Shaping High Spirituality in Youth Mind and Soul, Consolidating the Sense of Belief for Future as a Factor of Social Stability | Статья в журнале «Молодой ученый»

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Рубрика: История

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №12 (116) июнь-2 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 13.06.2016

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Матьякубов, Н. Р. Shaping High Spirituality in Youth Mind and Soul, Consolidating the Sense of Belief for Future as a Factor of Social Stability / Н. Р. Матьякубов. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — № 12 (116). — С. 693-695. — URL: (дата обращения: 20.04.2021).

The key functions such as forming spirituality in youth mind and soul, consolidating the sense of belief for future, the important ways of building free and flourishing motherland, developing the quality of life, upbringing healthy generation and raise the recovering mothers’ health and their children are included in this article.

Key words: spirituality, mother and child, academic lyceum, college,High Spirituality — Undefeatable Power, High Spiritual Generation, Children of Independence,knowledge

At present, productive actions have been carried out to perform the high demanding tasks such as, upbringing healthy generation and caring about the health of both mother and child, as well as improving the lifestyle of the people, because of continuous and intensive reforms.

The capability of each nation is marked with its spiritual progress, intelligence, power and high establishment works. Our people are always proud of moral enlightening contributions of our ancestors to the development of the world. Nowadays we can observe several establishments, which have been built a large scale in order to bring up patriotic, brave and healthy young generation and maintaining the execution of good intentions.

Having established modern establishments such as universities, academic lyceum and colleges, specialized music schools, sport establishments, modern gyms can be an example of wide opportunities, made for supporting the intellectual youth by our president. The upbringing of the youth, their outlooks and fulfilling themselves is the main factor of guarantying the independence, future and development of our country. The upbringing of the youth plays an important role in the conditions, which comprise all branches of public social life during globalization.

Currently we should form the feeling of high esteem for national values and healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the spiritual weakness in the youth’s mind from their early age. We should always remember that even so little information, which is directed to the human spirituality, could make such an immense harm, by the means of globalization in the media world.

Our president I. A. Karimov has made an immense contribution to the increase of state policy to a higher standardized level because of his attention to refine our national spirituality during the independence years.

As we know, the spirituality has always played a great role in the public life and its development. The history and past events proved that no state could achieve their aims not paying attention to the spiritualty. When we look through the historical data, we can observe that our ancestors made a great achievement not only in political and economic process, but also to the development of spiritual process. Having had worldwide importance of central Asia in political and economic field during the renaissance period, which is peculiar to the development of our history had caused to establish a central and powerful state in our continent.

As it was pointed out in the work of our president I. A. Karimov “Yuksak ma’naviyat — yengilmas kuch” (High Spirituality — Undefeatable Power) he said “I think, spiritual danger is directed against the freedom of the people. First of all no matter from the language from the language, religion, belief is against any person in general aimed to ruin the ideological information attacks should be taken into consideration, I think”. Uzbekistan is the land of youth, thus we should pay special attention to their upbringing.

By means of ideological influence on youth, we should take into consideration the following tasks:

Firstly, the political view of present time, ideological threat happening around and explaining the targets of aim

Secondly, to explain with exact samples from the state history, how our nation achieved the independence which has always been the forever wish for the nation

Thirdly, to stabilize the feelings of love for motherland of youth by modeling the life of national heroes who died for the fight for freedom, flourish and place of our country in upbringing.

As the president of our country claimed in international conference held in Tashkent on fifth and sixth of June in Samarkand, and on 15th and 16th of May in 2014. The youth are not only our belief and future, but also they are key stones of our present and future. Uzbekistan is the country of youth. The youth compiles 64 percent of population in our country. Therefore, to train mature youth keep those from strange ideology and attacks to shape their personal skills standing against ideological threat are the main directions of meaningful state policy.

At present step of development to establish basics of legal democratic and citizen society, the spiritual factors are the main ones of shaping mature generation.

