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Мухторбекова У. Р. Social networks as a means of informational menace // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №10. — С. 1522-1525. — URL (дата обращения: 26.05.2018).

Nowadays, the development of internet, appearing of mass media and the speed of spreading information is causing the weapon of different informational systems. We can give as an example for this reason, it includes a variety of web-sites, blogs and especially social networks. Thus, At first we had known information as a means of communication then it had turned into spreading terroristic idea. What do you think it is true or not?

At present, more than 10 million population of Uzbekistan is using internet. There are 18 thousand web-sites working in our country, and among them 326 web-sites are registered officially. Some great countries that want to get authority in our territory are trying to capture our mind with their web-sites and their untruthful data, but official web-sites in our country hasn't adapted the rapidity shifting of information yet.

At the current time, internet helps to bind the communicative relationship among people. Furthermore, Internet has served to creat future generation unlimited opportunities to relate each other. The first appearance of this communication was e-mail, chat and other virtual communications.The appeal of social networking seems to vary. Some surveys point to more pragmatic social motives such as “staying in touch with friends, organizing social activities, or flirting with someone.”

Humanity who wants to abate their life began to find complex communicational ways. Naturally, Sociologist, James Barnson, brought the term of «Social Network» in 1954. He achieved the communication among people by the help of sociogramma. After that, french sociologist David Emil and his colleague Ferdinand Tennis gave the full information about social groups in their investigation. But after developing technology the attitude to the social network began to change. American, Rendi Konrad, created the web-sites called «» in 1995. The leadership of this web-site wasn't so long: in 2003–2004 one by one it was created new social networks called Linkedin, Myspace, facebook [1].

It is becoming very hard to select in the process of developing exchanging data. This process gives the chance to control people's mind by the different psychological influences. Users from information without thinking are obeying to the menace and affect influencing on their mentality, traditions which are coming from their ancestors. Coming the internet which is causing to open different ideological attacks has increased the affect which is impacting youth's mind. Internet has 3 more advantages:

1. it doesn't belong to anyone

2. Everyone can use from it

3. Everyone can develop it

But Nowadays Nobody is using from it in a proper way. Because internet is being the means of attack. Furthermore, The whole world has been attracted by the social network called «», «», «Vkontakte»,«Moymir», «Twitter», «Instagram» besides Uzbekistan. Generally, Virtual communication can help to change the point of view of people. After this reasons, some habits will be disappeared: Firstly, willing to live communication among people. Second, their mind lives in a vacuum and they will begin to stop acquiring knowledge. Thirdly, they won't have the belief to real life.The fourth, the action of youth will be united to the virtual life.

For example, the action made a panic Norvegianwas illuminated in Facebook. Andrey Breyvik who was culprit the merciless death of 77 people gave his plan in social networks regularly. In the beginning August, adults in London could destroy the capital with their behaviour during opening the ceremony of England premier league. As it is stated that these kind of networks assisted youth as a means of weapon. They intended their brutal plans with the help of Facebook. 90 percent of adults gets information from that network and they can't manage to get rid of it. Nobody can guarantee the reality of data in internet. There are some made mechanisms to protect our young generation from untruthful information in our national law. The law about «youth» can be the example for this. There are a lot of points given in this law. For instance, it is stated the prohibition to show different shameless videos, to read the book spreading a variety of ruthless, to make a terroristic plans and others. This national can serve to government to put our young generation in order.

According to statistics and data, nearly all the international terroristic organizations held different shares with internet in order to capture youth's mind. Each 6th person in the earth is the member of using social network. These networks are the resource of wealth founder of those organizations. For instance, There are 850 million people registered to social network called «facebook» and its traditional and annual income more than 1 billiard in 2011

Terroristic groups called Al-Kaida, Daish harmed to the whole near East humanity. Mass rebillions, capturing the people, commercing with women and children, these counted reasons are one of the part of this long wicked lists. Besides that, their communicative methods helps to carry out their vicious goal as well. Furthermore, by the help of the social networks people began to go to earn money abroad, such as, America, Europe, Irak and even Syria. It should be mentioned that this process hasn't ended yet. But People who realize themselves and are broad-minded are restraining to earn money from another

country illegally.

