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Фарходжонова Н. Ф., Уринбоев Х. Б. Highly spiritual person — basis of the national spiritual development // Молодой ученый. — 2016. — №4. — С. 727-729. — URL https://moluch.ru/archive/108/25679/ (дата обращения: 16.01.2019).


This articlediscussestheconceptofspiritualityanditsmeansanditsimportancetohumanlifeandsociety, andcovered thebasisofthenationalspiritualandmoralformationofyoungpeople.


The need to strengthen the spiritual foundations of the country's development allows the preservation and enrichment of the national spirit. In turn, if there is no the national spiritual appearance of any society, he can not have a strong position in the world community. For the further development of the spirituality,high — spirited persons should be developed.

The essence of the person’s spirituality has been the subject of serious scientific debate at all times. Of course, we can give many scientific, philosophical, literary descriptions of the concept of spirituality. In general, it is natural to give many kind of descriptions by every civilized human according to their philosophical approach, political views and beliefs to this concept that embodied a very deep meaning and wide range of content. In fact, spirituality is multi-faceted in nature as much as the diamond stone. As diamond stone shows infinite beauty and sensitivity by every side you watch, spirituality also impresses the person according to which side they look. Spirituality has been extensively described in the book of President I. A. Karimov “High spirituality is an invincible force”: “Spirituality is a strong power calling man’s spiritual purification, heartily encourage progress, strengthens the inner world of a man and willpower, making whole man’s faith and beliefs, awaking man’s conscience, criterion of his all views” [1]. Embodying, ideational, ideological, educational, cultural, religious and ethical views in the life of society the concept spirituality in this definition, was grounded in its own way inner and outer human nature, human character qualities and being the basis for its activities. In fact, spirituality is derived from the Arabic word “ma’ni”, “ma’no”, but the spiritual means “meaning of life”. In general, it is very difficult to describe it in one sentence because it is a very comprehensive concept. “Spirituality is suitable for only man among all the creatures. Only a man was sent the ability thinking, that leads to eternal happiness, by Allah. If he doesn’t use this religious gift, lives his life as an animal” [2]. As it was said like this it meant man has ability to have high spirituality.

As a human is a present he will be aware of his moral image during the life. Spirituality formats and develops in mutual relations and during the life experiences of people. Each person forms their own spirituality from their own moral self — consciousness to the end of their life [3]. “In order to understand spirituality, at first we should understand human“ [4]. The difference between human and other creatures begins with self — consciousness, his identity or why, what and how to start up with the flow of work. In this sense, Alisher Navoi’s lines in “Navodir ush-shabob”: “How society finds me if I don’t find myself” are very suitable for this. Yes, the most dangerous lose among other severe losses is losing indent. In ancient statue To’nyuquq there are words: “Every nation which wants to live in freedom should understand who are they”. After all, each person develops spiritually only when he feels himself as a particle of his own society, works thinking about it.In this regard, the Greek philosopher Socrat’s following points is worth noting: “The self — conscious man is well aware of what is the usefulness and what is capable for himself. He achieves happiness and deals with needs by doing the works he can.Will be free from any error and misfortune. As a result, he knows other people and use them in the best way to appreciate. At last, protect themselves from calamities” [5].

A great thinker and poet of Central Asian culture Nasir Xisrav’s spiritual heritage of wisdom reminds us of the great treasure in the field of advise. According to him, in order to know the difference between bad and good, generosity and niggardly at first, man should be well aware of his own identity.“If you want to grow up in a spiritual sense, If you want to raise the ranks of your career, want to be close to the world greats learn science, knowledge, intellect and improve” — says wise.Spirituality is the need for human habitation. “Spirituality is needed for human like water and air. Tourists in the desert always quench the thirsty by a spring, like this, human also searches the spring of spirituality through many sufferings and difficulties” [6].

At the current stage of development not only youth, but also among all members of society on the basis of concepts such as national culture, national ideology, national consciousness, national self-consciousness, national spirit, national mentality has been steadily increasing patriotism, a sense of love and loyalty to the motherland, in turn all of this is considered to be the basis qualities of high spiritual and moral development. Most importantly, religious concepts like these have been absorbing with the changes and innovations carried out in different areas of the country in the thoughts of people.

In particular, it should be said that spiritual and ideal work has been carrying out on a particular target on the basis of a single system. In this, consistency and compliance between family neighborhood and teaching institutions plays an important role. “It can be said without exaggeration that, in the workplace for the spiritual health of the people intelligentsia should hold a decisive role. The words of intelligentsia always resonate in the people’s mind and heart” [7].

Spiritual and moral upbringing healthy generation plays an important role in the development of society. In this regard, the following words of the President are exemplary: ”We should bring up a healthy generation. When we say healthy person we should understand not only body’s health but also the person developed on the basis Oriental ethics, universal ideas.” Citizens with high moral qualities, educated, able to work effectively, are not only the most important wealth of the society and its driving force, but also they are the basis of national spiritual development.

We need to pay attention to the followings in the work improving and developing the national spirituality as well as forming person’s spirituality:

                    By using the lectures of experts in different areas in the work of spiritual propaganda we need to discuss the existing problems and shortcomings open in various conferences, meetings, and online communications;

                    We should get the maximal use of different tools in the work of spiritual propaganda. For example, the media, by using different modern technologies we need to develop high respect to our national spirituality, national traditions in the mind of the youth;

                    The age we are living demanding to pay attention to the information. Human lives with fear not the things they know, but the things they don’t.For this reason, they are looking for the same information in order to put an end to uncertainty. Everyone who can bring reliable information to the same person, he will be able to control the human mind. Information war, ideological attacks will be built on the basis of the same.Taking into account this, we should improve the information base which serves to increase the national spirit and should stimulate further expansion of the activities of the press;

                    Art and literature plays important role in bringing up the youth with the respect to our nationality, identity, loyalty. Therefore, we should identify movies, theatres, different concerts including our national spirit those deep influences to the education of the youth and make propaganda as well as making journeys to ancient, religious places

                    Further improving the system ”family-the neighborhood-education” and permanent control of it and others.

Thus, improvement of the national spirit develops on the basis of high-spirited people. Bringing up healthy generation that contributes to the improvement and developing national spirit in the condition of globalization is an important task of not only intelligentsia but also each person.




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