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Шерипов У. А., Матьякубов Н. Р. The main tasks at implementation of the State youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №12. — С. 721-724. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/116/31037/ (дата обращения: 22.04.2018).

This article is about the highly intellectual young generation who are physically and mentally healthy, capable of independent thinking,high intellectual potential, deep knowledge and thinking, able to take responsibility for the fate and future of the country.

Key words: Youth, Mature generation, National Education Program,Guardianship,Mass Media

Youth — basis of the society, active layer of the population, reliable owners of the future. In addition, they are a great force. 58 % of the total population in our country or about16 million people is under 30. Currently, about 1 million families live in our country. According to the level of knowledge,worldview, spiritual appearance of the youth of any state which pocceses its sovereign status in the international community can be imagined not only it`s near future but it`s long-term development.

The main aim of any state performing the youth policy is to strengthen the economy and political potential in advance that means to create the future resources of statehood basis on perspective way, build a foundation for the economic, social and political improvement.

In the political map of the world during the initial formation as an independent sovereign state, our country, in November 20, 1991, was adopted the law on «The principles of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan». In addition, the laws on Family Code, National Education Program»,Guarantees of the Child`s Rights ", “On Education”«,Employment of the population», «Physical education and sport», «The adult and juvenile delinquency», «Guardianship» and a number of other legislative acts serve as an important legal basis in the education of youth, teaching them a healthy lifestyle, being employed and prevention of delinquency.

It should be noted, theyouth policyin our country bases on national legislative acts andthe universally recognized norms of international laws and standards. Our Republic is considered to be a participant in more than 30 international legal documents in which directly aimed at ensuring the rights and freedoms of young generation. Including,the Republic of Uzbekistan is the main participant of the convention adobted by UNESCO,The International Labour Organization. Since Aprel 8in 2008, the law on the ratification of the Convention came into force “On immediate measures of Elimination of the heavy forms of child labor” (June 17, 1999) and on April 4, the ratification of the Convention “On the minimum age for recruitment” (June 26, 1973).

On the Article 41 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is noteworthy that the right to a free public education guaranteed for young generation. This means it gives the possibility for the youth to possess their places in the society. That is why, the young people comprehending the necessity of national and universal values, and got modern knowledge, intellectual potential and learned of advanced technologies, each of us should imagine that is the main goal of our path of development.

Including, on Article 45 of the our basic law it is determined that the underage and disability rights are protected by the state. The essence of this constitutional article presents that the state takes care of the young generation regularly.

The first years of independence, in our republic was determined the sistematically implementation strategy of the reforms of the youth education, upgrading their spirituality, During the years of independence was created a solid legislative base for theyouth to be fully mature and advanced. In particular, 22 laws, our President`s 26 decrees and decisions, 41 resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, more than 30 legal documents were adopted and are being implemented consistently in the life. [1, p-1] Our dear President`s attention to the growing youth is reflected brightly in the field of the implementation of the national education program. In the IX th session of the Oliy Majlis, I.Karimov gave the main points about the necessity of the totally reforms in national education program.

The national education program of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State program to reform the healthcare system, to ensure the Development of school education program, strengthening the health of women and children, the systematic improvement of their health, the birth of a healthy generationand their education and the social programsputting into practice successfully, their best effects and results are not observed in any CIS countries besides in our country.Spending amount of the state remedy on Healthcare of Uzbekistan, school and vocational education is considered to be very great among Central Asian countries and clear vision can be seen in the sample of great works on the youth state policy during the independence years in our country.

One of the priorities of the youth policy in Uzbekistanis to attract talented young people to science. The President`sStateScholarshipsoftheRepublicofUzbekistan and a number of special state scholarshipsestablished for theyouthachievinghighresults in studiesandpublicaffairs. Of course, such a great attention for the development and the youth`s potentialand care is giving itshugeresults.