The concept of the spiritual training is above the state policy is one of the main directions of state policy and makes the base of reforms. As the president claimed before: “in future Uzbekistan will aware the world with not only high developed economy, but also with the intellectual, high-spiritual, knowledgeable youth.”

Caring about future generation, to intend upbringing healthy, mature generation is our national peculiarities and everybody knows it. Any human being works and tries to achieve his children’s happiness and maturity.

Besides the president, I.Karimov claimed, “it is honorable task to find out the talented and thirsting for knowledge youth and train them as the real lovers of our motherland”.

From early days of our independence, the president has been paying special attention to upbringing the youth who are mature in health and mind, competent in world trade market acquired the experience inherited from ancestors and modern life together with the economic and social development of the country. All attempts of our president targeted to the training of mature generation in all spheres. It requires the youth to comprehend national mentality, to absorb general human values and national consciousness to their soul, to be weapon with spiritual knowledge, to strengthen physically and mentally. Such kind of mature generation can accomplish the task put forward by our country with the responsibility to solve the matter of flourishing and happy future. The youth can be accustomed to live with the thought of gratitude and profit of people and motherland only when they could comprehend the essence of policy on social economic affairs, reforms carried out by the state administrators. Only in this case the youth can fight against racial discrimination, begot and various evil ideas in order to defend real people’s government, the glory our country among the world countries and save children, women and senior citizens from different plagues and keep them in as own national culture and mentality. The youth should fight against the people who give false views about our country and utilizing of European lifestyle and be active in finding solutions to existing problems in our country. That is why naming 2008 as the year of youth, 2010 as the year of mature generation and establishing state programs on it, 2014 as the year of healthy child and 2016 as the year of healthy mother and child became the basis for the acceptance the state program of youth policy in Uzbekistan. The deep reforms carried out in the republic require getting sufficient knowledge and skills of profession, and positive behavior habits and rules from youth of today. In order to get this this target the following target the following objectives have been put forward such as to provide sufficient knowledge for youth to restore national values and spirituality, to introduce them with world culture and national, cultural masterpieces and upbringing them physically healthy and spiritually mature person. As the conclusion to the above-mentioned points, what we pay attention most while the youth upbringing is considered as the matter of state policy?

The social festivals organized by different organizations in our country such as “We are the children of great country!”, “High Spiritual Generation”, “The Future of Our Country”, “Kamalak’ stars”, “Smart Contest”, “Children of Independence” and these contests are discovering thousands of talents every year.

Who are these youth? Certainly, they are the happy children of free country. They are active participants of life reformations aimed to realize human benefits in our country. Respected president of the republic of Uzbekistan, in the festive devoted to the 23rd anniversary of independence quoted the following lines: “my dear children never forget; the success achieved by you I think, is the success of our nation and country. I do my best for your bright future and present life. We must be thankful for what we are living under peaceful sky, seeing this beautiful and bright life in our country, being the witness of mature young boys’ and girls’ achievements who are the future followers of our great deeds. He said these words with great love of fathers that filled us with pride and fervor. As to the conclusion, it means that it has no first or second task of increasing youth’s spirituality. All of them should be at the center of awareness and attention at the same time. Therefore, it has been paid more attention to the upbringing, education and outlook and knowledge. As the upbringing of children, begin with their cultural perfectness, starts with family, nursery, school, university and other educational places. If it postponed, achievement of cultural perfectness will be as difficult as correcting wrong sprouts without breaking it.

Nowadays mass media became a powerful strength and every nation, people cannot feel it. Mass media is the main powerful and effective weapon. Because, mass media services as the master of mass organizer, effective weapon to solve culminate issues. Especially national idea, general human values and democratic tendency are propagated over mass media encourage and consolidate the democratic development. Although from this day, nobody forgets about taking care of the feelings of gratitude and protects strict technique of bad effect on this attitude.


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