American sociologist, Lazersfeld and Metron emphasized that «Human-beings ruling opinions and minds commenced to control people's freedom not only the way physically but also the way of mental hypnosis» [2]. Exactly, They make people weaken, then they persuade them to obey their own ideas, this way is being more successful than physical forcing and method is helping to that organizations smoothly.

The terrorists, named Doku Umarov, confirmed that two chechen women were going to make a terroristic plan in Moscow subway and they replaced to youtube channel. In order to destroy their plan Russian government thought over safety process from internet in 2010. We can give a lot of examples like that by the analyzing informational menace.

In the early 2015, They replaced brutally killed video of Jordan Kingdom, Mata Al-Kasabexa, to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter networks. But after this accident each government had to prohibit the web-sites temporarily. For example, in 2015 the network of Twitter diactivated 10 thousand accounts depending on Daish terroristic groups, therefore, it is impossible to limit internet. Even though there is an age limitation watching videos in youtube, people are trying to enter to that site with another way. Using from this situations terrorists are uploading different videos to networks at the same time. As a result, If one of them is removed, other one will appeared and saved.

Social networks not only serve to communicate but they also earn a lot of money. These kind of networks are one of the main sigment earning money. Because it covers a huge amount of traffic and wide audience, in addition to this, it is easy to create their groups simply and cheaply, by this kind of groups people can get money illegally, exactly, they can sell and suggest variety sort of products with the help of networks as well [3].

After investigating the terrorists' actions the investigators of Jamestown Fond informed that the main source spreading terrorists information is the network called «Facebook». For instance, There is a channel «Secrets of Mujahideen» established by terrorists serving as their main connection way [4]. According to the last three year report, Users on the network facebook — 850 mln, twitter — 200, — 100 mln, vkontakte — 135 mln were registered. Investigation shows that Getting information from social network is being more popular and effective than getting from mass media. That's why, in order to act their process, terrorists try to gather users, especially, they usually try to gather youth. It is stated by our President that It is impossible to prohibit internet, but it would be better that you use with internet to get data and give this data to others properly.

Cybernetics turned into the main factor in order to organize religious, ethnic and racial conflicts. Some countries are trying to put the social networks into order illegally and strictly. As an example, we can count different countries, such as, the USA, Germany, France, China. For example, It is forbidden in some states of the USA to be a friend between students and teachers, judges and guilties so as to protect their country from bribery. Many social networks have been banned by some countries. But it is still going on discussion about that prohibition [5].

While social networking has become justly famous in the world of politics and social struggle, its more common and widespread use in the more local domain of personal relationships. In this area we can see many positive developments too. On a basic level, social networking sites have proven to be a very efficient way of establishing and maintaining relationships with friends and relatives. All communication areas are significant in that each area represents a system that operates within a broader system of destination management, and contributes to its overall efficiency. However, each area of communication has its own characteristics and the knowledge of these characteristics will ultimately help establish an efficient communication pattern. There can be no argument that technology has had a major impact on the world and how people communicate. Social networking clearly portrays both positive and negative effects on the youth. It is decision of an individual to make whether to continue using the sites or not. Perhaps the area of most concern is the phenomenon of cyberbullying which points to worrying deterioration in social relationships. One certainly though, is that social media is fabric, and its influence and usage is only likely to grow. The challenge for society will be to keep pace with this change, and to try to ensure that this new kind of “voice” bestowed on citizens is overwhelmingly an affirming and mutually-respectful one. As social networking becomes more and more a part of our lives, it will be interesting to see how this challenge is met.

Analyzing the affects of internet we can give as an idea the speech made by our President I.Karimov: «Internet is similar to shop, there are a lot of things to find. People may get necessary thing for themselves. If we learn to download important need we want, none of the negative notion can influence on youth's mind» [6].

As a conclusion, it can be given some opinions while using with social networks. Banning to the internet is an impossible idea. At present, attitude to information has changed. As a result mass media seems as if it were ruling the whole society. In the period of developing interests, social networks may be serving to investigate the opinions of community. At that time, it would be easier for every person to learn each information attentively not influencing on our mentality.


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