Formation of the healthy lifestyle among children and youth,particularly it plays an important role to attract them to physical instruction and sports on many ways. During the independence days it was created the system of three-stage sport competitions “Umid nihollari” means The sprouts of Hope, “Barkamol avlod”, means “Mature generation”, “Universiada”.

Rules applied directly to the youth are expressed fully in a number of legislative acts and their certain components which were adopted on the basis of constitutional norms.

Such legislation may be conditionally divided into two groups:

The first group:The legislation adopted in the years 1991–2000, in this period the laws “On the bases of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan " (1991), “Physical education and sports” (1992), “On Education” (1992–1997 years in the new edition), a number of codes, The national education program (1997), “The national program to raise the legal culture in society” (1997) were adopted. Our state joined to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1991, The International Convention on the Child`s Rights in 1992.

During these years, were signed the Presidential decrees of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures of supporting the creative youth by the government” (1993), “ On measures of encouraging the young generation studying in Uzbekistan” (1993), “ On awarding with the State Prize the young authors for the best works and for the Academic Affairs” (1993), “The Republican Fund “Каmolot” (1996), “ On Supporting of the Republican Spirituality and Enlightenment Board.

The second group: It can be included the legislation adopted from 2001 to the present day. In this stage the decree “ On Assistance the activity of the youth social movement “Камоlot” (2001), In connection with the improvement of the legislations the laws “Guarantees of the Child`s Rights” (2008), “Protection of the rights of the underages”,“ On making amendments to the code of administrative responsibility” of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2009) and “Prevention of juvenile delinquency” (2010) were adopted. Also, The minimum age for admission to employment in 2008 and Ratification of the conventions “On immediate measures of Elimination of the heaviest forms of child labor”.

Analysis shows that in 2005, absolutely healthy children accounted for 52.7 percent,In 2010, this figure increased to 62.6 percent.

If we take into account that in the world's developed countries, the figure is 70–72 %, it will be obvious that Uzbekistan is achieving significant growth on this matter.

It should be noted, the amount of youth participating in the projects helding according to the program of measures on realization of the state youth policy in Uzbekistan is increasing 2–3 times every year.

The program on measures of implementation of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan consisted of 7 lines in 2012, 53 items, 7 lines in 2013, 56 items, 7 lines in 2014, 67 items, 8 items in 2015, 90 items, 8 items in 2016, 93 items.More than 100 governmental and non-governmental organizations are taking part in its implementation. According to the program “On measures of the implementation of the state youth policy in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2015”, more than 72 thousand events and projects were organized in 2015 and about 19,5 million young took part active in them.

Including: contests such as: “Do you know the law?”, “The intelligence tests”, “Constitutional expert”, “Connoisseur of parliamentarism”, “The future of the land”, “Rainbow Stars”, and the events on the themes of “The constitution is a guarantee of our development”, “High-spirited generation”legal advocacy events helped about 2,5 million youth to perform their talents.

In order to provide housing for young families, built 111 “Камоlothouses” in local areas.More than 4300 apartments according to the recommendation of “Каmolot” youth`s social movement the mortgage loansare being given to young families without initial feefor a period of 20 years, by the commercial banks. Now, at the implementation of the state youth policyshould be paid special attention to the following aspects:

  1. Today in our coutry, in all spheres are being implemented reforms on large-scale. Because of theseour life is getting better,a steady rise in living standardsis increasing the level of life satisfaction of gratitude of the people. All of these, based on the five principles of development “Uzbek model” made by our dear President’she current life itself confirms that it is true and correct. These results are not out coming spontaneously. Naturally,to preserve the achievements and successes, is crucial of preserving and honoring. For this, the most honouring issue for us is to preserve our independence and keep peace. And the acting force of our stable developmentand successors, the powers determining the future of our country,firstly is our youth, their outlook, their relationship to the land, father and mother. That`s why we should pay more attention to our youth`s worldview, spirituality and education.
  2. Todaythe issues of the youth policy and their education and quality of education require more attention seriously. For this reason,Measures must be taken to strengthen the activities of the primary organizations of “Kamolot” youth movement both horizontally and vertically, on a proper balanced way in educational institutions.
  3. The processing system with students living in rented and the students living in the dormitory at Higher Education Institutions should be revised. Today public attention to students living in rented is in a very weak case.
  4. What is the result of the benefits given by the youth movement“Каmolot”? Will these benefits engage in today? Is there any monitoring organization?

