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Шарофиддинов М. М. Features of Development of Public Transports in the Period of Soviet Union in Uzbekistan (as an Example of Bus Transport) // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №12. — С. 714-715. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/116/30322/ (дата обращения: 21.04.2018).

The huge responsibility was loaded to the obligation of bus transport which is the important branch of the people economy. Due to the exact and regular working of the bus transport was dependent to satisfaction of human’s cultural-economic demands and managing to the production. The buses came to the territory of Uzbekistan in beginning of the 20th century and the period of colony of Russia. In our country primary bus movement managed to the itinerary of Fergana — Margilan in 1906. On the 26th of April in the street of Tashkent was attended with 8 place sized automobile “Omnibus”. The fare of this automobile was 15 tiyin for one bus stop. This price was cheaper than the service of carriages. Using from new automobile gave birth to convenience to the people of the city. A movement of this type of automobile started to attend 4 streets of Tashkent and 2 direction of Tashkent (Nikolsky and Kuylik village). For satisfaction to the people of the people of the city it was managed to 8 place sized «Omnibus» carried the passengers from Tashkent to Chimgan. In 1910 the 8 small buses and 40 place sized which produced in foreign countries started to attend in Tashkent. In 1947 after October cases the authority passed to the hand of Soviets. All branches were controlled by the State. It was started building of hard covered roads due to development of automobile transport, ventures of repairing and technical service and educational establishments which prepared the cadres were opened in 1930. On the 25th of July in 1939 it was organized People commissar of Automobile transport of Uzbekistan. In 1960–1980 years sort structure of automobile means were increased. The bus transport services for all points, cities, districts, regions hugely. In 1970 the bus was considered unique running mean in many districts of our Republic. In 1965–1973 years the service of passenger auto transport got improved enough in our Republic. In 1973 the buses increased more two times, light taxies about 2.5 times than 1965.

In 1970 about 4 million passengers were carried to their address per day with all type of bus transport. This is very much from general quantity of all other carrying passengers. Till 1965 the problem of improving of culture of transport service depends on delivering the machine with a necessary quantity. During 1965–1970 the volume of carrying the passenger increased 1.63 times, turnover of passenger 1.83 times, the volume of carrying the passengers with light taxi 2.35 times.The degree of branch of buses direction increased perceptibly. In 1970–1973 years new 268 bus itineraries were opened (so, 65 pieces in the cities, 59 pieces around the cities, 137 pieces intercity). In this period the itineraries of buses snatched 1542 pieces.

It could be achieved this improvement due to strengthening of production technical base of passenger auto establishments and building new bus and taxi motor parks, auto stations. Auto parks were completed with new much placed LAZ-677, Ikarus-180 buses. These buses increased from day to day. With a purpose of improving of bus service to the population carrying passenger with express modern buses and microbus «Raf» extended.

Between 1973 and 1974 the way that building and industry company’s workers transportations were improved. Every day 950 buses were given for Jizzakh and Karshi to transport meals for workers and the buses transported those workers to their home and work places.

In 1965 more than 640 km new 69 buses ranges were opened. 800 buses transported people every day in villages. In 1970 more than 600 thousand people were transported by 310 buses with the total length was 930 thousand km. In 1974 9 auto stations, more than 50 auto parks 113 auto pavilion worked in Uzbekistan some autostations started working freshly, individually some transportating in information can be seen with the following table:

Table 1

Route of the buses

1960 year

1965 year

1970 year

1971 year

1972 year

1973 year

Cities where have internal bus route







Total length of lines in city and outside of city (thousand km)







Transported passenger (million)







Passenger roundabout (million passenger/km)







Average distance of every passenger (km)







New city regions increased due to the improvements of the building of industrial places and the communications between regions. As a result bus transportation was needed in those places. Fast progressing of industrial reproducing, householding scientific and cultural people’s level multiplied the level of people’s lifestyle.Fast transporting, the low price of transporting, comfort and other factors increased passenger’s need for buses. In 1960 the range between cities was 296, in 1972 it reached 900. As the same with this the length reached from 16 thousand kilometers to 642 thousand kilometers. In 1960 78.6 million people were transported, 382.7 million were transported in 1972. As way of conclusion social transporting developed in soviets period. Especially the important lane of transporting bus transportation improved. Buses started transporting around the republic. As a result it helped to enhanced people’s lifestyle.


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