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Атамуратова Д. Р. “Mass culture” in the life of youth // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №13. — С. 639-640. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/117/31129/ (дата обращения: 22.05.2018).

In this article is analyzed “mass culture” and its implements in the life of youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Key words: “mass culture”, kitch culture, mid culture, art culture

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our life without modern technologies like computers, which covered the whole way of our life. Our President I. A. Karimov stated, “Some people call the 21-st century as an intellectual century, which call names it as an informative one” [1, p.110]. It is particularly important to note that this term has a wide meaning and closely connected with our diurnal life.

In fact, today we cannot encounter any person who does not utilize this means of technology.

The last few decades are described as a period that attaining the independence, our country became the legal member of international society. From the initial days of independence, it was imperative to lose the traditional thinking of the people about ideology. In this regard the President I. A. Karimov said that “our Independence and development was not the way that delete the influence of totalities and purifying, it is the hard way of overcoming the difficulties which totalities created and it is long lasting period” [2, p.28]. Certainly, it is difficult to solve all type problems, which exist today. It requires many efforts up bring the mature future generation. Our independence can be a believable resource that gives us a chance to perform these efforts. However, we could eradicate the roots of communistic ideology, the innovative technologies, averting because of globalization. «Mass culture” is observed to appear in our daily life in fast rates.

President I. A. Karimov tried to enunciate the consequences of the mass culture which threatening to our youth’s brain and souls in his one of the works, called “Yuksak ma’naviyat — yengilmas kuch”. According to it, as we create a new way of life, we should pay more attention to one thing, that is, after ignoring the communistic ideology and moral standards, with help of the ideological space of our society [3, p.110], the “Mass culture” is one of the most dangerous threats in our life.

«Mass culture” is expected to impact on the mind automatically. Some scholars compare it with the virus that can cause ailments. Particularly, according to English scholar Douglas Rojkov the viruses like this, can spread in the human body as a biologic virus. They attack to the space part of the human mind and begin to harm it. In addition, he called it media virus. Films, television, mass media, rap are the means which transport the virus. Only suffers from this virus can be unfamiliar.

While they are watching television, reading newspapers, listening to music, they do not know that they are captured to the net of the virus, in other words they do not feel that the virus infects them. If we do not try to prevent it, it can be impossible to do something after some years.

The most dangerous side of «Mass culture” is its unexpected coming into one country. Firstly, it will make people to get accustomed to itself by small, tiny details of it. Today the aims are devoted to the name of mass culture contains followings:

  1. Spoiling the moral world of the youth by behavioral bad habits and cruelty.
  2. Spreading the ideas of individualism and egocentrism.
  3. Getting profit on the account of it.
  4. Ignoring ancient customs and traditions of other nations.

The goal of «Mass culture” is to make people be busy with games, not with important affairs. Because of game industry, they get much, more profit. For that reason in these days, there are many games, which can make the human being to lose control and their consciousness. Today, in the 21-st century the term “Homo Ludens” — “game addicted human” is spreading in a fast rate Internet has turned into not only the world of trade, economics, entertainment, and scientific information, but also the information world of games. There are different sites today such as “Игры@mail.ru”, “Portal about games”, online games, “Brauser games”, “Mini games”, “Simple games”.

According to the opinion of some researchers, in the USA “problematic gambler” — contains 5 % of the population. However, in Canada it has improved to the 75 %. On the account of those proofs above, scientists are mentioning that being addicted to thrilling games is a social problem that is threatening to special parts of society [4, p.133–134].

In addition, today there are some aids, which help to this culture to be averted:

  1. Internet;
  2. Mass media (Television, press);
  3. Products that are needed for our needs. (In culture study).

Nowadays there are usually three types of “Public culture”:

  1. Kitch-culture (the culture of low level, vulgar, prostituting);
  2. Mid-culture (medium culture);
  3. Art-culture (The culture enables, literary meaning and esthetic profit).

To illustrate the term “kitch” is derived from the German word “kitschen” pronoun and denotes to the selling of simple, cheap and low rated work. These types of works are the ones that appear in the shadow of the original masterpieces and can be forgotten as soon as possible.

Mid — The covering of culture is rather large and the degree is quite high. Although it expresses the special peculiarities of traditional culture, it belongs to the “Public culture”.

Art — is the culture, usually, belongs to the literate part of the population. Its duty is to make closer global culture to traditional culture in a maximum degree.

The most effective way of fighting against «Mass culture” is propaganda. In this case promoting national idea is a good way. The following national ideologies that used against we can it:

  1. Wide spreading;
  2. Interruption;
  3. Sequence;
  4. Systematically;
  5. Measuring;
  6. Personal example;
  7. Usage of leading propaganda technologies.

In fact, today, the bad behaviorism, prostitution, cruelties do not suit to any country’s national culture, traditions. The majority of our country’s population is the youth. That is why; being able to stand against the threat of the «Mass culture” has an essential role. Taking into the consideration all of them, as our President mentioned urging the youth and the public: “It must be evident for all of us, where the neglecting and indifference are existed, the most essential matters are neglected, and their culture is turned into a mentally weak point. Or oppositely, where there are consciousness and patriotism, high wit and intellect is, the culture is turned into the power, there” [1, p.116].


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