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Матьякубов Н. Р., Исмаилов С. Р. Gratitude is a Main Factor of Stable Progress // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №12. — С. 691-693. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/116/31039/ (дата обращения: 27.04.2018).

This article deals with the opportunities created for youth during the years of independence, and the matters of shaping the sense of gratitude in young souls by developing and forming youth spiritual opinions in the past 25 years.

Key words: gratitude,culture,health of the citizens, capability, The law about the youth policy of the state of Uzbekistan,development,science,“Universiada”, “Barkamol Avlod”.

Gratitude does not mean an obedience or submissiveness and stagnation, but it is an expression of high culture and capability. It expresses the power of thinking, life experience and dedicating himself/herself. At the same time this term is a main factor of commitment, responsibility and stability; moreover, we can perceive it as purifying our soul and spiritual serenity. As a result some good features like calamity, observing, critical thinking and reviewing will be formed in the people’s mind. According to that our customs peculiar to our nation will serve to maintain peaceful life in cooperation and unity as an inseparable part of our national ideology and to struggle against conspiracy and hostility, which makes harm to the prosperity of our country.

First of all, in order to form and consolidate the feeling of gratitude, it involves propagating the causes of gratitude and satisfaction with their quiet life among the people incessantly. The main factors of gratitude can contain the followings:

‒ No complain about the health of the citizens;

‒ Having been supported with an accommodation;

‒ Having maintained the security in the streets, in public places and transport; stable contentedness and peaceful life, belief in being safe and sound of people in their studying and working places;

‒ Having been made all better living conditions with enough food supply and clothing (remember: nowadays about 800 million people in the world are suffering from the famine).

‒ Having been supplied friendly and peaceful atmosphere among the people, especially it represents sincerity, mutual belief and high esteem;

‒ Appealing the public to prevent from the vice such as malice, injustice, plundering and extravagance;

‒ Having belief in bright future, being hardworking and industrious to improve their financial living conditions, mobilizing their earnings in order to support their children for their studies and obtain successful profession;

‒ Having met their requirements such as the existence of 2–3 TV sets, computers in each family, one of two families owns a car, household equips;

‒ Among peoples relations the stability of feeling of honesty, the high degree of self-esteem in a group, each citizen of Uzbekistan shouldn’t feel inequality among other nations.

Today the success gained by gratitude became the belief and trust of our nation especially the youth. Well, what could we achieve and carry? At the moment, what is the further target point?

After the independence, within three months, in November 1991, by the initiative of the president, ‘The law about the youth policy of the state of Uzbekistan’ was proclaimed.

This law is loyal to the independence ideology, patriotism is aimed to build the legal bases of reforms and meet the needs of period and society, knowledgeable, competent specialists, healthy and enthusiastic, training brave young generation. This fundament identifies the development of the society and prosperity very significant layer of youth position, political and culture awareness, national values which are required in their activities, traditions, customs and outlook.

The legal basis of this policy was established on the national program of training specialists in the republic in 1997 by the president I. Karimov’s initiative. National program of training specialists is directed to mature perfect person determined the gist of national traditions. As a proof of this program, the sport competitions, “Universiada”, “Barkamol Avlod” sport events helped people to become healthy mentally and physically.at the moment there were built sport complexes in order to proceed these competitions in regions cities and towns and this process is increasing. “Zulfiya” and “Nihol” awards were established by the government in order to motivate our youth. Every year these awards are training both intellectual and industrious youth. Especially, modern conveniences established for the youth parted from mental discrepancy and disability, to train the youth moral and physically healthy, full of life ambitions and feelings of brevity, to guarantee the prosperity and development of Uzbekistan, the youth who are ready to protect its independence formed the new generation. Science, art, sport, culture, economy, policy, commerce, farmers initiatives, production, to choose and direct smart youth to support, to defend youth profit, to create an instant system to help solve their everyday problems.

