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Байзакова Д. Ф., Холбекова М. У. The priority directions of development of the subject — «Economic theory» in Uzbekistan // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №5. — С. 660-662. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/109/26438/ (дата обращения: 22.04.2018).

During the independence years, through the rational and consistent economic policies great successes and outstanding achievements have been accomplished in Uzbekistan. For instance, over the past decades our national economy has been strengthened.

 inherited from the administrative-command system of one-way and a crisis mode was avoided;

 the economy to sustainable growth, macroeconomic and financial stability, the economy and some of its balance is improved;

 the structural parts of the market mechanism were established, and its infrastructure is developed as they arise;

 the radical changes were done in the moral sphere, and the idea of national independence and national ideology were developed in the minds of the members of the community.

During the years of independence, Uzbekistan's economy has increased 5 times, the country's population increased over 10.5 million people, its net profit increased by nearly 9 times, average life expectancy of men extended from 67 years to 73.5 years, women’s to 75.8 years, with such a huge success and results make us be proud of our country, of course.

In particular, among the few countries in the world over the past decade, the gross domestic product (GDP) witnessed at least 8 percent growth and the expected results in 2015 will arouse admiration among neighboring countries, an international community.

«Economic theory» subject plays a pivotal role in knowing economic changes and rules taking place in society, and obeying the laws of conscious attitude towards the democratization of the country, foreign economic activity, on the basis of the principles of the market economy and necessity to understand the integration of the knowledge the essence of the reform processes in economy. Today, the actuality of the subject is increasing through tasks such as the formation of creative ideas among young generation and broadening their scientific outlook of the economic culture.

Economic relations are the basis, that is, the «foundation» of any society. The more appropriate and proper the formation of the foundation in accordance with the level of development of manufacturing and workforce, the wider range of facilities and incentives it can bring society a social and economic development.

«Economic theory» subject plays a crucial role in the comprehending of economic relations, the applicable law and a deep and comprehensive study of the laws. It can complete this task by developing the economic knowledge and culture of a high-spirited person, implementing the theoretical knowledge in the practical application and the provisions of the ideological and educational and methodological functions.

Understanding of human spirituality that defines its needs and interests, and will protect them or to show the essence and content of the activities to be undertaken and it is the most basic criteria. That is why the formation of the individual, his spirituality, and to evaluate the balance between the needs and interests of the individual's material needs and interests of high moral standards, are very important observation.

The President expresses this process as follows: «To realize his dreams and aspirations, one needs both material and spiritual world which help him to live consciously throughout life, this can be compared to the two wings of aflying bird».

The spiritual aspects of a person's character that we dream of and its special place in the culture of knowledge and character qualities play a crucial role. The country's socio-economic development and the social well-being and standards of living of its members, common economic interests, especially economic relations and knowledge of the laws, can be linked to be more conscious of their validity. For that reason, «Economic theory» subject teaches an understanding of the economic system, laws and rules, a person's economic well-versed, and to be conscious contemplation can be shaped. Constantly, changing internal and external economic environment and its people, companies, countries and the entire world to observe the effects of the progressive implementation of the necessary actions and processes of economic activity, anticipation about your words, it is one of the qualities of cunning — highly spiritual person cannot imagine the depth of economic knowledge and skills. As well as the «Economic theory» teaches people to organize economic life of the community, active participation and responsibility to further the development of society and the state, which plays a leading role in upbringing economic responsibility. We are building a free and socially oriented market economy and a democratic civil society, all members of the community can achieve through the formation of a civilized. This means that the applicable laws, rules and knowledge to work on the basis of the knowledge and skills developed and the show will feature the work of production, it is only through this science.

«Economic theory» in connection with the current importance of the formation of the younger generation of creative ideas to expand their scientific outlook of the development of the motherland and the nation a sense of self-sacrificing labor in the cause of various ideological attack against the wiles of the mind with the ability to perform important tasks, such as education, is constantly growing. This science should serve, in this regard by the President noted that «the fate of every citizen of their families, and for the future of adetermined struggle against the obstacles that stood in the way of development», «open the eyes of the people, their hearts and minds of independent thought— provoking». «For the current period, the impacts of various political interests in the international arena is acomplex environment, in his opinion, his position in life, people and society into an invincible force, its future will be able to build with their own hands and wisdom».

The importance of «Economic theory» subject we can also see as well as through its methodological function, science, analysis and conclusions from the principles of economic laws and other social network will serve as a basis for teaching science. To study the subject «Economic theory», to know its knowledge of the principles and concepts are the guarantee to learn and develop other economic subjects.

In the result of social development is becoming more and more scientific and applied research, technological development and innovation in science, as well as modern methods of organization of the educational process, we can see the coming into being.

Lifelong education and update the content, innovative forms and methods of teaching, it is necessary to introduce modern information and communication technologies shape. In this context, improving the quality of our higher education institutions, to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of the learning stages of a number of measures have been implemented.

It is known that the modernization of the educational process of higher education institutions, improving the quality of teacher training system and teachers' professional competence development, introduction of modern professional knowledge, skills and abilities with us, independent scientific and technical innovations, creative and promising to solve the tasks skills development is considered to be one of the most important tasks.

To ensure the quality of education with the level of preparation of graduaters and the organization of educational process and answers established quality criteria. In this task, a number of legislative and regulatory documents, including the contents of the national training program for cadres training system and the country's social and economic prospects of the development of society, science, culture and achievements of modern equipment and technology in the case of reconstruction from the targeted instruction and reflected in the form of principles. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov gave a speech on the socio-economic and practical significance of this problem is «the first years of independence, the country's level of education and culture, science, the need to reform the system of vocational training started».

Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of the current state of education, the development of professional competencies, teachers' innovative activities of the educational process of higher education institutions should be implemented innovative education and information and communication technologies, and the development of best international practices as the modernization of the system of higher education in the orientation are targeted as one of the priorities of a country.

The modernization of the system of higher education (modernity — an updated, modern) takes an innovative approach to the educational process.

In fact, the idea of an innovative approach to education and training of the person of the results of the direction, content, form, method and means of the latest achievements of science and technology, best practices and modern methods with traditional orientation towards harmonizing the approach is different.

Any innovation into the education system assumes the availability of information and technical support. Thus, innovation in the educational process of higher education institutions at the entrance pedagogical practices in research, analysis and generalization of the pedagogical and psychological sciences in the implementation of the achievements of modern pedagogical processes through the use of information and communication technologies to improve the content and methods of important spheres.


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