the next generation of community education and training activities of teachers in innovative research and teaching is one of the most important issues to learn the basics. Innovative phenomena in the field of education began to spread widely in the eighties of the last century. Usually appears at the crossroads of some key issues of innovation and securely directed to the new target will lead to the modernization of continuous pedagogical phenomenon. The first "Innovation" concept to help in Kazakh scientist grandchildren Nurakhmetov. «Innovation, an innovative process that is news and educational institutions, development, use and distribution of separate» certificate. N.Nuraxmetov «Innovation» in the context of education, teaching, technology, educational organization of work, as reflected in the management of the school system review its classification of innovation, renovation of the space divided into several types: private (private individual, unrelated to each other) ; modular (single complex, connected to one another); system (including schools). Education is the social, cultural and scientific progress, providing an amazing process, and the highest value for the company. Its main activity of the human mentality, morals, the development of creative ability. In this regard, the independent development of the country's most important task of the education system as a prerequisite century and outlined the contents. In 1999, the «Education Law» On the updated national education system in terms of structure and content of the new model. The level of the education system in accordance with this new model 4: pre-school education and training, secondary education, higher education and postgraduate professional education divided by UNESCO in 1997 in accordance with the international classification of education more. The educational process is the true reality difficult times, difficult process. Many of his structure, the level of different types and nature of each other in different situations in the various connections and relationships. Therefore, the «educational process» concept is difficult to provide complete and comprehensive information. If so, the current pedagogical science «learning process» adopted the following definition of the concept: «During the training process is education, development and implementation of the upbringing and development of the relationship between teacher and student goal-oriented activities aimed at –attempt». Technology of the learning process is one of the priorities of the education system, guarantee access to the results of education. To do this, change the learning process, creativity teacher have to work hard. Because students receiving education, savings, while absorbing only played the roles of the new on-demand self-education is recognized as the recipient know how. Therefore, in order to adjust the individual to perform these roles need to create a new image of modern.

One of the main objectives of the new technology, with the freedom to teach a child, activity, independent decision-making skills. The use of innovative technologies in life requirement. Innovations included in the educational process of a natural person is a typical professional activities of research, analysis and became the subject of the introduction of the practice. Innovation does not appear automatically. She search, individual teachers and the whole team have the best educational experience. This process requires self-control underdevelopment it. The draft concept for the development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2015, the main trend of the development of higher education to improve the quality of training, intensive research activity integrated innovative development of education, higher education institutions, research closely related to the needs of the economy and the social sphere, education and information technology is to improve. Today's students – the students – the future specialist. Planning the future of higher education in the educational process, it is economic, social, political, spiritual problem solved in the work related to the development of society. Directed to meet the educational needs of the students. Therefore, the development of the student management outlook is based on the creation of conditions to be in the form of his life. 2005-2010j.the development of the educational process in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The state program for the development of the educational process, provided the following key priorities: Training at the age of 6, then the system is aimed at high school students in vocational and professional training a 12-year transition to secondary education;

2. The process of post-secondary vocational education to create a new level;

3. If the loan is sold technology-based training professionals training 3 (bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctorate);

4. The creation of a national system for assessing the quality of education.

The effective functioning of the results of the implementation of the program of the educational system, to take its rightful place in the modern world will have access to the educational level of the quality of education and training of specialists. President Nursultan development of the education system Nazarbayev's Address to 2020, a higher priority is given to the strategic plan. The country carried out in the global educational space educational priority objective knowledge to choose the right way to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of life, to prepare a person to make the right decision. The country carried out in the global educational space educational priority objective knowledge to choose the right way to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of life, to prepare a person to make the right decision. At present, the education system and innovative work is being copied into the education system. It is an innovative teacher education system and the development of innovative educational institution. Innovations in the field of education, development and distribution of new forms of education. This flexible, open, personal and creative education, continuous education for the entire life of the global system. Innovation – innovation, innovation means change. Innovation and implementation process as a kind of news word. Within a short period of innovation confirming their place in the term came into force. Then, some time ago the term would apply to all domestic pedagogical literature. Currently, the situation is completely different. However, the term uses in various jobs, there are differences. Modern "education", the notion of "training" and "education", "education", "development" and associated terms. "Education," already widely used in linked educator. Modern society, culture and education in the development of innovative pedagogical orientation is determined by the need to make a few conditions. To date, the best way to improve the level of knowledge of the global information full of educational information. N. Nazarbayev «those who live – today's generation of young people to live and work in the future teachers how to educate them, will be at the same level. Therefore, the obligation imposed severe teacher».The results of studies conducted in the field of education in the world have the relevant professional skills, education and training of young teachers possess the necessary skills and a deep understanding of the processes can change the point of view of the quality of education.Innovative technology is the key to improving the quality of education. The purpose of the activity on the use of innovative technologies:

- The development of the learners' creative potential;

- Communication activities to be able to supply;

- Analytical and research skills;

- The development of a culture of service;

- The acceleration of all levels of the educational process, increase efficiency and quality.

Currently, Kazakhstani innovative system developed, industrial innovation and increased support for new instruments. For example, in 2012, «On state support of industrial and innovative activity» Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the 5 includes a new type of industrial-innovative development of innovation grants provided by the tool support 14. As well as production planning system of the country was founded, the analysis of the effectiveness of the implementation of the industrial policy mechanisms to support innovation provides new mechanisms to stimulate and support innovation and improvement of the existing mechanism. Innovation policy implementation to be successful, it also depends on the creation of a harmonized system. In accordance with the objectives of the innovative development of the country in the public sector to improve the field of public administration and public services will continue to work on the modernization of the system. The main focus in education to take a strong initiative and risks affecting the business of the future will be focused on qualities such as early childhood education. Innovation at all stages of the process of innovation infrastructure necessary financial, methodological, information and support to new developments in the creation and promotion of knowledge-intensive industries will be directed to the development of advanced and high-tech industries.


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