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Атаева Г. И., Акобирова Л. About role of information technologies in modern education // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №10. — С. 1165-1166. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/114/29900/ (дата обращения: 18.01.2019).

Today in our life, there are radical changes of substance of education that take place under different slogans in different directions and with different aims, but have one general goal — passing to life in «global informative society». There is a new «informative» habitat of people, that entails changes in lifestyle, public production, and culture. Universally recognized, that the «mastered methods of activity», but not «concrete subject maintenance» or «material» must underlie maintenance of modern educational objects. This suggestion does not need grounds, a long ago enough canonized and acquainted to all on the known slogan: «Student is a not vessel that needs to be filled by knowledge, it is a torch that it is needed to be lighted up.

A problem is that how to change methodology and forms of educational work, that they will form ability to effectively cooperate at implementation of work in a group of students, to plan the work productively, work with information, own facilities of the rational thinking etc.

If we will not possess the necessary level of informative culture, then it will be not easy to live in informative society. Our state creates society of certain type and requires from its members the accordance to this society. Man not familiar with a computer, can appear quite not adjusted to life in our century of new information and of communication technologies. Today numberless embodiments of computer idea are fully appropriate not only in a working cabinet but also in everyday life. Today, in spite of the experience, a computer continues to remain perturbing exotic things. And moreover, it contrives to subordinate itself everything around it, from other technique to the owner — man. Agree, no invention of mankind could not create around itself so much noise!

Use of communication technologies, creates good pre-conditions for development of these constituents of maintenance of education. Today «Informatics» is not only important scientific and educational discipline. It is possible with a complete confidence to assert that it grew into dynamically developing industry of national economy, because information technologies firmly settled in our way of life. In this sense of Informatics includes facilities and methods, by means of that collection, treatment, storage and presentation of various information, comes true. Here we can take the methods of making and making decision created on the basis of informatics in economic, social and political, scientific, pedagogical and other spheres of activity. Information, its processing and application tools are part of the means of production. Such facilities, and also specialists in area of informatics make part of productive forces of society, without that modern public a production cannot function the same as for example, without energy and transport. Creation and introduction of new information technologies both in the field of industrial production and in the field of science, educations and cultures acquire all greater value, becoming the task of paramount importance. Computer technologies develop the ideas of the programed educating, educating related to unique possibilities of modern computers and telecommunications open span-new technological variants.

Computer technology based on the use of a formal model of the content, which is represented by educational software, recorded in the computer's memory and capacity of the telecommunications network. The main feature of the factual content of the education is a multiple increase «supporting information», the presence of computer information environment consisting of up to date database, hypertext and multimedia, simulation training, computer networks, expert systems.

Using a computer, achieved the ideal options for individualized instruction using visual and auditory images. Preparation of the information environment components (different types of training, demonstration equipment), their connection with the subject content of a particular course.

Informatization of education requires teachers and computer literacy of students, which can be regarded as a special part of the contents of computer technology. The structure of computer literacy content includes:

‒ it is knowledge of basic concepts of informatics and computing engineering;

‒ it is knowledge of fundamental device and functional possibilities of computer technique;

‒ it is knowledge of the modern operating systems and possession their basic commands;

‒ it is possession the modern application programs intended for presentation of information in a necessary kind (MS Office);

‒ it is a primary idea about algorithms, programming languages;

‒ it is ability to be oriented in Internet- space.

Every teacher knows the value of the scientific organization, which opens up broad prospects for increasing the efficiency of any activity (especially in the classroom), to achieve this goal the most rational way. One of the most important principles of scientific organization of labor is the optimization principle in implementing this principle shall apply the minimum necessary action.

Choosing the best methods of training — it is one of the focal points of the optimization of the educational process; however, it causes certain difficulties. Because the lesson is an integral component of the organization, stimulation and control. Therefore, the choice of teaching methods a growing preference for computer technology, because assignments presented on a computer is much more interesting and is more interest students than jobs submitted on paper (expression of learning and cognitive activity). Control, which is held on the assimilation of the studied material, is also easier to make using a computer.

Based on the foregoing, it is possible to draw conclusion that the computer and information technology are an inalienable part of our lives, especially in education.


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