On this issue,that learning the youth’s life that used these benefits up today it is important to make a reference.

  1. Today, for all the main directions of the activity,firstly, not only to know the educaton,education and once again education but, it is necessity to realize this deeply and turn it into the center of our practical issue.
  2. In order to support the youth of our country by all sides, nowadays many issues are being implemented. “Kamolot” youth movement is assigned responsibility for doing most of these issues. But, so far clear information has not been made ready about the executions and effectiveness yet. That`s why it should be prepared information about the practical effectiveness, executive position of the credits (all types)being given to the youth and the effects on the youth’s spirituality.
  3. Todaycreative worksin our country are being done. Around the constructed buildings, cities and villages have been changed at all. On the eve of 25 th anniversary of our Independence is desirable to carry out “Kamolot hashari” which means charitable aid of Kamolot under the motto of “Men vatanimni qadrlayman” means “I honor my country” in order to increase the youth`s love for the district, region particularly, for their countrywhere they live in.
  4. The activities of “Kamolot” YSM (Youth`s Social Movement) the primary organizationare not so good in small enterprises.Today, light industry enterprises have been established in all districts of our country. More than 200 youth work at each of them. However, working with the youth in these places too is not satisfactory. In short period, it should be assigned clear measures together with the company of “Uzbekyengil sanoat”
  5. It is well known that the pupils` vacation is considered a close link in the educational system without intermission. Nearly, there is not being organized the activities in working with the youth who are not drawn to the camps. Because of this,the knowledge they got in the educational period,especially, the issues being carried out in the educational fieldremains stopped. That is why it should be organized special events for children in mahallas during the period of vacation.
  6. We should explain to our youth the idea of Who we were who we becamewith the vital examples regularly. For this, we should carry out all of our activities comparing each of our vital achievements.
  7. Today the position of the activities being done by us in the sphere of spirituality don`t not meet present-day requirements according to approaching of the issue and covering position of all fields. Including, it should be paid more serious attention to comprehend the peace as valuable matter.

To save our peace is not only the matter of the lawenforcementorganizations but in this case, all of us should increase the role of the public sector.

  1. We should also emplify our agitation affairs by Mass Media.

While the youth is the major part of the community, the interest of young generation into knowledge in social life, obtaining favourite professions, knowing the national honors and respects for them inform the highest culture of the society. President Islam Karimov emphasized in his speech in the Cabinet of Ministers on February 8 in 2008: “Today What values our youth aspire, What intentions and thoughts they live with — we should not be indifferent observersto this situation. As parents, teachers and coaches, leading-managers we don`t have to observe this process standing outside indifferently.All of us must understand the simple fact deeply once again — no vacuum in the field of spirituality. Aspiration to a way of healthy life and national and universal values of respect in the youth’s soul should be formed since childhood”.

In conclusion we can say that,surely,all of these, finally, serve to mobilize all the power and capacity of the state and society to achieving these goals in order to educate the highly intellectual young generation who are physically and mentally healthy, capable of independent thinking,high intellectual potential, deep knowledge and thinking, able to take responsibility for the fate and future of the country.


  1. Newspaper “Khalk suzi”, February 2, 2016, № 22 number (6457).
  2. Charter and program the Civil Movement of Youth of Uzbekistan “Kamolot” (2012), Tashkent
  3. Karimov I. A. “Каmоlоt” is to be a real basis and support for our youth, “Khalk suzi”, January 25, 2001
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