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Султонов Р. У. Ways of Formation Interest in Physical Culture and Sports We Pedagogical Neglect Teenagers // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №8. — С. 1215-1217. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/112/28453/ (дата обращения: 24.05.2018).

Problems of physical improvement of the rising generation are solved within the framework of physical education. As a form of organization of motor activity of physical education is characterized by:

 clearly defined and socially determined purpose, objectives,

 narrow it, and predictable result;

 presence converting process corresponding to an object and includes the forms and methods to improve physical abilities of schoolchildren;

 specific conditions and means of ensuring the effectiveness of;

 converting process in accordance with the principles of physical training.

The goal of physical education and its anticipated results linked to the program of socio-economic development of society, which provides for the full and harmonious development of personality, the most comprehensive disclosure of its physical strength. The goal of physical education is specified in its application orientation and is in a comprehensive physical training of the younger generation for active creative work and defense of the homeland.

Applied orientation of physical education within the school limits the maximum development of the physical potentials of children and adolescents. It merely defines the boundaries of directional conversion of their physical nature. Get out of the scope of these limits can be achieved by attracting students to other forms of the organization of motor activity, primarily in sports, which can reveal their maximum functionality.

The projected result of physical training requirements laid down in the state tests and training programs for physical education and sport — in the rules of the Single-Union sports classification and programs for children and youth sports schools [1. 25–26.]

The conversion process of motor activity in physical education at the heart of educational work, including training motor actions, education of physical qualities, as well as the acquisition of knowledge bases of physical culture theory. The staff of physical training of secondary school is an amateur organization dedicated to the world to develop mass physical culture, sport and tourism among students.

The main objective of the team is to promote the physical culture school and the family in the education of students in the spirit of the requirements of morality, to strengthen their health and all-round physical development, preparation for work and defense of the homeland.

The staff of physical culture organizes its work on the basis of student self-government, the general creativity and initiative.

The overall responsibility for the organization of collective of physical culture in the school bears the director. Methodical assistance in collective activities provided by the teacher of physical training, the organizer of extracurricular work. The direct management of team work exercises his advice. [2]

The following tasks are under collective of physical culture:

 to contribute fully to raising students' devotion to the Motherland;

 social activity, diligence, development of initiative, creativity and organizational skills;

 to involve all students in the systematic physical culture, sport and tourism;

 carry out extracurricular activities to promote health and improving the all-round physical development of students and skills in sports and tourism, education persistent habit of systematic physical exercise, to observe good personal and public hygiene;

 participate in a planned and systematic preparation of students to pass state tests standards requirements, specifications of the Unified Sports Classification;

 to organize sports and recreational activities in the mode of school the school day, to assist in the daily physical education classes in the extended day, actively participate in mass events: Children's Sports Games «Starts of Hopes», games for prizes of all-union clubs in different sports, etc., monthly health and sports days;

 participate in the organization of mass sports and recreational activities among children and adolescents in the community, in a nearby residential area and neighborhood schools;

 participate actively in the strengthening and improvement of school teaching and sports facilities;

 preparing of the number of students in a sports active support to teachers for mass physical culture and sports activities at school;

 conduct propaganda of physical culture and sports among students as the indispensable means of health promotion and maintenance of high performance.

The staff of physical culture is created in the secondary schools, boarding schools of students of classes I-IX. The collectives of physical culture secondary schools organize them in the nearby primary school sports groups and clubs, helping in the organization of mass physical culture and sports activities.

Team is elected (consisting of 7–11 people or more) at a general meeting of representatives of classes. The council shall be elected by the most active students of the school, representatives of the student's school committee.

Board of Physical Education team shall elect from its members a chairman, deputy chairman and secretary.

When the council created the collective physical education commission for mass physical culture in sport activities on the preparation of the asset sports, to promote, shopping, etc.

Commissions Management rests with the team members of the board. The commissions decision of the Board is included gymnastic school asset.

For mass physical culture commission helps management schools, class teachers and teachers of physical culture in the organization of sports and recreation activities in the school day mode (exercises before training sessions, physical training lows in the classroom, moving change) in the conduct of daily physical education classes in the mode of the extended day, highlighting to help educators gymnastic asset in organizing monthly health days. Take the initiative to establish a group of initial training of youth sports schools in the school, organizing jointly with the teaching staff preparation and delivery standards state tests.

At sporting events, the Commission will organize intra competitions, helps physical education teachers to conduct classes in sports sections, with it completes the command classes and schools to participate in the district (urban) competitions, draws up records school keeps records of students who have completed the standards of sports classification. [3. 24–26.]

For preparation of sports asset Commission helps the teacher of physical culture, cook and guide public instructors, judges and fizorgom for the organization and conduct of sport and recreation and sporting activities, both at school, or in the place of students residence.

To promote physical culture commission, Sports, Tourism, organizes its work through wall print, radio school, sports events, performances of athletes. It creates a physical training area, placing it illustrative and other materials. Organize discussions on topics about the importance of physical culture, hygiene, diet, motor activity, involving, teachers, parents, representatives of the medical staff.

Economic Commission contributes to the school in the improvement of sports facilities, ensuring the safety of sports equipment and inventory.

Other commissions established at the discretion of staff council are working as intended.

Collective work plan drawn up taking into account the work plans of the school and pupils' school committee.

Board of Physical Education team will report once a year to the general meeting of representatives of the classes.

The Council has the right to:

 make recommendations to students for admission to Youth;

 represent activists, athletes and sportsmen to encourage and reward the school management and the superior physical culture organizations;

 awarding public trainers and judges from the number of students with special icons («Young instructor for Sport», «Young judge on sports»);

 entered into the Book of Honor of the collective of physical culture of the best organizers of sports work.

Team members have the right to:

 engage in sports clubs, groups of general physical training, speaking in the competition;

 to elect and be elected to the staff of physical culture;

 use of sports equipment, inventory and other types of sports and tourist equipment belonging to the school.

Team members are required to:

 to act in the spirit of the moral code of sports ethics and requirements;

 successfully combine his studies at the school with regular physical training and sports;

 actively participate in the physical education staff, carry out all decisions of the collective council, cherish the honor of his team, is constantly taking care of his authority;

 to prepare for the delivery of age-appropriate standards for state tests and performance sports categories;

 actively participate in all sports and recreational activities of the school;

 to protect sports facilities, vehicles, equipment and school sports uniforms; take an active part in the work on the construction, repair and improvement of school sports facilities, equipment and inventory;

 be an active promoter of physical culture, sport and tourism;

 observe the school doctor for the development of self-control of the body and personal hygiene. [4. 36–40]

The members of the school community, admitting misconduct, misbehavior in public places, at home, among friends, during the competition, the Board of collective of physical culture different raising measures are applied (temporary suspension of activities in the group section, deprivation of the right to participate in competitions; the conclusion of team school team, etc.). When this advice is guided by rules of student conduct.

The staff of physical culture can have its sportswear apparel and logo, approved by the Board.

Accounting work of collective of physical culture is made in accordance with the model magazine (attached). Reporting is carried out in the prescribed form.


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