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Рубрика: Экономика и управление

Опубликовано в Молодой учёный №7 (111) апрель-1 2016 г.

Дата публикации: 04.04.2016

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Файзиев, Ш. Ш. Development and progress of small businesses / Ш. Ш. Файзиев, И. Ш. Иброхимов. — Текст : непосредственный // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — № 7 (111). — С. 1022-1024. — URL: (дата обращения: 27.10.2021).

Development and progress of small businesses

In the article the development and progress of small business as well as its place in the economy of our country in conditions of liberalization and deep structural changes is considered. In addition, the created economically favorable conditions and widespread opportunities for the development of small business are considered. In particular, the positive results of the impact of small business on the economy through macroeconomic indicators and figures are given. The relevant proposals of the current state and further development of long-term small business are given.

Keywords: business, small business, economy, economic life, GDP, taxation, income, export, import, economic system, entrepreneurs, economic process, products, production management.

В статье рассмотрено развитие сферы малого бизнеса, её место в развитии экономики страны в условиях либерализации и глубоких структурных изменений. Также подробно рассмотрены созданные благоприятные экономические условия и широкие возможности для развития сферы малого бизнеса. В частности приведены положительные результаты влияния малого бизнеса на экономику страны через макроэкономические показатели и цифры. Приведены соответствующие предложения развития текущего состояния и дальнейшего перспективного развития сферы малого бизнеса.

Ключевые слова: бизнес, малый бизнес, экономика, экономической жизни, ВВП, налогообложение, доход, экспорт, импорт, экономическая система, предприниматели, экономический процесс, продукты, управление производством.

From the earliest days of independence, our country led by President set a goal to develop a branch of the national economy, Improve the image of the country in the international community, the organization of work in each area based on their mentality, as well as improve the welfare of the population.

The country focus on the implementation of measures to deepen market reforms and liberalization of the economy, taking as strictly strategic direction on the path of progress of the world and national perspective. The result of the mentioned activities and the effectiveness depends on the rational and efficient use of economic resources from the device market relations in the country.

At meetings of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan in their statements on the results of each of the past year and prioritization of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan in the next year, President Islam Karimov has repeatedly argued that the focus on small business and private entrepreneurship.

There are all conditions for the full support of representatives of the field, their freedom of movement in the country. In particular, taken under special control of representatives of the sphere of the president shows how much importance this sector in the socio — economic life of the country.

In recent years, created favorable conditions for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship, sharply limited government interference in business activities, largely simplified the registration process and provided small entities are transparent, cut taxes, improve the structure of the standardization and certification of products, solved many problems associated with the free use of material-technical resources through the development of business exchanges, introduced new forms of loans to entrepreneurs through micro-credit and micro-leasing.

As a result, there are new jobs in this area, which is the main share of new jobs created in our country. The main task today is, on the one hand, the creation of economic and legal environment to promote the development of the competitiveness of small businesses and private entrepreneurship, on the other hand provides for the attachment of the material — financial resources in this area.

State support should be expressed in the form of reasonable subsidies, taxation, credit, insurance, and investment in preferential order and other forms. In this case, it is impossible to stimulate donations and considered as the main source of profitability and competitiveness of small businesses.

Government assistance should be expressed as the creation of economic and legal environment for business development, given the geographical, national, historic properties and traditions, as well as international experience. First of all, it means equality in competition competitive market, equal opportunity in the conduct of business in the free choice of activity, a clear definition of the risk and opportunities, responsibilities and rights. Successful development is possible only if there is social, economic, legal, political and other favorable conditions.

As a result of the strong support of the sphere of the state and the above conditions, the share of GDP of small business in the country with the results of semiannual 2015reached 44.7percent.But in spite of the practical measures undertaken at the state level, in support of small business and entrepreneurship, you can not call all the positive steps undertaken in the country.

Development of cooperative relations in modern conditions is a strong factor in the stability of economic enterprises.Creation of new products and new jobs — is the most important aspect in increasing incomes and employment.Meeting the challenges of accelerated development of small business relatively stable and adapt quickly to change market conditions, creating new jobs, is still a major challenge.

Can not be called satisfactory ongoing work to ensure that people with new jobs, to eliminate companies that are based on the old techniques and technologies that have no economic prospects, and the organization on the basis of their new modern production facilities.

Despite the attention and support at the state level, the share of small business and entrepreneurship in the total exports of the country is still low. Everyone knows that Uzbekistan is famous worldwide for its sweet fruit and vegetables. But we can not call the export of these outputs satisfactory.

The export of these products in the finished form and in the form of semi finished products for our business remains challenging. Must honestly say that most entrepreneurs are not informed about the laws, decrees, regulations, and decisions taken by the President.

During the years of independence, a small business has evolved significantly. But the rate of establishment of small enterprises and their sustainable development and their role in the overall economic system does not fully meet the requirements of a market economy.

Uzbekistan works out and takes diverse steps in an effort to improve the business environment in the country for the further development of small business and private entrepreneurship. These include a reduction of the number of administrative barriers that domestic entrepreneurs have to overcome on their way to foreign economic activity, improvement of a legal protection system, limitation of the state’s interference in entrepreneurial activity, introduction of tax cuts, simplification of taxation, granting of various privileges and preferences, provision of wider access to financial and material resources and other measures.

As the President Islam Karimov of the Republic of Uzbekistan accentuates: “Today, small business and private entrepreneurship are becoming not only the main link that ensures the population’s employment and the source of their stable income, but also the essential factor of economic steadiness, the guarantor and support of social and political stability, and the active driving force behind the nation’s advancement along the path of progress”.

Multiple challenges and confirms the need for significant support in the creation and development of small business. First of all, it is difficult coming from the essence of a small business. Many small business entrepreneurs themselves are engaged in private security, trade, production management, accounting, and similar control functions.

Naturally, the implementation of these complex functions at a professional level for a single person is difficult. Therefore, not all decisions taken in the economic process, is one of the main reasons for the bankruptcy of small businesses.

For reasons inherent in business activities have personal problems, such as irregular constant hard work, a great responsibility and income volatility.

The session on the year, provincial authorities and facility managers the President was given specific tasks and objectives to eliminate red tape, creating more favorable conditions for the representatives of this sector in the region.

The reason is not enough effective operation of small businesses in the manufacturing sector are a small number of orders for their products from major.


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