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Отабоева, М. Р. What should we learn: British English or American English / М. Р. Отабоева. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2017. — № 4.2 (138.2). — С. 37-39. — URL: https://moluch.ru/archive/138/39351/ (дата обращения: 01.12.2021).

Nowadays, the interest of learning foreign language develops. Especially, learning English language is increasing. In many countries English are taught as a second language and as a foreign language in education. Learning English is being widened over the world, because it is advantaged in business, politics, science, culture and other spheres. It is well known that knowing many languages gives many opportunities for human; they can travel other countries without interpreter, can meet foreigners, can read foreign literatures, can study abroad, especially developing countries and in other spheres they can use. Many students wants to learn English as a second language for their future. Now there are a lot of technologies and programs to learn English.

There are many varieties of English in the world. The most popular varieties are: British and American English. Most of people may think that Standard English (the term of standard English means that all share a similar understanding what means an exact word) is British English and American English. Though English is native language of British nation, nowadays the authority of American English is nearly equal with British English. Standard English may have three features: the first, it is very easy to know in typing as registered agreements are the same in the world, the second, it is always applied by TV and news correspondents, the third, its utilization links to the user’s social and teaching position. Many learners wants to learn Standard English, because in this way, they may understand other English varieties. And also Standard English is understandable for everybody who knows other varieties of English. But now the authority of American English also is high level. The influence of American English into British English is considerable. And also the English exist in other places, except other English Speaking Countries (means there Canada, Australia and New Zealand) as Africa, Asia, the West India, the Philippines and Singapore, but they are not real or standard English. By the way, in China more people speak English than the population of the United States of America. There is appeared a true question: which variety must be taught? Truly, everyone may come face some difficulties in the process of learning language. Existence of many varieties of English make difficulties. Learners don’t understand some unintelligible words. Everyone tries to learn Standard English which everyone can understand, who knows any varieties of world Englishes in world-wide. Everyone can think that English tutors as a foreign language have to be teaching British and American English as a result of learners certainly desire to learn.

Even we consider British and American English are the best varieties of English languagebut there are also differencesbetween British and American English. The differences are in grammar point, pronunciation and named the same thing with the different words. Such as autumn- in BE- fall-in AE, cinema – in BE-movie in AE. Following many examples are given:

British English

American English

































We may continuo the list longer else. So existing several words with the same meaning brings difficulties in teaching process of English language. The process of teaching English may be just as problematic. English language teachers may come face some difficulties as what type of English to express to their students. We know, many schools are taught British English and American English as a second language. Learners may not understand some unintelligible word during the learning process of language. There is appeared the true question: Which variety of English should we learn? So we may suggest English language teachers can use in their practices from each varieties of English. They may mention a word in both of varieties of English. It is demanded from teachers of English language being considerable and creative. Teachers must prepare students for using English independently, interacting with other English varieties speakers. It means that English actually is a global language students who learns English languages must to be ready for unexpected events with speakers different varieties of English language in future.

In conclusion we would like to say that it is not important to learn which variety of world English, it is important to know for learners how to explain their idea clearly in their own English variety. They must believe that their variant of English is worthy for communication with the speakers of varieties of English. And learners of English language should prepare for true attitude with the universe.

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