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Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №10 (114) май-2 2016 г.

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So you’ve decided to write a thesis. But you are at a loss - what is it going to be about? At this point, advisors do not give out topics anymore. You are on your own. And the topic you choose would determine your career for many years to come. The question is - how to go about it?

There many reasons why new Ph.D. students have difficulty choosing a topic. Sometimes people begin their research but fail to find something original to work on for their next step. There are also cases when a person radically changes their field and has trouble swimming in the new scientific seas. Whatever your reason is - here are a few tips to get over your writing block.

Search through your previous work and work of your colleagues.

Look through your own notes and articles, and the work of your peers. It is quite possible to overlook something, but that’s where the exciting hides. If you have a bunch of data, but no idea how to interpret it and describe it - ask help from professionals at the Edubirdie dissertation service. A team of trained writers can provide a fresh look and writing assistance that you would require in such cases.

Ask yourself what you want to know.

You have chosen your degree for a reason. Surely there are questions you want to be answered? Make a list of problems that you were thinking on lately that are related to your field and the work of your advisor. Then arrange to talk to him to sift through the possibilities - what is doable and what isn’t.

Sensational is overrated.

Many students flock to research because of the progress in many fields, from Archaeology to Biology. They are attracted by new automated methods that provide so many opportunities. But it is the groundwork that counts. Sometimes a down-to-earth, simple research bringing light to some essential things is what moves the science forward. And you could be the one to do it.

Keep yourself grounded.

You may fantasize about doing a huge project that would surely turn the field around. But the stark reality is that your financing is limited. And there is only so much that is available in your lab. So your topic choice has to be cut to what is actually possible to do within the constraints you have.

Science is about creativity!

Take it all together: your previous experiences, your advisor’s opinion, your own dreams and what is actually possible. Write it all out. Play with it in your head. Because it is quite possible you can cook up a novel or an original idea that you will enjoy pursuing, and get the degree of your dreams in the end.

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