We can see by comparing the statistic data of the world of youth achievements as the result of state reforms carried out in our country. For instance, according to the information proclaimed by international Labor organizations, in world countries children from 5 to 17, more than 246 million children have to earn for their living instead of going to school and get education, ¾ or more than 180 million of them are being exploited in work places. Also in our country the president of the republic, I. A. Karimov is making reforms for the youth’s benefit and realizing their dreams. The president wrote the following lines: “We cannot solve any problem without providing opportunities for the youth, taking into consideration their benefits, creating opportunities to spend their free time meaningfully. Today and the future fate of our republic rely on youth’s professional skills, intellectual liability, spiritual maturity and physical health. In order to get this aim even we want, we have neither the right according to morality, nor as father to economize anything”. In order to provide the young generation unique vision, prerequisite to achieve great success today. As the expression of above-mentioned conceptual ideas of president the following numbers could be represented.

Nowadays there are nearly 10 thousand public schools in our country. These schools have been built and reconstructed according to the state national program carried out in 2004 and 2005. More than 1,5 trillion soum of sum has been spent for these affairs. Even the tasks aimed in state program has been accomplished, in our country the affairs concerning to the construction and stabilization of material technique supply of public schools have been being continued. In this case in order to deepen the reforms, the matters, especially in refining educational standards and syllabus of public schools, secondary specialized and higher educational establishments, to support them with material technique basis are paid special attention.

The sprouts once were sown with great hope are giving their fruit in our country. One can enjoy the great success of youth in world arena. By taking part in influential contests on chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and foreign languages they proved to the world that the youth of Uzbekistan have never been and will never be less worthy than others. Particularly on May 2008 in Tashkent there was held international Olympiad 42 named after Mendeleev on chemistry and 15 of Uzbek boys and girls showed good results in it. In addition to, in 50th international Olympiad which was held on mathematics in the city of Bremen, Germany in July 2009, our students were awarded with a golden medal and two bronze. Also in 51st international Olympiad hold July 2010 on mathematics, our six participants among 517 students from 96 countries took part in, achieved four silver and a bronze medal. It is noticeable that our students occupied first place in 47th international Mendeleev which was held in Tashkent in 2013.

In our country it was fulfilled fundamental changes in the system of high education. Currently, there are 60 high educational establishments, 11 territorial branches of high educational establishments, 7 branches of top foreign universities are functioning.

Furthermore, there are numbers of specialized institutes universities which preparing specialists in order to solve local improvement obligations in each region. Nowadays experts are prepared in such branches of universities: international Westminster University, Polytechnic university of Turin, INHA of South Korea, Management Development Institute of Singapore, Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, and Russian State university of Economy named after G. Plexanov, Russian state Oil and Gas University named after I. Gupkin.

Truly, the achieved result which is done during short period as a result of opportunities is accomplishment for youth in our country is occurring in real life.

The most essential point is that specialists who are responsible for the life and fate professional competed are training. It is answer for the giving generosity of government and gratitude of children to their motherland. It is the law of the life, what you sow, that you mow.

The achievements we reached during the period of independence — are the results of the policy which is directed to the protection of the youth from external aggression and propaganda, upbringing the youth who are faithful to the national dignity. Consequently, our young generation would grow up realizing the essence of the conflicts and battles during the passing period, overcoming the distress and hardships creativeness with patience and contentment, joining around the big family which is called motherland, and with feelings of being companion to the issues of their homeland. Currently, the ideology and thought of the hundreds of youth who disrespectful with their parents as a consequence of the problems of daily life, unsatisfied with the earning gained in harmony with the people by real hand work, ignorant and deceived, uncontrollable, abandoned their mother, seeking the enjoyment of life from outside not in their home, are being cleared with the help of practical initiatives.

We defended our youth from religious fundamental ideology, evil disguised in aggression, bad-willed alienating from self-consciousness, “revolutionists” made the democracy as their ideology, propagating the national values as begot, knowing the unhealthy life style and dishonesty as a freedom.

No one can live in this holy land without the feeling pride and fervor. In his speeches, our president cited that he would like wherever Uzbek children are, they would be loyal for their motherland, and appreciate an inch of motherland soil, and it is evident for everybody that he was quite right when he mentioned that.

Obviously, we appreciate the young personnel highly, with mature great spirituality and had the chance of living in this sacred land and deserve it, and holding up the notions of honor in the land of expanded opportunities.


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